Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 41 - Deep Silver

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250,000 was indeed a ruthless bid. Even a wealthy thief leader like Daphne did not dare to follow through.

After receiving the Arcane Magic Potion from the guild's mage's hands, Anthony Rolin was so agitated that he held the three bottles tightly in his arms for a long time, reluctant to let go.

With Kevin's gavel hammering down once again, the auction resumed.

Just then, Gerian suddenly noticed his convenient nephew coming his way.

"I'm so sorry, Uncle Gerian. I have some urgent matters on hand to deal with, and I'm afraid they can't wait until the auction is over." Castellan Isaac's face was regretful.

Lin Li was waiting for someone to deliver the deep silver necklace to him when he heard "Uncle Gerian" all of a sudden and almost bit his tongue off out of shock.

How could he not have seen before that Gerian had the talent of a social b.u.t.terfly? Earlier on, he had said that he had no relations with the castellan, but after turning a circle back, he had been upgraded to "Uncle Gerian!"

"Important things come first, go and do what you need to do. Uncle will not make you stay any longer. But if there's time in the future, you must come to the Guild of Magic to visit Uncle." Gerian's smile was gentle and amiable, just like an affable senior's.

"Sure, sure…" Castellan Isaac felt his temples throbbing again. He answered vaguely in a hurry and fled the Emerald Tower. After stepping out of the gates, Isaac took a deep breath of the fresh air outside and swore to himself that he'd never come to this darned place again if he didn't have to!

"Master Castellan…" The three men walked out of the Emerald Tower, and the mage in black robe asked with some hesitation in a low voice, "We didn't find the person this time, will it be difficult to answer to Mr Grimm?"

"Mr Grimm is magnanimous and won't haggle over such trifles with us. Besides, with Mr Grimm's ability, how can he not find someone if he sets his mind to it? Looks like we were too meddlesome this time…" Since leaving the Emerald Tower, Isaac's expression was unusually relaxed. To him, no matter how bad things were, they couldn't be worse than facing Gerian, that old jerk.

After finis.h.i.+ng the previous sentence, the castellan's brows were knitted again. He spoke to the mage in black robe in a low voice, "Andrew, if you have nothing much to do lately, you might want to pay more attention to the Guild of Magic. I'm actually also interested in the man Mr Grimm is looking for."

"Yes, Master Castellan."

After watching the three men leave, Gerian's expression was somewhat odd.

"Laugh if you want, why try so hard to hold it in. Aren't you scared you'll suffer internal injuries from holding it in…" Lin Li pouted and moved closer out of curiosity. "Come, come, tell me what exactly happened. Why did the Castellan address you as uncle? Could it be that you really know his father?"

"That's of course!" Gerian's face was boastful. "The Castellan said it personally. His father saw me 20 years ago; apparently he instructed me. d.a.m.n it, so many mages instructed me 20 years ago, how would I know which one was his father?"

"So, you became his uncle?" Lin Li's eyes were glazed and expression dazed. He took a look at Gerian in front of him and thought of the Castellan's age. He looked up to the heavens and sighed heavily. This shameless old man…

"You can't blame me. He was the one who wanted to pull strings. Since he wants it, then I'll give him the chance. Besides, he's so enthusiastic. If I don't become his uncle, he might be very disappointed…"

Lin Li felt a heartfelt admiration at his words. "You are a genius…"

As the old and the young were whispering away, another deal was completed in the hall.

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This time, it was still the beautiful young woman and a mage family who competed, only this time, the beautiful young woman's rival was not the Rolin Family, but the Carreca Family. The result was still the same—when the price was raised to 230,000, the beautiful thief leader was defeated again.

"210,000 going once!

"210,000 going twice!

"210,000 going thrice!" The gavel in Kevin's hand dropped heavily on the table. "Deal! Congratulations, Mr Evan!"

This was probably the weirdest auction of the day, with only a total of two bids from the start. The increment was unprecedentedly big—it was 50,000 higher than the starting bid, and a 110,000 increment at once…

However, after a brief silence, Kevin pushed the auction to a climax with a message.

"In order to get enough Arcane Magic Potion for everyone to buy, the guild has decided to take out another three bottles of Arcane Magic Potion for everyone to bid on. And the next auction will be a one-shot sale of ten bottles!" No one had expected the Guild of Magic to be this bold, going from three bottles to ten bottles at once. Even with the additional three bottles, there would only be two opportunities for them to contend.

"You taught him?" Lin Li glanced at Gerian strangely. When did the old man learn to be so clever, knowing to play the game of killing three warriors with two peaches.

"Heh heh. I used telepathy to inform him just now…" Gerian laughed in a gratified manner. "Three big families but only two chances. I'll see how they're going to compete…"


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