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Chapter 398 - Death Knights

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Chapter 397: True Abilities Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

If Lin Li had said this at the start, Adelo would have just ignored him. Even though he had known from Harvey that this young mage was not simple, and that his true abilities were at least those of an Archmage, what was Adelo's status? He was a Legendary-realm mage's disciple, and he himself had the abilities of an Archmage at the peak of level-17. Why would he hold an average Archmage in high regard?

From Adelo's perspective, this Felic only had a decent talent at best. He was still far from being truly powerful.

However, Adelo did not dare to look at it this way anymore…

A mage that could shorten the recitation of the Pyroblast to five seconds and consecutively cast ten Pyroblasts was definitely worthy of being called "powerful" no matter which aspect he was viewed from. Furthermore, it was not an average sort of powerful. At least Adelo doubted whether he had the capability to do so. Master Cheyenne was able to, but what was the status of Master Cheyenne? He was a true Legendary-realm mage that was standing at the peak of the Magical Domain.

Hence, Adelo only hesitated for a moment before he asked in a hoa.r.s.e voice, "What do you want to know?"

"I want to know that cave really exists—don't be in a rush to deny it. Mage Adelo, you and I both know each other's backgrounds. There is no meaning in lying right now. If that cave actually does not exist, I hope that you can tell me earlier so that I can think of another solution sooner…" After he said this, Lin Li paused. "Of course, if it's real, then it's even better. It would mean the best chance for us to escape from the Vampires…"

"It is real." Adelo nodded with certainty. It was as this young mage had said: there was no need to lie at this point anymore. It could be said that everyone was in the same boat; even though there were inevitable conflicts between them, that would have to wait till everyone escaped from the Vampires' claws…

"Very well." When Lin Li heard this, he immediately heaved a sigh in relief. As long as Gloomy Dark was really hidden in that cave, and not in some d.a.m.ned place that was hundreds of meters underground, these d.a.m.ned Vampires did not pose much of a problem. After finding Gloomy Dark, Lin Li would have hundreds of ways to make them disappear. "Where is that cave?"

"It's further ahead, about two kilometers from here. That is the end of the Scar of Death. If we can escape from these Vampires, we will be able to find it quickly. Back then, my teacher went in once, and made a map of the terrain of this area…"

Adelo took out a map from his pocket as he spoke.

"No wonder…" Lin Li opened the map and took a look. His expression immediately had a shred of realization.

The map in Emendas' hands was, as expected, incomplete…

Once these two maps were compared, the differences were immediately apparent. They both had the terrain of the Scar of Death, but the one in Emendas' hands was far too different. It had simple routes and monster distribution, but had none of the finer details, whereas the one that Adelo took out was completely different—it was especially so for the information about the Scar of Death. From the three-way crossroad to the Skeletal Warriors, and from the Skeletal Warriors to the entrance of the cave, not a single detail was left out. It even had fine print reminding the map's owner to be careful of certain places and what to take note of in certain areas. It gave a feeling that it was like holding their hands and teaching them how to walk.

These Vampires were probably the only thing that was left out in the map…

Based on the map, the place where these Vampires lived should be pretty far away. With the speed of the advance party's movement, it should be almost impossible to encounter them, but something happened in the process, which actually allowed the Vampires to discover the advance party's tracks. Thus, it resulted in this battle that was full of danger everywhere and Adelo cooperating with Lin Li…

No matter what it was, it was still better to have a map than having none.

After Lin Li looked at it, he was not polite with Adelo, either. He just conveniently rolled up the scroll and placed it in his own pocket. After that, he shouted at Norfeller and Ujfalusi, "Hey, you two. Stop slacking, we have work to do."

"What?" Adelo was rather confused. He thought to himself, The battle has already progressed to this stage, who still dares to slack? But after that, Adelo's face had a shocked expression.

It was because he clearly saw that those three Adventurers that had been in a stalemate with the Vampires in a corner suddenly erupted with powerful combat strength. That sort of feeling was like a gentle sheep had suddenly transformed into a man-eating tiger. The pale-faced young man among those three took out two daggers mysteriously. After that, he transformed into an afterimage. The two daggers had an impressive radiance, and they instantaneously pierced through two level-14 Vampires on the left and right.

That young man's speed was too fast—he was just like a stroke of black lightning. When those Vampires that were like Spirits were compared to him, they instantly became slow like snails. Adelo did not even see his movements clearly, and two Vampires already collapsed below the daggers.

Additionally, that mage that had been reserved had started to become different as well. Initially, the magical wave coming from his body was only at the standard of a level-10 Magic Shooter, but his magical waves started becoming stronger and stronger after the pale-faced youngster unsheathed the daggers. In just an instant, it had broken through to the Archmage level…

"What the h.e.l.l, another Archmage!" Adelo's jaw almost hit the floor. He did not imagine that two Archmages were actually disguised as noobs under his nose. Furthermore, they were in disguise for several days, and he actually did not notice it.

Just when Adelo thought that he had enough surprises, that mage's magical waves continued surging…

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"Level-15, level-16, level-17… F*cking h.e.l.l, it's actually level-18!"

Two level-17 Warriors and a level-17 Archmage. This seemingly powerful group was just a joke. There was no need to mention that young mage that could shorten the Pyroblast's recitation to five seconds—even those three companions of his could easily kill Adelo. He would not even have a single chance to retaliate when facing them…

Luckily, these Vampires appeared at the right time…

Thinking about this, Adelo could not help but rejoice silently. If everything was smooth sailing, he should have entered the cave now, and he might have used those six magical crystals to temporarily seal that artifact. After that, he would've definitely followed Harvey's plan and tried to kill the other Adventurers.

What would happen if he were to take action and silence them? Adelo did not dare to imagine it at all. Once four peak powerhouses that were at least level-18 were provoked, he would be destroyed even if he had ten lives…

Just when Adelo was silently rejoicing, Norfeller and the rest had already broken out of the Vampires' encirclement.

"Mage Felic…" Adelo had originally totally given up, but when he saw these several adventurers were so extraordinarily brave, he started harboring some hope in his heart. At this point, he even felt that with the advance party's current combat power, they would not have a hard time even if they were to clash head on with these Vampires. "Actually, we are not hopeless with you and your companions' abilities…"

"No…" But it was out of Adelo's expectations that that young mage would actually shake his head. "We don't have a chance, not a single bit…"

"Why?" asked Adelo. He did not expect that.

"It's because somebody is coming." Lin Li had a forced smile on his face. Honestly, with the current abilities of the advance party, plus himself who had drunk the multicolored potion, there was at least an eighty percent chance to exterminate these Vampires. In fact, this was all within his calculations after drinking the multicolored potion. Otherwise, who would be so willing to use his body as a joke?

Unfortunately, the opportunity had been already missed…

In the Warlock's Eyes' field of vision, there were a few red stallions galloping over. The problem was just that there were patches of searing flames on the hooves of these red stallions…

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