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Chapter 352 - Crystal Cannon

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Chapter 351: All-Kill Array Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

While all this sounded like a long story, the truth was that it had happened in an instant.

In that instant, 10 Wards of Bad Luck had been changed.

The sky blue ink seeped into it, and brought about a 180 degree change—the unique magical wave of the Ward of Bad Luck seemed to have suddenly disappeared without a trace. In its place was an aggressive magical wave, and everyone felt its powerful strength as they stood before the light.

They stared at it wide-eyed and dumbfounded, struggling to open their mouths, only to find that they had lost the ability to speak…

The 10 Wards of Bad Luck that Moke had laid down personally were altered by someone else in an instant. However, Moke did not feel insulted nor angered over it; instead, he felt a deep sense of hopelessness and shock…

This was impossible…

A hallucination, this had to be a hallucination!

Moke could not find it in himself to believe that what he saw was real. Someone had to be playing a joke on him! There had to be a mistake somewhere, or how else was this possible? An amateur who did not even know what a Countercurrent mageweath was used for had tampered with the Ward of Bad Luck he laid down, and even turned it into a mageweath array in an instant…

Soon, however, Moke realized that all of this seemed to be real as the scene before his eyes showed so sign of vanis.h.i.+ng no matter how much he rubbed his eyes.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, this was not a hallucination—it really was a mageweath array, and one made out of 10 Wards of Bad Luck at that…

All color disappeared from Moke's face, and in its place was a sickly shade of white.

He was a true Master of Inscription, and knew better than anyone else what a mageweath array meant. It was the highest level of Inscription, the ultimate extension of the power of Inscription! Even though Moke was a Master of Inscription himself, the closest he could get to mageweath arrays was to pay homage to one.

Inscription making was born during the Dark Ages. In its 1,300 years of history, few had been able to master mageweath arrays. All of them deserved their positions at the peak of Inscription, and they were known as Gurus of Inscription…

Moke gulped as he tried to digest everything before him…

While the Wards of Bad Luck continued to s.h.i.+ne, the magical wave they emitted was completely different. Actually, they should not be called Wards of Bad Luck anymore, as their core circuit had been completely changed earlier. Lying before Moke was now 10 brand-new mageweaths; they were all tightly interlocked, forming an incredibly strong mageweath array…

There was little wonder in how Moke had thrown away his dignity—this was all beyond his imagination. Not even in his wildest dreams did he think that he would one day see a mageweath array before him.

In Inscription, three mageweaths were enough to form a mageweath array, and that was already the peak of Inscription. Whenever mageweath arrays were involved, there would be countless permutations of every magic node and magic circuit, and no Inscriber would be able to grasp them fully, as it was an astronomical figure that was simply impossible for a human brain to handle.

Besides that, there was the distribution of mana to consider—the distribution of mana required in a mageweath array was nothing short of strict. If the margin of error allowed in a common mageweath was the size of a grain, then the margin of error allowed in mageweath arrays was that of the width of a strand of hair—a mosquito's hair, at that…

Moke had already become a Master of Inscription in his forties, and while he was confident in himself, he knew that there was no way he would be able to create a true mageweath array in his lifetime. It was simply too insane a task, and was impossible for a mortal to achieve.

Today, however, somebody he had thought of as an amateur, a young mage who probably could not even grow a proper beard yet, had completed a mageweath array in an instant.

On top of that, it was a mageweath array comprising 10 mageweaths. If three mageweaths was already as difficult as scaling a mountain, what about 10? Moke felt his skin crawl just thinking about it; he did not even dare to think about the 10 mageweaths, as it was way beyond his comprehension. If the difficulty of three mageweaths could be compared to being a Magic Shooter, then 10 mageweaths would without a doubt correspond to being a Sanctuary Master!

The 10 s.h.i.+ny mageweaths stunned Moke. His gaze was unfocused as he skimmed through the 10 mageweaths before his eyes landed on the young mage he had thought was an amateur.

"Felic, this…" Herza's voice sounded forced. While he was not well-versed in Inscription, in that instant, even a fool could tell that Moke who they had thought of as an authoritative figure in Epigraphy was so stunned by the young mage that he was now lost for words.

Herza felt that he should give Moke a hand…

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"This…" Lin Li smiled as he did not bother to hide anything from them. "This is just something I came up with while I was bored in the past. I like to call it the All-Kill Array."

Herza felt a.s.sured of that…

Frankly speaking, he had his concerns about Lin Li squandering his time, even though he had yet to make a comment about it. Lin Li did not even seem to care about a position as important as that of being the president of Breezy Plains Guild of Magic, and after the tower had been built, he had only been here twice or thrice. Herza heard that he had even gone to Roland City some time ago. Thankfully, he managed to return in time for the inauguration ceremony…

However, Herza felt a.s.sured now that he had seen the All-Kill Array. Seeing as the Breezy Plains Guild of Magic was so capable, he should not have to worry for now.

"P-President Felic…" Just as Herza was silently letting out a breath, Moke had walked over some time ago, and although his face remained pale, there was determination and a wild pa.s.sion in his eyes. "Can… can I ask you a question?"

"What is it?"

"What's so special about the Countercurrent mageweath you laid down in the bottom of the crystal ball?"

"This…" Lin Li paused. To be honest, he had not expected Moke to ask this question. After a moment's hesitation, he patiently explained, "This is just something I thought of—since the crystal ball can monitor the whole tower, why don't I try and see if it can monitor the whole Black Clouds Town, and even the whole Doland?"

"…" While Moke liked to think that he already had nerves of steel, after all the scare he had had for the day, he still nearly stopped breathing when he heard this. Let the crystal ball keep watch of the whole Black Clouds Town, and even the whole Doland? What kind of lunatic was capable of uttering such words?

The only magic spells in the crystal ball were the Warlock's Eyes and the Mirror of Truth. It was definitely beyond insane to use them to control the whole Black Clouds Town and Doland. Fortunately, it was Lin Li who had said it—Moke had a completely different perception of him after seeing the All-Kill Array. If it had been anyone else, Moke would have spat in their face for patronizing him.

But even so, Moke could not help the disbelief on his face. "Is… is that true, President Felic?"

"It's not strange, Mr Moke. If you study the Countercurrent mageweath carefully, you will not be as shocked as you are now. Yes, the Countercurrent mageweath has its faults, it's not consistent enough and not lasting enough, and it's even unable to magnify mana enough, but don't forget that the circuit of magnifying elements is the true core of the Countercurrent mageweath. As long as the circuit of magnifying elements is slightly tweaked, it will not be impossible to control the whole Black Clouds Town, or even Doland…"

"But… but if that's so, wouldn't it damage the crystal ball?"

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