Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 36 - The Delayed Auction

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Lin Li did not decline. He was a guru well-versed in all five series, plus a master in general skills. When it came to professional stuff, he would naturally have a better eye than Gerian. Besides, he was also very interested in what the major forces would offer; it seemed to him as fun as a treasure hunt.

The two jerks had a discussion in the reception room. When they came out, their eyes were s.h.i.+ning—anyone who saw them would have the feeling of being targeted by wolves.

The preparation for the auction was almost done when they came out. All 17 forces of Jarrosus City were present; even the Merlin Family, which had a fight with Gerian just a few days ago, had shamelessly sent someone to attend the auction.

After entering the guild's hall, the two jerks who were supposed to be the main characters refused to greet them at the front. Instead, they creeped to the back row and sat between a group of mages from the guild.

"President Gerian!" The group of mages at the side turned around to see Gerian, and all of a sudden, they felt chills on their backs. Why did the old fellow come to sit here…

"Shut up! All of you sit properly and watch, no one should make a sound. If anyone dares to sell me out, I'll let him know what's to come after the auction…" Gerian glared, and all the mages shut their mouths in fear.

"See the little moustache, the one in the middle of the second row, wearing a red mage robe and looking all hussy?" Gerian hid among the group of mages, stretched his hand, and pointed pettily at the front row. "That is Evan, the third son of the Merlin Family and Matthew's younger brother. Among the three brothers in the Merlin Family, he's the good-for-nothing one, merely a Magic Shooter now…"

"Then what about the second son?"

"The second son is Fario, the only one I couldn't figure out among the three brothers. Speaking of which, this fellow has always kept silent and low-key. I've beaten him up a few times when we were young, and have always thought he's a useless b.u.m. But, unexpectedly, this fellow has climbed higher and higher, and now he has climbed to the position of the Minister of Wealth of the Felan Kingdom. He is in charge of the economic lifeblood of the kingdom, but I heard he has some problems with Matthew and has not been back in Jarrosus for several years."

The two of them were whispering when a clamor was heard outside the Emerald Tower. Looking up, they saw a middle-aged man in luxurious clothing enter the tower. From a distance, he looked to be about 40 year old; his face was slightly pale, but he exuded an air of authority.

But what really surprised Lin Li were the two attendants he'd brought along.

One of them was wearing a black mage robe; his whole face was covered with a hood, making it impossible to see his features clearly. But the aura that was emitted from him could definitely be described as strong. Among the mages Lin Li had seen, besides Andoine, Gerian, and Old Merlin, this person had to be the most formidable of them all.

The other, probably also in his forties, had a shabby beard and a broad sword leaning on his back that was giving off a scorching aura. Lin Li could see that it was definitely an excellent weapon of fire attribute with just a glance.

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"d.a.m.n!" Gerian's eyes were wide open at the sight of the middle-aged man.

"Mm, we'll do just that." Gerian nodded. He was going to entrust a mage with this important task, but hesitated. "I shall just do it personally, it'll seem more respectful this way…"

"Might as well."

After Gerian left, almost everyone arrived.

11 mage families, six underground forces, castellan of Jarrosus, Jarrosus Guild of Magic, plus a few dozen weaker forces and a few hundred wild men from all over the place. Everyone qualified to compete for the Arcane Magic Potion in Jarrosus was sitting in the guild's hall. For a moment, the s.p.a.cious guild hall looked crowded.

What made Lin Li's jaw drop was that Kevin, who had always been genteel, had taken off his mage robe and put on a white, high-collared long-sleeved blouse this day. He, who wore a black waistcoat, stood on the stage holding a small hammer in his hands, temporarily acting as an auctioneer!

"Ladies and gentlemen! The biggest auction ever held in Jarrosus is about to commence!" Kevin, who was usually stoic and honest, showed no signs of stage fright acting as an auctioneer for the first time and his words were full of incitement. "What will be auctioned next will be nothing less than a miracle, a miracle created by the guild's potion master, Mr Felic!"

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