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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 381 - Finding Trouble

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Chapter 380: Pervert Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

And the man who came into the tent was Jason…

Come to think of it, Lin Li's visit to the ruins of Syer was in fact a good journey. Apart from obtaining a large amount of grain for himself, he had also brought huge benefits to two groups of people.

The first group of people was the mercenary corps under Sienna. Being 'the hero' of the rescue of the castellan's children, Sienna earned Arathor's recognition very quickly. He and his mercenary corps naturally became newly appointed officials in Doland. They could easily partic.i.p.ate in missions that could reap high rewards, and could also select retired soldiers to join their team of Adventurers. Not only that, the castellan also sent a few high-level Warriors to Sienna to help train his mercenary team.

Another group that gained a significant amount of benefits had to be Jason and his teammates. The news of the castellan's son being kidnapped was known in the entire Breezy Plains. When Cyndor returned, everyone took it for granted as they normally knew it had to be Jason's effort. It was expected too. They knew that although Sienna's mercenary corps received official positions in Doland City, the mercenary corps was actually an empty sh.e.l.l. Their ability was not worth mentioning, and it would only make sense for Jason and his friends to be the true heroes in the rescue of Cyndor from the Syer Bandits…

They heard that there was a young mage with the rescue team too. But, what could a young mage do at age of 20? After all, Mages were not Warriors. Before one became a Magic Shooter, he would not be able to create much impact with magic.

Jason's reputation peaked after he came back from the ruins of Syer. He became the most popular Adventurer in the whole Doland. Numerous high-paying missions would appear at his doorstep without reporting to Doland's Adventurers Guild.

Even Johnathan who lived in Aminya knew about the top Adventurer of Doland. His eyes lit up the moment he saw Jason walking out from the tent, looking just like a crazy fan who chanced upon his idol. Johnathan grabbed onto Lin Li excitedly and squealed, "Brother Felic, brother Felic…! D-did you see that? That's really Jason!"

"Yes, yes…" Lin Li did not know if he should laugh or tear at his excitement. Since he could not reveal much about Jason, he could only go along with his enthusiasm.

"That's great, Brother Felic! We are really lucky this time. We can not only get 10,000 gold coins, but also fight alongside Jason! Haha, that's the dream of every Adventurer. I will let all of my friends know when I return to Aminya!"

"Isn't that exaggerating…?" gasped Lin Li.

"Exaggerating? Brother Felic, this is not exaggerating at all. You must know that Jason is the top Adventurer of Doland. It will be an honor to take part in the same battle with him…"

"…" Lin Li rubbed his nose and sensibly shut his mouth.

"Brother Felic, you are from Doland, aren't you? Have you met Jason before?"

"Nope, I didn't…" Lin Li scratched his head. "That's because I've been living in a small village, and rarely had the opportunity to go to Doland City," added Lin Li after seeing that Johnathan did not seem to believe him.

He had no choice but to tell this white lie. Lin Li felt too embarra.s.sed to tell Johnathan that he'd not only met Jason before, but also used a Cloud Storm to turn his Bandit teammate into a cripple.

"Ah, that's such a regret…"

"Yeah, yeah, such a waste…" Lin Li rubbed his nose and went along Jason with insincerely.

"Oh, yes. Brother Felic, have you completed the form?" Jason's leave brought Johnathan back to the reality.

"I've completed it long ago…" Lin Li rolled his eyes secretly. He has to be a crazy fan to only remember the form now…

"Brother Johnathan, the Malfa Family must be hiring over a hundred Adventurers, right?" Lin Li brought the topic back as he handed the form to Johnathan.

"Over a hundred? Hehe, I think it is not less than two hundred. Look at all those tents, they were set up to accommodate all the Adventurers. People from the Malfa Family will only arrive tomorrow…" Johnathan replied as he flipped through the forms in his hands. Then, he showed some amazement. "Brother Felic, I didn't expect you to be a Magic Shooter at such a young age! That's so impressive. Haha, please don't forget your Brother Johnathan when you progress higher in the future…"

"Hehe, Brother Johnathan has to be joking. How would I be more successful than you? Although there is a lot of Adventurers in Aminya, I presume that there are not many people who could become a level-14 Warrior at 30 years old…"

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"Hehe…" Johnathan laughed and tacitly accepted Lin Li's compliment. It was indeed an achievement Johnathan was proud of. Reaching level-14 before the age of 30 meant that he had the chance to become a high-ranking Warrior in the future.

Never had he expected that the girl was a rose with thorns. She drew her sword without saying anything! From the deadly vibe emitted by the blade, a fool would have known that the woman was serious about it…

"Hey, you'd better put down your sword. Do you know who this is? If you were to injure Sir Harvey, 10 lives are not enough for you to repent!"

The followers around were also stupefied. How could the heir of the Malfa Family be threatened with a sword? If the patriarch were to know that, the girl might not even know how she was going to die!

"I… I warn that you calm down. There's no benefit if you were to injure me. If you do, your teammates wouldn't be let off easily. Why don't you… put down your sword first? We can discuss…"

The other frantic followers also nodded their heads profusely. "Yes, yes! This is the second young master of the Malfa Family, and it is your honor that he decided to talk to you. If you injure the second young master of the Malfa Family, your family members are going to be doomed. Think of your parents, and your relatives…"

"Get lost!"

After the sharp sword was put down, Harvey retreated cautiously. Only after he got behind his followers did he holler to Rina, "I will not let this pa.s.s!"

This incident occurred at the corner of the campsite. Apart from a few people around, the matter did not create much commotion. After Harvey and his followers left, the surrounding people resumed their normal activities very quickly. Rina put away her sword very slowly. "I'm sorry, I should have controlled my emotions better," she said to Lin Li in a low voice as she walked past him.

Lin Li looked into Rina's eyes carefully for quite a while.

"As my teammate, I hope that you can understand that to me, my teammates are the most important.

"Yes. Although I want to make use of the Malfa Family to find the nest of the Crimson Python, if this requires my teammates to repress their emotions and suffer, I'd rather climb the Blackstone Mountains to look for it alone. Next time, I hope you don't put down your sword so quickly…"

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