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Chapter 395 - So Many Bats

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Chapter 394: Mutant Skeletal Warriors Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

After the advance party had entered the canyon, Lin Li finally experienced how formidable the Scar of Death was. The 100 Shadow Wolves at the start was just the appetizer; they were nothing much when compared to the dangers that followed next. After turning the last shadow wolf into ashes with a Flaming Storm, Lin Li did not even have the chance to catch his breath when he heard a faint sound coming from the earth beneath his feet…

Lin Li had undergone a trial at the Shadowglen, and rescued a castellan's son at the Syer Town's ruins. Of course, he was clearer than anyone else what this faint sound meant.

"Careful!" Before the first Skeletal Warrior crawled out, Lin Li only had the time to say that single word before his vision was obscured by thick and black dust. Countless Skeletal Warriors were pus.h.i.+ng the earth aside as they clumsily crawled out of the soil slowly. Numerous green will-o-wisps were flickering in the air, and there were waves of shrieks and groans coming through. The pale skeletons spread an atmosphere of unusual terror all over under the moonlight.

Lin Li started reciting the Flaming Storm without even thinking.

Countless fire dragons baring fangs and brandis.h.i.+ng claws let out roars. They crashed into the bodies of the Skeletal Warriors fiercely.

After that, there was a deafening blast. The brilliant flares lit up most of the sky…

But after the brilliant flare flashed by, Lin Li's expression changed. Although that Flaming Storm was just a level-eight spell, it could destroy at least 20 Skeletal Warriors even despite him deliberately suppressing his strength, but looking at the numerous Skeletal Warriors in front, less than ten had been struck down.

"What… What is going on?" Lin Li was immediately somewhat confused. Could it be that several days of pretending to be a level-10 Magic Shooter had actually caused his power to deteriorate? Lin Li did not believe this, and released four or five consecutive Flaming Storms. In the end, the destructive power did not change much. The Flaming Storm that originally could destroy at least 30 Skeletal Warriors had once again destroyed less than 10. Such a loss was negligible for these numerous Skeletal Warriors. With a barrage of Flaming Storms, the Skeletal Warriors' numbers did not decrease, but instead increased more and more because of Lin Li's recitation…

It was at this moment that a thought flashed past Lin Li's mind…

Or is it because of Gloomy Dark?

Indeed, this really could be a possibility… Thinking about this, Lin Li suddenly understood. The legendary sharp weapons, debris of the stars, naturally had their own souls. Even if there was no Stars of Fury to operate them, they would still release their power automatically. Back then, in the underground palace in the Demon Fall Valley, didn't Holy Light kill off a Lich that just completed transformation? Gloomy Dark had been hidden in the Scar of Death for so many years, so the Undead creatures that it created were definitely stronger than the normal ones.

But, this was not good news for Lin Li…

There were at least hundreds of Skeletal Warriors climbing out of the ground at the moment, and their number seemed to be increasing. Almost every inch of the ground in every direction had Skeletal Warriors crawling out incessantly of it. The scene looked like a swarm of locusts, and gave Lin Li gooseb.u.mps.

Furthermore, they were no longer normal Skeletal Warriors after they had been strengthened by Gloomy Dark's power. Gloomy Dark itself was the purest and strongest Dark Force. For Undead creatures and demons, it was a source of power that they were dying to obtain. Under bathing in the darkness of Gloomy Dark for thousand of years, even the lowest-level Undead creatures, the Skeletal Warriors, had also become an incomparably nasty existence.

Based on Lin Li's judgment, these Skeletal Warriors were at least level-eight…

If it was under normal circ.u.mstances, a level-eight Skeletal Warrior was nothing much. Forget Lin Li, even the weakest of those present—Johnathan—could take down tens of them easily. But right in front of their eyes, how could there only be tens of them? If they were to really count them, then there were at least a hundred times more than tens of them…

Furthermore, Lin Li believed that if this were to continue, it would only take a few minutes before they multiplied by 200 times or even 300 times. The Skeletal Warriors of the Scar of Death were endless. Only pale skeletons could be seen climbing out of the ground continuously, swinging their rusty machetes about and approaching the group with clumsy and slow footsteps…

"Master, they seem to be different." This time, even Ujfalusi, this ex-Lich, could not help but feel alarmed. A growth from level-five to level-eight was no laughing matter. It was an increase of three whole levels, and was especially serious when it applied to thousands of Skeletal Warriors, becoming even more terrifying. It was as though a flock of sheep had transformed into a pack of hungry wolves. What was a situation that could have been easily resolved had now been changed into a scene of despair.

"Yes, I noticed…" Lin Li nodded, and then looked at Adelo, who was far away. At this time, Adelo seemed to have heard something. His complexion was focused and serious. The two high-level Warriors beside him were using their greatsword and machete to protect him steadfastly.

Adelo raised his head as though he had felt Lin Li's gaze. He looked towards Lin Li from afar, and then softly gave out orders to the two bodyguards.

After that, Lin Li saw the two high-level Warriors nod their heads and start to intentionally draw closer to Lin Li while protecting Adelo.

"Fel… Brother Felic, I really implicated you this time…" After cutting down tens of Skeletal Warriors consecutively, the double-edged greatsword in Johnathan's hand, which had not been sharp to begin with, started to become blunt. Luckily, the magical enchantment effect of the Sword of Flames was still present. Although it could not splice Skeletal Warriors apart directly, the fire magical element attached to it could still do some damage.

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However, the Skeletal Warriors were too many. After cutting down one, there would be more to fill up its spot immediately. No matter how hard Johnathan fought, there was still an endless number of Skeletal Warriors in front of him. This feeling invoked a sense of stifling despair in Johnathan.

Lin Li smiled, and finished his words. "…Cut off the Dark Force that is controlling them."

"That's right."

"Unfortunately, we are clueless about that Dark Force. We don't know where is its source, and neither do we know how to disrupt its control over the Skeletal Warriors…"

"I know…" Adelo smiled mysteriously. He used the magic staff in his hands to point out a direction. "There is a cave in that direction. Deep inside the cave, there is an altar. All we need to do is break through the Skeletal Warriors' encirclement, enter that cave, and destroy the altar inside."

"So that's how it was…" Lin Li had a look of realization, but he cursed on the inside. I would be an idiot if I believed you…

Frankly, Adelo's words were pretty flawless. Although it might not work when deceiving an average person, under the pressure of countless Skeletal Warriors, most of them would nod and agree. After all, everybody knew that these Skeletal Warriors could not be exterminated. They could only listen to Adelo and do accordingly if they wanted to survive.

Unfortunately, it was Lin Li that Adelo met this time…

Lin Li was clearer than anybody else where the source of this Dark Force was. What altar? Bullsh*t…

However, Lin Li did not expose Adelo's lies on the spot.

It was because Lin Li himself was skilled in lying. He was clearer than most people what was the key factor in telling lies—out of ten sentences, at least eight of them had to be true. Only the most crucial two sentences were lies.

The altar that Adelo spoke of was definitely a lie, but that cave part was mostly true. Furthermore, Lin Li could faintly feel that Gloomy Dark's aura was coming from that direction…

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