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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 392 - Spirit Wolf

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Chapter 391: Red Leopard Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

It was probably also because of such ordinariness that Lin Li did not pay him much attention right from the beginning.

But now, it was definitely different. How could Lin Li not figure out the truth behind this middle-aged mage when Lin Li knew that he was the key role of the plan?

"Eh…?" Who knew that this glance would immediately cause Lin Li to be rather shocked. This middle-aged man was indeed somewhat weird. He had actually concealed his power like Lin Li!

Furthermore, his method of concealing his power was rather brilliant. Even with Lin Li's powerful mental strength, he had thought that he was genuinely a level-10 mage at the beginning. If it was any other person, they would not know how this level-10 mage had transformed and changed into a genuine Archmage even when they were dead.

Luckily, Lin Li had asked Reggie…

"Ok, it's fine now. Leave first." Lin Li waved his hand, signaling to Reggie that he could leave. But before he left, Lin Li again reminded, "If you don't want to stir trouble, it's best that you pretend that nothing happened."

Reggie nodded. "Ok, I know what to do."

After seeing Reggie leave, Lin Li again glanced at that middle-aged mage from afar.

Lin Li had to admit that this middle-aged mage had concealed his power ingeniously. Even with his immense mental strength, Lin Li had to probe very cautiously before he could determine his true strength. If Lin Li was not mistaken, this middle-aged mage's strength was similar to that of Emendas, or it might be even more powerful. This also meant that he was at least an Archmage at the peak of level-17…

Even Lin Li could not help but feel afraid when he thought about it. A level-17 Archmage that had sedulously disguised himself was too dangerous. When he tore off his disguise and suddenly released a lethal strike, even a Legendary-mage would be shocked and covered with cold sweat.

Luckily, Lin Li discovered him early…

Things were much easier now. The enemy's disguise had been torn apart, and his own disguise was still perfect. As long as Lin Li was willing, he could take him out anytime. A high-ranking Vampire, an ex-Lich, and a level-18 Archmage. When these three come together, even a mutant Crimson Python could be killed, what more an Archmage that was merely at the peak of level-17…

Of course, Lin Li was in no hurry to make his move.

As long as he continued disguising himself, he would have a chance at any given time or location. There was no need to hurry. Even if he really wanted to take out this middle-aged mage, he would have to wait till he reached his destination tomorrow. However, he really wanted to know what were those six strange magical crystals actually used for…

"These six magical crystals are troublesome. Just a single mistake carries the danger of mana loss. I need to think of a way…" While Lin Li was rubbing his nose and thinking of a solution, an intense magical wave was suddenly released from his pocket.

"It's Gavin's gang…" Lin Li hurriedly took out a crystal ball the size of a fist. The crystal ball was made as a copy based on the one at the Emerald Tower's Hall. It could also be linked to a fixed Warlock's Eyes; it was just that it could not be sustained for long. Usually, three minutes was the limit. When it went past three minutes, the crystal ball would no longer be able to tolerate the surge of mana, and would self-destruct.

After considering that the trip to the Blackstone Mountains this time would be dangerous, Lin Li took two more at the same time—one for Gavin and one for himself. In this way, both parties would be able to communicate momentarily with each other if they were to encounter danger.

"Gavin, what happened?"

"It's like this, President Felic…" Following this familiar voice, Gavin's face that grew a large beard also appeared in the crystal ball. Probably due to enduring the hards.h.i.+ps of an arduous journey, the bearded Gavin looked rather untidy. His hair and beard were in a mess, making him look more like an adventurer than a mage.

Thankfully, Gavin's complexion was rather calm. It did not seem like he had encountered any danger. "Just now, a Bandit called Weathor came looking for me. He said he had something very important that he must tell you."

"Weathor?" Lin Li was stunned immediately. He did remember Weathor. Back then at Syer Town's ruins, the one that almost got crippled by his Cloud Storm was precisely Weathor. But, wasn't this guy always at Jason's side? Why would he suddenly look for Lin Li?

"Weathor, tell President Felic yourself, but you'd better hurry—this crystal ball can only sustain the connection for another two minutes."

Gavin's voice had just fallen, and he was already pushed to the side. In his place appeared a face that was incomparably wretched. "Mage Felic, it's like this. Jason asked me to tell you that you must be careful of that level-10 mage called Adera. He is now part of the advance party, but he is probably using another name. According to Jason, this guy is actually a level-17 Archmage. He is shouldering a very important mission as he follows you to the Scar of Death this time. After he has completed his mission, he will definitely take action against you."

"Ok, understood." Lin Li nodded his head; he did not look surprised. For him, this was just verification of what he had already guessed. "Weathor, thank you for telling me all of this. When you return, help me thank Jason for his trouble as well. When I return to Doland, I will definitely thank him properly."

"You're welcome. It's our honor to be of service to you…"

After chatting with Weathor for a bit, Lin Li called Gavin over again.

"Gavin, I have a map. Hurry and copy it down. After that, follow the marks on the map and hurry to the area near the Scar of Death before night falls today," Lin Li said as he took out the map from his pocket. Through the Warlock's Eyes that was linked to the crystal ball, he sent over the route on the map. "After entering the Scar of Death, I will leave a mark. You just have to follow the mark, and you shouldn't come across any danger."

"Sure, President Felic."

The advance party was moving very quickly. In less than half an hour, they had already reached the border of the forest. Lin Li knew that it was not too far from the Scar of Death. After exiting the forest, there would only be an hour's journey left.

After Lin Li had made all of the arrangements, he turned into a level-10 mage and followed Johnathan the entire time. Those that were clueless would mostly think that this young mage was hoping that Johnathan would protect him, but those that understood the exact details about him would understand that Johnathan would not meet with any danger when those two walked together…

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"Honestly speaking, Brother Felic… Sometimes, I really don't understand what you are thinking about. The advance party is so dangerous that others would run immediately, but you, you actually courageously rushed over. You're still so young, aren't you afraid of dying at all?" While walking, the two of them just casually chatted away.

However, Lin Li knew that it was not the case…

It was because Lin Li had already cast Whisperwind Spell when the two Warriors had returned, and the conversation between the three of them was heard clearly by Lin Li.

Lin Li remembered that what those two Warriors asked was: "Master Adelo, are you alright?"

In response, Adelo shook his head, and said, "I'm fine. The two of you, hurry and slay this Red Leopard. It most likely came from the Scar of Death."

Seems like this Adelo knows quite a lot… Lin Li slowly dissipated the mana he had gathered. He became even more curious about the status of that Adelo. There was at least one thing that Lin Li could confirm—it was that this Adelo did not have the same status as Emendas. He was very likely a core member of the Malfa Family, the type that could be involved in the deepest secrets…

Lin Li even felt that this Adelo was very likely related to the Legendary-mage of the Malfa Family…

If that was the case, then it would be very interesting to enter the Scar of Death this time…

At the same time, when Lin Li was dissipating his mana, one of the Warriors wielding a machete charged towards the Red Leopard with a raging Combat Energy. Amidst the low and furious roars, glints of the blade flashed by. In an instant, both the man and beast were clas.h.i.+ng with each other.

He really is a level-17 warrior… Once he saw that raging Combat Energy, Lin Li knew that he'd made the right guess. As expected, these two Warriors that seemed like they did not know each other were Adelo's true bodyguards. Reggie's group of four might be very famous amongst the adventurers, but their strength was only at level-15. Furthermore, they were Bandits that were not good at face-to-face combat. Relying on them to barge into the Scar of Death was not practical. It was these two Warriors that seemed to be strangers that were the ones sent by the Malfa Family to protect Adelo.

"Move aside. You two pieces of trash, stop being a drag!" Just when Lin Li was staring blankly, another Warrior that was wielding a double-edged greatsword rushed over with his Combat Energy as well. It was just that this fella was more hot-tempered compared to his reserved companion. When he moved past Lin Li and Johnathan, he most likely felt that the two of them did not contribute much, so he even used a tone that had a mixture of contempt and disdain to scold them…

"…" Lin Li rubbed his nose, and obediently pulled Johnathan, moving back a few steps. There was no choice—you couldn't possibly bite back if a dog bit you, right?

"Mage Felic, are you alright?" It was at this time that Reggie and the rest returned. When they saw what happened, Reggie was so frightened that his hair stood on its ends.

Of course, what scared him was not that Red Leopard…

Although that level-17 Red Leopard was powerful, if four level-15 and above Bandits were to team up, killing it was not difficult. What frightened Reggie was what that Warrior had said.

"F*ck, this fella really has some guts…"

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