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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 364 - Starlight Herb

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Chapter 363: Inauguration Ceremony Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Li was dazed at hearing that. Ever since he had obtained the core magical mantras, he spent a great deal of time studying them. When he arrived in the Breezy Plains, he even locked himself at home for a month to focus on studying them, and had created the Arcane Combustion as well as the Countercurrent Vortex, both of which were magic unique to him. Lin Li always thought that while he had not completely grasped the core magical mantras, he had learned something from them at the very least, yet this old man claimed that he was nowhere near the edge of it…

However, Lin Li knew that Apophis did not say anything without reason.

After spending the afternoon together, Lin Li started to gain some understanding of the Sanctuary Master. He was quick to anger and was eccentric indeed; sometimes, Lin Li even thought that he resembled Gerian, but one difference between them was his understanding of magic. This grumpy and eccentric old man might have the best understanding of magic in the whole Anril!

This old man had led a long life. Back when the High Elves still ruled over the lands in the Dark Ages, he had already surpa.s.sed the Legendary-realm. He fought alongside the G.o.d of Mages, Geresco, and personally killed the queen of the High Elves, Azshara. He had even taken down an entire Sky Castle using magic; as he lived through his long life, Apophis was slowly becoming magic itself.

Apophis had not been merely toying with Lin Li during the fight. In fact, he took the time to give him some pointers here and there. While he did not say too much, nor was the teaching done in a nurturing manner, they were all critical issues for Lin Li to fix, giving him instant enlightenment each time he heeded Apophis' advice.

"What should I do then?"

"Well, hehehe…" Apophis suddenly looked at him cunningly, his burnt beard bouncing as he spoke. "I wanted to tell you this when I came to the Breezy Plains, but turns out you're a b.a.s.t.a.r.d who doesn't know how to respect the elderly. How dare you fool such a nice old man as I. d.a.m.n it, what do you mean a masterpiece of Moke? You really think I'm a fool?"

"That's called a mageweath array…" Lin Li did not want to reveal this for fear that he might appear on the Supreme Council's radar and bring himself trouble, but seeing as he was asking a favor from someone now, he couldn't care less if he did get exposed…

"Well, it's just a mageweath array, what's the big deal, fancy bringing in Moke…" The old man finally won the verbal fight, and could not help the smug grin on his face, only for his smile to suddenly freeze. He then jumped like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. "Mageweath array?"


"d.a.m.n it, I don't believe you, how can there be such things as a mageweath array?"

"It's just some lowly mageweath…"

"Even that's not possible!"

"…" Lin Li rolled his eyes, and decided to keep his mouth shut.

The old man flailed around before he realized something was off. He stared for some time at Lin Li, who had gone quiet, before carefully asking, "It really is a mageweath array?"

"It really is…"

"Seems true, a normal mageweath cannot be that powerful. It looks like an Alchemy Array from the flow of the mana… that's right, it must be a mageweath array indeed…" Apophis stared at Lin Li for a long time before he smiled happily, his cunning face looking angelic all of a sudden. "Hahaha, I knew that Andoine was not that capable, but at least he is a good judge of character. See, he struck gold this time. Quick, tell me kid, are you a Master of Inscription or a Guru of Inscription? d.a.m.n it, mageweath array? You can't be a Divine Smith, right?"

"That's exaggerating too much, these are merely some lowly mageweaths…"

"I don't care if they're lowly or not. Kid, how about we make a deal? I'm going to need a powerful mageweath soon, get it done for me and I'll teach you the way…" The old man seemed to worry that Lin Li would not buy his words at this point, and thus confidently a.s.sured, "Don't worry, if you follow the way I teach you, given your talent, I'm sure you'll surpa.s.s the Legendary-realm in less than a year!"

Lin Li stared at the old man for some time before he said, "You have to give me the ingredients…"

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"Mr Herza, you humble me…" Lin Li walked on stage with a smile as he recited a few well-rehea.r.s.ed phrases of formality.

At this time, Rina discreetly frowned as she stood in the crowd.

She thought that she had seen the person standing on the stage somewhere before, but when she tried to take a closer look, she was hindered by the large patch of bruises on his face. Why did this President Felic choose his big day to get in a fight? Now, he was stuck with his face swollen on one side…

The more she looked, the more she wanted to laugh. His face was truly amusing. Apart from being red and swollen, it was blue and purple all over as well, looking as though somebody had spilled paint all over his face.

Honestly, Rina was not the only one who was trying to see past the bruises as President Amman of Thunder City's Guild of Magic also found this person familiar.

Strange, why do I find him familiar…? Amman had been wondering where he had seen this young President before ever since the ceremony had begun. This was all too strange; he had been studying a rare prescription he had chanced upon for the past decade, and had never left Thunder City. Judging from this young president's accent, he did not seem to be from Thunder City, either, so why did he find him familiar?

Oh, no, he did leave once a few months ago…

The convention of the Pharmacists Guild. He had brought Milo along and attended the convention. It was also at that convention that he had suffered the biggest embarra.s.sment of his life, and the person who had embarra.s.sed him seemed to be called Felic as well!

When memories of the event came to his mind, Amman suddenly felt a chill run down his back. That was right, it was the Pharmacist called Felic, and they were exactly the same in terms of age and build. Amman suddenly realized why the people of the Brilliance Shrine and Darkness Shrine were invited to the inauguration ceremony of the president of the Breezy Plains Guild of Magic. d.a.m.n it, Englos and Sendros were here because of the young pharmacist!

Amman felt his hands turn clammy all of a sudden. He had never thought that this Felic would climb the ranks so quickly. He became the President of Breezy Plains Guild of Magic at such a young age, and seemed to be well acknowledged by the Supreme Council. Even Arbitrator Apophis attended this ceremony, and from the way they had walked down the stairs, Amman would have to be a fool not to notice that their relations.h.i.+p was definitely more than met the eye…

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