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Chapter 357 - Vanskore

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Chapter 356: Death Frost Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Gavin was an Archmage, however, and had always been carrying out missions for the Adventurers Guild, so he was the most experienced in fights out of all the mages in Doland's library. Thus, he quickly made a decision after a moment's pause. He raised his magic staff and conjured a s.h.i.+eld in front of them before he tugged at Lin Li. "President Felic, let's retreat first…"

Gavin originally wanted to drag the young President into the tower. While no defense had been laid down, it was still better than facing a dozen Bandits.

But Gavin did not complete his sentence before his voice trailed off…

He suddenly felt a terrifying magical wave around him.

There was no premonition nor any sign as the previously calm magical elements suddenly turned violent without reason. It felt like a storm brewing suddenly on a sunny day as dark clouds gathered and thunder roared all of a sudden. The torrential magical wave was brewing a storm outside the Tower of Dusk like a surging wave!

"What's going on?" Gavin paused before he suddenly remembered something, and whipped his head around…

Then, Gavin paled in shock…

Gavin clearly saw the young President standing beside him and raising his magic staff as he chanted indiscernibly. The torrential magical wave had come from him! Gavin could not believe his eyes. He just could not believe that this young man who looked frail and somewhat pale and always had a warm smile on his face could wield such powerful magic…

Not only Gavin could not believe his eyes—the bandits could not, either. They waved their machetes wildly and cursed filthily as they tried to pounce on the young mage, only to realize to their horror that they could not take a step further no matter how much they tried to…

This was because their legs were sealed in ice.

The sun had yet to set in the west, and the evening sky was painted red. Some sunlight still fell on them, and they could feel its warmth still. Yet, outside the door of the Tower of Dusk, there was a thick layer of ice that not only froze the earth, but their legs as well—this strange sight left everybody's skin crawling…

Gavin paled…

This was level-16 magic, Death Frost!

Even he had only started learning it two months ago, and had only managed to remember the chant. As for the working of the magic, he was still in the midst of figuring it out. Yet, this young mage was able to unleash it so easily…

Could a young mage in his twenties really be capable of such magic?

"Thank you for giving me the chance to rectify a mistake…" A polite and warm smile remained on the young mage's face, but this smile was scarier than a magical beast brandis.h.i.+ng its claws and teeth in the eyes of the bandits.

"What… what do you want?" Pierre gulped. Perhaps to mask his fear, or maybe because he remembered Vanskore's bidding, this beefy captain mustered the last burst of courage in his life. "I-I-I… I'm warning you, don't do anything weird… If you kill us, my boss will avenge us for sure!"

"You don't have to worry about such things…" The young mage continued smiling as though he was not facing ferocious bandits, but waving h.e.l.lo to his neighbors. However, in the midst of this conversation, a slicing sound made everyone's hearts clench.

All they could see was the splatter of blood before the beefy bear collapsed like a rag doll…

Everyone outside the Tower of Dusk was scared out of their wits as their eyes fell onto the body of Pierre. n.o.body could believe that the powerful Pierre had died just like that…

The sight before their eyes was undoubtedly real, however, and they could not refute it. The wound on Pierre was not big, merely a slit on his throat like that of a strangle mark, yet blood gushed from it like water out of a broken dam, spurting out of the thin wound. It was only a moment before the crystal-clear ice was dyed a scarlet red…

"My G.o.d…" Gavin could not help hissing sharply as he took in a breath. Only he knew what had truly happened…

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That was a light and thin Wind Blade—only a light touch, and it had slit Pierre's throat. The one who had unleashed the Wind Blade was none other than the smiley President.

Pierre's death still loomed over them, and as the cold-blooded s.a.d.i.s.t stared at them, even the bravest of bandits could not take the immense pressure.

"Have mercy, Mr Mage…"

"Yeah, please spare us, Mr Mage, we were forced to do this…"

"Yes, yes, yes, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Pierre forced us to do this. Mr Mage, just treat it as charity and let us go…"

Sounds of pleading were the only thing one could hear as the ferocious bandits hurried to bow before Lin Li. If not for their legs being sealed by the ice, they would have rushed to kneel before Lin Li to cry for mercy.

"I do want to let you off…" Lin Li slowly raised his magic staff as the bandits looked on in despair. "Unfortunately, I only need one of you to bring the message.."

Then, the Dragon's Eye on the magic staff glowed…

"My G.o.d…" Gavin had just settled Old Salatt, and came back intending to ask President Felic if he needed help when he saw the chilling scene.

The Dragon's Eye on the magic staff glowed, and the magical wave that made him tremble filled the air once again. A cracking sound later, the once stagnant ice seemed to come to life and spread out on the bandits' bodies. The ice climbed up their legs and to their chests before engulfing them completely; it was only a moment before there were more than a dozen life-like ice sculptures at the door of the Tower of Dusk.

Fear was evident in Gavin's eyes as he covered his mouth with his hands, scared to make a sound. Even in his worst nightmares, Gavin had not imagined such a scary sight; he was even somewhat angry at Mr Basel for recommending him here. Did he not know that this fellow was a ruthless executioner?

Gavin could not believe it. What would happen to him if he offended this fellow one day? He always prided himself on his magic, but even that would be of no use to guarantee his life. Before this young President who wielded the Death Frost so easily, his own magic seemed like child's play.

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