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Chapter 369 - Lava adamantine

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Chapter 368: Lord of Nightmares

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"Pfft, how is that controlling? I wonder which idiot spread that rumor. Rubbing the lamp merely summons a soulless shadow, which is nothing compared to the true Lord of Nightmares. You think the grand master of the 21st floor of the Abyss is only close to the Legendary-realm? The person who spread such rumor didn't know how powerful the Lord of Nightmares was in his prime; even in my prime, I was probably already at the Legendary-realm…"

"Then the Lord of Nightmares was much stronger than someone in the Legendary-realm in his prime?"

"Of course. When I spoke to you using the Spiritual Force outside, I sensed a few strong auras. I suppose they are what you call someone at the Legendary-realm? Don't blame me for being frank with you, but even if they combined forces, they probably would be no match for the Lord of Nightmares in his prime…" Connoris paused here and hesitated a bit. "But I did sense a really strong aura. He's no match for Osric then, but he might stand a chance against the Lord of Nightmares. Say, when did you start getting to know such powerful people?"

"I just got to know him today…" Lin Li replied simply. The strong aura Connoris referred to had to have been Apophis. The old man was indeed so strong that he was nearly above being a mortal; he had only used a bit of mana in the library, and had beat Lin Li to a pulp. If he used all his strength, Lin Li might just turn into ash.

When he thought of this, Lin Li turned to look at the Demon Magic Lamp on the desk again, and his gaze became fervent. If what Connoris said was true, then the Brilliance Shrine really gave him an invaluable gift indeed…

Of course, the gift had to be usable for it to really be valuable…

"Well, Connoris, what should I do to completely control the strength of the Lord of Nightmares?"

"Completely control the strength of the Lord of Nightmares? Stop dreaming, that's impossible given your current abilities…"

"So you've just been spouting nonsense?" Lin Li was on the verge of tears with how ridiculous the situation was. This Connoris had been going on and on and tempting Lin Li, but in the end, all he said was something like "don't even dream about it"…

"How's that nonsense?" Connoris' voice rose in pitch. "I'm the greatest Soul Trader there ever was! Why would I say anything I'm not sure of? Yes, you're not powerful enough now to control the strength of the Lord of Nightmares, but you can borrow it…"

Lin Li paused. "Borrow?"

"That's right…" Connoris paused before continuing. "You think Osric sealed me in here for nothing? For the past 1,300 years, I've been studying, and now I have deciphered the seal on this hammer as well as mastered the 12 Magic Lamps. The seal on it is not just any seal: it contains a part of Osric's mental strength. He used his mental strength to restrain the 12 powerful Demon Lords and sealed all their souls and memories, only leaving a bit of pure strength for people to summon. If you want to borrow the strength of the Lord of Nightmares, of course you have to start by using mental strength…"

"Then what should I do?"

"Very simple, from today onwards, whenever you have the time, summon the shadow from the Magic Lamp. You can leave it be after that, just a.s.sign it some task like was.h.i.+ng your clothes or cleaning. Whatever it is, make sure you infuse some of your mental strength into the seal. That's when the seal is at its weakest, and you can use this chance to infuse your mental strength into it. Perhaps you won't see results in a day or two, but after some time, the seal would have some of your aura, and then there will be a small crack in it…"

"Don't underestimate the small crack, the Lord of Nightmares' soul and memories come out from that crack, and once the shadow has these, it will instantly have the true strength of the Lord of Nightmares. Even though it is only a really small portion, it is unimaginably powerful. By then, you will not just have a creature near the Legendary-level, but a truly Legendary one. Moreover, it cannot be injured or die—as long as the magical crystal in the Magic Lamp is not depleted, this Legendary creature will not tire of fighting!"

"Isn't this… a little too exciting?"

"Hehe, exciting? There's more…" Connoris snorted before continuing, "The bigger the crack, the stronger the shadow you summon, and when you reach the Legendary-realm yourself, you can even use half the strength of the Lord of Nightmares! That is truly the peak of the Legendary-realm, and none of your friends outside besides the powerful old man will be able to withstand that strength!

"Then you can use that strength to control the Eternal Furnace and make me a new body…"

"Hm, don't worry I won't forget what I promised you." Lin Li nodded his head and picked up the Demon Magic Lamp from the desk. As Connoris had said, he lightly rubbed the surface of the Magic Lamp.


A dull sound followed, and black fog appeared. It was thick and heavy in the air, just like black ink. A strong force was emitting powerful waves from the fog, which made Lin Li frown lightly—this force was unusually evil, and as it spread out in the room, Lin Li could hear devastating cries in his ears and see gory scenes flash before his eyes…

"It's powerful indeed…" Lin Li hurriedly put up a Mental Protection Field to separate the nightmarish scene. That was probably the strength of the Lord of Nightmares; Lin Li had not thought that it would be so powerful that even a soulless shadow without any memories would be able to affect him, who was already at the peak of level-17. If it had been a Magic Shooter instead, they might be stuck in the scary nightmarish realm as soon as they met this force.

Just as Lin Li was silently in awe, the black fog contracted. Previously occupying an area of roughly 10 meters in diameter, it formed the shape of a human head and hovered silently above the Magic Lamp. The already thick fog looked almost opaque and palpable after contracting, and as Lin Li looked at it, he saw a pair of black eyes looking at him from the darkness…

"Iminia awaits your bidding, Master." A buzzing voice came from within the black fog.

"Hang on…" Lin Li paused, and only then did he remember that he did not have anything for him to do—there was no enemy he needed to get rid of, nor did he have any unfulfilled wishes. Surely he wasn't really going to get him to do the laundry and clean the place? Hence, Lin Li turned his gaze to Connoris. "Hey, Soul Trader, what do I do now?"

"Of course you get him to go back, you've got nothing for him to do now. Well, unless you want to chat with him? Aside from the fact that he's a shadow without memory or soul, you can't afford to chat with him, either—even if he does, do you know how much mana is needed to summon him? The magical crystal in this Magic Lamp is a level-15 one, right? If I'm not wrong, it'll probably only last you 10 minutes before the magical crystal is exhausted…"

"What?" Lin Li almost jumped at the words.

The mana in a level-15 magical crystal could be used for at least 10 Thousand Miles of Ice, yet it would only last for 10 minutes when used to summon the shadow of the Lord of Nightmares. How much mana would it cost to summon the true Lord of Nightmares, then? Lin Li finally understood why Connoris had added "provided the magical crystal is not exhausted" when he'd mentioned that he would not tire of fighting…

Thankfully, it was only a shadow they summoned. While a level-15 magical crystal was valuable, luckily, Lin Li had a few more on hand, and if he used them wisely, he should be able to summon the shadow at least a dozen times. However, once he made a crack in the seal and released the soul and memory of the Lord of Nightmares, he would need something more powerful than a level-15 magical crystal—whatever he summoned was going to be something much more powerful, after all, and needed something equally powerful to sustain it. Perhaps he was going to have to use a Legendary magical crystal…

But these were distant worries, and he could worry about them later.

Lin Li shook his head, and brushed the worries aside. At the same time, he released a bit of mental strength, and let it combine with the seal on the Magic Lamp following the black fog.

"Alright, Iminia, you can go back first." After that, Lin Li waved his hand, and the black fog returned into the Demon Magic Lamp.

Once the shadow disappeared, Connoris rushed to ask excitedly, "Well, how does it feel?"

"Feels… weird." Lin Li recalled earnestly the time when he combined his mental strength with the seal. For some reason, he felt something, but it was hard to put into words. "There seems to be more than just Osric's mental strength there…"

"Nonsense, I've been sealed in here for 1,300 years, and have studied these seals inside out. When I say mental strength, I mean mental strength, how can there be anything else!?"

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"Never mind, let's talk next time. I've been resting for so long; if I don't go back, Mr Herza is going to be mad…" Lin Li could not think of anything else but to stuff the Demon Magic Lamp back in his pocket.

"d.a.m.n it, is this karma?" Lin Li muttered to himself as he sat on the bed and applied the Recovery Potion on the bruises he had on his face.

"This is a dream come true for most people, yet you don't know how to cherish it at all. I wonder what Mr Apophis sees in you…" Connoris lay quietly in the center of the desk, yet his words were unbelievably savage.


"Admit it, your abilities have improved tremendously in the last 10 days, and you're almost at level-18 now, aren't you? Even I can tell, so surely you feel something?"

"Well…" Lin Li was at a loss for words. Connoris was right: he was constantly beat up in the last 10 days, but his abilities had improved considerably too. Apophis was a Sanctuary Master, and much more powerful than Andoine. It was a dream come true for every mage to be able to receive his teachings. But of course, while he knew that, he could not take it lying down. Lin Li applied the Recovery Potion and gritted his teeth. When I reach the Sanctuary-realm, I'm going to have fun beating up this old man…

"Right, besides getting beaten up, did you summon the Lord of Nightmares these days?"

"Every day. I've even used up a few level-15 magical crystals. Hey, Soul Trader, is your method really feasible? Why do I feel like the seal is not loosening at all?"

"Just summon it every day. You can't rush whether the seal will be opened or not. Do you know how powerful Osric was? How can you break open a seal he made with his mental strength in a day or two?"

"That's true…" Lin Li thought for a while, and decided that Connoris' words made sense. He nodded his head before suddenly recalling something. "Hey, Soul Trader, you said that there is a scary force in my Ring of Endless Storm?"

"Hm…" Connoris' voice was unusually certain. "While I have no idea where it's from, it gave me a sense of familiarity for some reason. Can you tell me where this Dimensional s.p.a.ce is from?"

"A very faraway place…" Lin Li pursed his lips without paying regard to what Connoris said. He was sure whatever Connoris thought of as familiar was merely an illusion since he had brought this Ring of Endless Storm from the Endless World. Even if Connoris was a powerful demon, he could not have travelled through time and s.p.a.ce and come into contact with the Ring of Endless Storm, right?

However, this made Lin Li recall something. Back in the Endless World, there was a legend about the s.p.a.ce Artifact—the Ring of Endless Storm. There was a secret hidden within it, and anyone who got ahold of this secret would have powers comparable to a G.o.d's.

Lin Li never paid much attention to such sayings, as he was the owner of the Ring of Endless Storm and knew better than anyone that it was purely a s.p.a.ce Artifact with no huge secret nor powers comparable to that of a G.o.d. Hence, every time he heard such a rumor, he merely smiled.

But this time, Lin Li did not smile.

Even Connoris said that there was a scary force hidden in the Ring of Endless Storm… Could that s.p.a.ce Artifact really be hiding a huge secret?

Seems like it's time to study it…

Just as he was going to ask Connoris what the force was like, a knock sounded on the door.

"President Felic, Mr Hoffman is here, do you want to meet him?" Gavin knocked on the door. Aside from the fact that he was a tad ambitious, this beefy Archmage was a talent indeed. Lin Li had been busy being beaten up and being dragged into conversations with Gerian for the past 10 days, and had no time for official business, all of which was handled neatly by Gavin.

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