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Chapter 377 - Recognition

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Chapter 376: Dragon's Tongue Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

"Why are you so agitated? It's just the Blackstone Mountains, and not a mountain of swords…"

"d.a.m.n, are you feigning ignorance?" Gerian asked in a rage. "Do you know what kind of place the Blackstone Mountains are? There's no other place more dangerous than that within 500 hundred square miles of Doland. That's right, you have two powerful servants with you who can defeat the Crimson Python, but do you know that you are not going to encounter only the Crimson Python in the Blackstone Mountains? There are mightier beasts out there. I've heard that there's even a black dragon at the summit of the Blackstone Mountains…"

"…" Lin Li rubbed his nose. "I say, Sir Gerian, how could you believe such a childish rumor? The black dragon at the summit of the Blackstone Mountains is just a story used by the common folk to scare their children. If a black dragon was really there, wouldn't the other magical beasts pee their pants in fright and escape? Do you think there are so many beasts that can withstand the presence of a Wyrm?"

"Of course I know…" Gerian replied as he flushed. "Anyway, I don't care whether there are any black dragons or not. Don't you just have to admit that the Blackstone Mountains are a dangerous place? Although you and your men could kill a Crimson Python, don't think that you could treat Legendary beasts like big cabbages. If you really travel to the Blackstone Mountains, I fear that you might not even know how you die…"

"Hehe, I really have high confidence that I'm able to kill the Crimson Python if I find it. Do you want to bet?"

"Sure, let's bet! Do you think I'm scared of you?" replied Gerian. Then, he suddenly realized he might have agreed to it too hastily. He knew that Lin Li was a coward who treasured his life so much that he could wear his armor everywhere he went. On top of that, Lin Li had a lot of tricks up his sleeves too. Any minor move of his could create an impact that could result in a heart attack. It was dumb for him to agree to the bet. What if luck were to allow Lin Li to slay that Crimson Python? I can't admit defeat. No, no. I shouldn't bet with him…

Since Gerian's face was very thick, he revoked his promise very quickly. "But, never mind. At such an age, there's no point for me to bicker with a youngster like you…"

Gerian stood there and thought for a moment. He could not hold his curiosity anymore. "Hey, fella. Are you really confident to do that?" Gerian whispered.

"Of course…" Lin Li pursed his lips unhappily. Then, he stared at Gerian weirdly, which made the latter feel really awkward. "Since when did you see me doing things I'm uncertain about?"

"Erm…" Gerian hesitated. He could not remember any instance that the fella did something lacking solid a.s.surance. Many times, the things he did seemed impossible and absurd, but could always bring about stunning results as though everything was in his grasp…

"Actually, I've always wanted to visit the Blackstone Mountains. Apart from killing the other Crimson Python, I have another motive…"

"What motive?" Gerian asked curiously. His eyes lit up.

"I'm sure you know more about the origin of the Crimson Pythons than I do. Although they are descendants of the prehistoric magical beasts, the blood they inherited will only allow a few of them to undergo mutation. The rest will be like the usual Crimson Pythons that have not much difference as compared to normal magical beasts."

"Yeah, I know that," Gerian said and nodded his head. There were some mutated Crimson Pythons that would have an awakened blood lineage. It was that small amount of inherited blood from the prehistoric magical beasts that would turn them into Legendary beasts. Once their lineage had been awakened, the Crimson Pythons would gain a ma.s.sive amount of energy and break into the Legendary-realm. That python just now had to be a mutated one to have such a terrifying power…

"If the other Crimson Python also has an awakened lineage, we are going to hit the jackpot…"

"What jackpot?" Gerian asked in confusion.

"You are an experienced mage. I believe you know more about Crimson Pythons than I do, right? Crimson Pythons usually travel with their partners. Unless it is under a special circ.u.mstance, they would certainly not separate from each other. Do you still remember what that special circ.u.mstance is?"

"d.a.m.n, how could I not remember that only male pythons would leave the nest to search for food when the female pythons lay eggs? Wait… Lay eggs…?

"I say, fella, are you thinking of stealing their offspring? Let me tell you, it's impossible! Crimson Pythons are terrible beasts that only know to kill and create destruction. Even if you manage to catch a young python, you might not even be able to tame it. Many people had the same intention as you, and were all swallowed by a python on a random night while they were asleep!"

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"Rest a.s.sured. How would I be interested in young pythons? Although their parents are Legendary beasts, it does not mean they are too. As long as their lineage has not awakened, they are still normal level-18 magical beasts. They're not worthy of me taking that risk…"

"Yeah…" Lin Li nodded firmly. "But, the Dragon's Tongue only grows dead inside the caves of two mutated Crimson Pythons. Only their awakened blood can expedite the growth of the real herb, and the time it matures will be around the time the eggs are laid by the female python…"

"I understand it now…" said Gerian. It is no wonder this fella insisted that he wanted to go to the Blackstone Mountains!

"But, before that…" Lin Li paused. "I have to make clear who exactly was the one who lured the Crimson Python to Black Clouds Town. The Blackstone Mountains are 200 kilometers away from Black Clouds Town. A simple hatred would not cause the Crimson Python to chase someone for such a long distance. This is crucial information. The magical beasts in the Blackstone Mountains are not scary at all. I fear that there are other people like me who have their eyes on the Crimson Python which has just laid its eggs. It would be really troublesome then…"

"You suspect that it is related to that Mayor Alexir?" asked Gerian. Now, he finally understood why this fella did not have any strength to walk when he was at Black Clouds Town. It was because Felic had a long conversation with that Alexir.

"Just a tentative suspicion. We will know the details when Norfeller returns."

The weather the next day was great. Lin Li was lying in his recliner on the balcony of his room, basking in the morning sun as he read a magic book leisurely. When he flipped to the fifth page of the book, Lin Li saw a black bat flying from afar. It stopped at the railings of the balcony, and transformed into a young man wearing a black cape.

"How is it, Norfeller? What did you find out last night?"

"The appearance of that Crimson Python is really related to the son of Mayor Alexir." Norfeller's report was very straightforward. He took no more than 30 minutes to tell Lin Li everything he saw the day before.

Yesterday, Norfeller transformed into a bat and hid in Alexir's house. He heard the anxious fence-sitting mayor urging his son to leave Black Clouds Town immediately. Apparently, Alexir feared that if the fact that it was his son who was the cause of the appearance of the Crimson Python, he would lose his position as the mayor.

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