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Chapter 354 - The First Batch of Members

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Chapter 353: Tower of Dusk Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

"President Felic, I hope you can give it a more serious thought. This is a Legendary magical crystal after all, something every mage dreams of owning. It has countless uses, and can even create a dozen Archmages for your Guild of Magic. If you use it to fire Crystal Cannons, isn't it too… too…" Herza was beginning to sound worked up, and kept repeating his last word before he finally settled for an adjective. "Isn't it too much of a waste of natural resources? President Felic, you'll definitely destroy it, this is a crime!"

"Alright, alright Mr Herza…" Lin Li never thought that the old man would get so worked up. "I have to remind you that this is all your conjecture and I never said I did that, moreover, how do you know if I really have a Legendary magical crystal?"

"This…" Herza paused, and only then did he realize that he had indeed crossed a line.

But, how many mages could keep calm when Legendary magical crystals were concerned? How was using a Legendary magical crystal to power a Crystal Cannon any different from getting a dainty beauty to work as a construction worker? Any mage with a sense of shame would not let this happen…

"Why don't we go look at other places?" Lin Li dared not touch this topic any further after he finally got Herza to calm down. The latter was already quite old; if anything happened to him, Lin Li would never be able to live it down.

Of course, not everything Lin Li had said was a lie.

One thing was for sure: he was not going to use the Salamander's magical crystal to power the Crystal Cannons…

The reason was simple—the Salamander's magical crystal was not powerful enough…

Lin Li knew this better than Herza as his mental strength was much more sensitive than anyone else's, and he was able to tell easily what a magical crystal should be used for. For example, the Salamander's magical crystal was definitely more than enough to provide mana for the tower's operations.

It would be too much for it to power 20 Crystal Cannons, however. Additionally, there were weapons much more powerful than Crystal Cannons in Lin Li's plans, and they'd require even more mana to run them.

For example, the All-Kill Array in the bas.e.m.e.nt. That was more than 10 simple mageweaths; when they were in operation, they used a few hundred, or even a few thousand, times the amount of mana required for just one mageweath. Right, and the crystal ball in the middle of the guild hall was another issue too—it would be alright to use it to watch the area around the tower, but the amount of mana required for the surveillance of the whole Black Clouds Town or even Doland would be an astronomical figure.

If it was all powered by the Salamander's magical crystal, then this treasure coveted by all mages would definitely be destroyed within 10 years.

The Eternal Furnace in the Void Crack would have to be brought out sooner or later, and when Lin Li was designing the building, he had already saved a spot for it on top of the tower. There was a platform there, and 12 mageweaths were already laid down on it. These 12 mageweaths would fuse the tower with the Eternal Furnace and share the endless supply of mana from the Fire Wyrm magical crystal.

That was the true core of Lin Li's design—once he had the support of the Eternal Furnace, the defense system of the tower would be truly complete.

But it was still not the right time yet…

Even though Lin Li had already gained control of the Eternal Furnace, he was still lacking a key. Hence, Lin Li decided that he would have to go to Alanna three months later and complete the final agreement he'd made with Macklin during the trial. When that was done, he thought that he should make a deal with Alanna's Guild of Magic.

If it had been in the past, he definitely would not have the capability to do so, but it was different now. He held the key figure that was Connoris, the great Soul Trader who had personally experienced the building of the mausoleum and was much more useful to have than a map that could not speak.

Of course, there was no need for him to tell Herza that…

After bringing them through the last level, Lin Li stopped at the terrace on the rooftop.

"Right. President Felic, according to the rules, you have the right to name this tower."

"Name it?" Lin Li grabbed the safety railings around terrace as he looked down onto Black Clouds Town. There was a platform filled with 12 mageweaths above him. Perhaps in the near future, there would be a true Sky Castle floating up there. The power of the Eternal Furnace was enough to bring the defense of the tower to an extreme level, and there were 20 rooms made of refined iron beneath him, and there was even a large amount of Eternal Adamantine mixed into the refined iron. Each of those rooms would hold a Crystal Cannon, forming a formidable battery of Crystal Cannons. Last but not least, in the dark of the bas.e.m.e.nt was the light of the All-Kill Array. Lin Li was just like a ferocious beast waiting to take his pick of victims—when he brandished his claws and fangs, even if the three great armies of the Felan Kingdom attacked all at once, they would have to pay a b.l.o.o.d.y price.

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Lin Li stood quietly on the terrace as he let himself feel the mana flowing through the tower, finding himself thrilled at the thought of it. While he did not personally build this tower, he had put into it no less effort than these engineers. Of course, besides putting a lot of thought into it, he also provided a large amount of rare materials. It was no exaggeration to say that he had used almost half of the contents in the Ring of Endless Storm, and had devoted nearly all the money he had acc.u.mulated ever since he arrived in Anril to building the tower…

Then what were those carriages about?

Feeling suspicious, Lin Li did not bother returning to Black Clouds Town, and only stood outside the Tower of Dusk as he watched the carriages draw nearer.

Lin Li was right—those carriages were headed for the Tower of Dusk indeed, and stopped outside of it. A middle-aged man wearing a gray robe alighted from the first carriage. He looked to be in his forties with his thick beard and his strong figure, and if not for the intense magical wave pouring off him, Lin Li would have thought that he was a Warrior.

Besides this mage who did not resemble one, more and more people alighted from the carriages. Lin Li counted about a dozen, and all of them looked to be pretty decent mages. The strongest amongst them was the strong-looking middle-aged man from earlier, whom Lin Li thought to be at least an Archmage.

The dozen of them headed straight for the Tower of Dusk after alighting from their carriages.

"Good evening, Mr Mage. I wonder what I can I help you with?" Lin Li asked very politely as he stood outside the Tower of Dusk.

"Good evening." The middle-aged mage nodded his head in greeting as his gaze stopped on the young man for a moment. Not bad, the place recommended by Mr Basel was not bad indeed, and even a mage apprentice standing guard at the door could afford to dress in such nice robes. This Breezy Plains Guild of Magic was indeed better than the average force.

When he thought of that, the middle-aged mage cheered internally. He heard from Mr Basel that this Breezy Plains Guild of Magic was newly set up, and was in need of manpower. He was an Archmage himself, and if he showed a skill or two, wouldn't this President Felic immediately make him his right-hand man? The middle-aged mage did not doubt this at all, as there were not many in the whole Doland City who were stronger than him. Well, Mr Basel was one, and the few of those in the Castellan Mansion too, but he simply did not care for any of the rest…

It seemed like the welfare here at the Breezy Plains Guild of Magic was not bad indeed, seeing as a mage apprentice standing guard at the door was dressed so vibrantly. The visitor was an Archmage, and if he decided to offer his services, surely he would be treated much better than a mere mage apprentice? If this President Felic acted right, he might as well join the Breezy Plains Guild of Magic and let Mr Basel owe him a favor.

"I would like to see President Felic."

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