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Chapter 407 - The Lich's strength

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Chapter 406: All-Knowing Potion Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

After firing the Frost Dragon Gun, Lin Li hurried back a few steps so that he was back under the protection of the Death Knights. Honestly speaking, the 20 Death Knights were not as powerful as he would have liked them to be. They were not real Retribution Knights, after all, and so were nowhere near the level of a Humerus Wyrm or a Lich in terms of magic or melee capability. However, Lin Li could not be bothered much; he only hoped that they'd be able to buy him enough time…

Enough time to drink this potion…

After retreating a few steps, Lin Li slowly reached into his pocket, and took out a sky blue potion bottle.

This sky blue potion bottle was made from the Dream Crystal that Balbo had given Lin Li during the inauguration ceremony—the Life Bottle that was coveted by every pharmacist. The Life Bottle was precious because any potion that was placed in it would be infused with some of the aura of the Tree of Life, which would increase the potency of the potion as well as purify it so that the potion could be taken continuously without any harmful effects on the body.

Even Lin Li had to admit then that he was very lucky to have it.

Lin Li had used the black lotus immediately after the inauguration ceremony, and spent an entire week coming up with an All-Knowing potion.

Honestly speaking, the name "All-knowing" sounded very tacky, but it had always been a legend amongst mages. Every mage knew that the effect of this "All-Knowing" was that it'd allow the potential of the mage who drank it to skyrocket, raising their abilities to a shocking level. Moreover, this effect could allow one to cross realms from a Magic Shooter to an Archmage, and from an Archmage to a Legendary-realm mage…

This upgrade was not to be belittled, as it was different from the effect that came along with the Multicolored Potion. The Multicolored Potion merely allowed the mage who consumed it to have unlimited mana as well as cast magic beyond their level for a short period of time—just like Lin Li had done earlier. He had been able to cast a level-21 Eternal Light Spell with the help of the Multicolored Potion even though he was only a level-18 Archmage.

However, this was all attributed to the power of the Multicolored Potion, and Lin Li did not experience any increase in his abilities. He was still a level-18 Archmage, and would not become a Legendary-mage just because he had taken the Multicolored Potion.

Truth be told, the Multicolored Potion only pleased the eye of many mages. Even though it had great effects of allowing the user to have unlimited mana and cast magic beyond their level, one had to have the ability to enjoy these benefits. How could one hope to cast a Legendary spell if they did not have mental strength powerful enough to withstand it?

Even Lin Li who had an immensely powerful mental strength took three minutes before he finished chanting the Eternal Light Spell. If he had not had the help of Ujfalusi's Tide of Death to buy him some time, he would have been smashed into mush by the Death Knights.

But the All-Knowing potion was different.

After taking that potion, Lin Li's abilities would experience a true increase—he'd stay at either level-19 or a level-20 for the full one hour of the potion's effect, and he'd have a complete grasp of that power due to the potion.

As a true pharmaceutics guru himself, Lin Li was well aware what kind of effect the All-Knowing Potion would have on him given his current abilities. If he took a bottle of that potion, he could probably surpa.s.s the Legendary-realm.

And not to forget, the potion was kept in the Life Bottle…

After being purified and refined by the Life Bottle, the effect of the potion would reach a shocking level, and might even give him the power akin to level-21.

What kind of concept was being at level-21? Well, think of Aldwin…

Without a doubt, the All-Knowing potion had to be one of the most powerful trump cards that Lin Li had. This was why Lin Li had used the black lotus and the Life Bottle, as well as many other rare and precious ingredients, to make this potion—it was so that he could have a trump card that would allow him to turn the tables in the most dire and dangerous of situations.

This All-Knowing Potion was too precious, and Lin Li could not bear to use it even though he was surrounded by a large number of Vampires and the 20 Death Knights earlier. He had preferred risking injury to perform a level-21 Eternal Light Spell with the help of the Multicolored Potion.

But now, Lin Li could only twist open the cap of the bottle and down the cooling liquid…

He had no other choice…

He was facing much too strong an enemy. Humerus Wyrm aside, there was also a Lich much more powerful than Ujfalusi had been. This was basically sending him to his death. He was willing to bet his head that even Cheyenne did not meet with such a horrifyingly powerful opponent, or else he would not have just suffered heavy injuries—no matter how powerful Cheyenne might have been, he would meet his death if he was faced with a Humerus Wyrm and a Lich…

As soon as the cooling liquid poured into his mouth, Lin Li felt as though the mana in him was boiling over!

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That was a strange feeling, just as though someone lit a fire within him, and he burst into flames; the mana in him was originally like a flowing river, but it had suddenly turned into a raging sea. When Lin Li opened his eyes again, the world suddenly became incredibly clear, and the endless darkness did not seem as indiscernible now. Lin Li was even able to clearly see the huge wings of the Humerus Wyrm in the sky and the Lich on its back holding a magic staff as he chanted a complicated spell. As the words came out of the Lich's mouth, the huge wound in the Humerus Wyrm's chest the Frost Gun had left was also healing at a speed he could see with his naked eyes…

"What do we do, what do we do…" Adelo was worried sick. He had thought that the Frost Dragon Gun was able to heavily injure the Humerus Wyrm, only for that d.a.m.ned Humerus Wyrm to so quickly return as good as new. What do we do, can that Mage Felic still hold up or not…

The situation before their eyes was really at its worst as the Death Knights that were supposed to protect that young mage were all falling one by one. The Humerus Wyrm had only breathed ice flames at them twice before half of them fell. The ones still standing were only holding onto of armor, and perhaps would all be engulfed by the next breath full of ice flames…

Besides the Death Knights, there were only a few people who could really be of help. Adelo was one of them, the ex-Lich Ujfalusi was one as well, and Norfeller who was well versed in Dark Magic was another. Even Rina, who had displayed impressive combat prowess before, was of no help now, as a Judge Paladin was helpless facing a flying Humerus Wyrm unless they had already reached the Legendary-realm.

Flying was indeed the best advantage creatures like a dragon could have as even the t.i.tans, who were the strongest creatures physically in all history, were no match for the flying Dragons, which was why the t.i.tans' Dragon Gun was born. After countless tries, it had been proven that the first step to beating a Dragon was to make it fall from the sky.

Just like what Lin Li was doing now…

After the ice flames had engulfed half of the Death Knights, Lin Li was finally done absorbing the potion. When he walked out from under the Death Knights' protection, holding the Aether Staff in his hand, he gave everyone a strange feeling when they saw him. Nothing had changed, but it felt like he was a whole new person.

Even his two servants, Norfeller and Ujfalusi, who knew him the best found him unfamiliar as though they had never met him in their life.

It was because this mage with the magic staff was really too powerful, so powerful he felt unfamiliar. If they thought that he had merely been pretending to be powerful when he used the Eternal Light Spell after a conducting a mysterious ritual, then he could only be truly powerful now. None of that power was fake, and even a fool could tell that all that strength came from him.

It was just like a tiger shedding the sheepskin it had been hiding beneath, all claws and sharp teeth as the king of beasts.

"Mr Lich, your pet has been flying for so long. Doesn't it feel tired?" Lin Li looked up at the Humerus Wyrm diving towards him with an unusually calm expression.

However, the magical wave around him was thrown into a sudden frenzy after he finished speaking…

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