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Chapter 348 - Countercurrent mageweath

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Chapter 347: Psionic Crystal

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"Why is it so fast…" Lin Li softly mumbled. Honestly, Moke's visit had surprised him. He had actually thought of going to Doland to visit Basel, that old con man, while he had the time today. That old con man had actually agreed to help him recruit a batch of strong mages. He was very cunning, so if Lin Li did not go over to press him, who knew when he would go back on his word…

Oh yes, this old con himself as well. This fella was a genuine Legendary-mage. If he could be pulled into the Guild of Magic, Lin Li would not have to worry about anyone being a threat to himself for at least one and a half years.

Hence, Lin Li called for Norfeller and Ujfalusi early in the morning, preparing to bring them to Doland's library again.

Who knew that his door would be blocked by Moke before he could even wash up…

"President Felic, do you want to take a look now?" Moke's expression was not looking good. To make a Master of Inscription inscribe ten Wards of Bad Luck was a very humiliating thing. Moke did not think that after forcing himself to inscribe it, Lin Li would actually say "why is it so fast". Wasn't this clearly doubting his professional standards?

Moke held it in again and again before he finally suppressed the urge to let loose and curse. It was just that when he spoke again, his tone was clearly stiffer.

"Let's go take a look, then…" It was a pity. Lin Li was having a headache now, wondering when he would have the time to go to Doland. That batch of mages under the Breezy Plains was the only power that he could rely on for support. If this thing was going to be messed up, his days in the Breezy Plains would no longer be peaceful.

It was also why he did not even realize that Moke's tone had become stiffer. Naturally, given Lin Li's nature, even if he noticed it, he would not bother about. No one was bound to each other by ties, so why should he try to curry favor with him? What, he said he was a Master of Inscription? F*ck, Lin Li was a Guru of Inscription…

Lin Li was wrecking his brains while walking out of Black Clouds Town. When he stood at the entrance of the town, he could already see some of the outline of the tower. The tall and rugged tower was covered in magical runes. Under the early morning sunlight, it emitted a mysterious yet solemn aura. A short Herza was standing at the main entrance of the tower, chatting with a few of the engineers while raising his head and looking over at the town's entrance.

"Morning, Mr Herza."

"Morning, Mage Felic… Oh, no, no, no, it should be President Felic now…"

Herza greeted both of them with a face of smiles. He made jokes while introducing the engineers beside him to Lin Li. These engineers were all sent over by the Supreme Council. At least 20 towers out of the 24 Guilds of Magic in the Felan Kingdom were made by them. Although their magical power was not strong, they still received courteous reception from the presidents of the bigger guilds no matter where they went.

Naturally, Lin Li was no exception. He was rather courteous towards these engineers. Of course, such courtesy was not only because of the other party's ident.i.ty. It was mostly because they had completed all of his requests. When the construction of the tower had just begun, Herza asked Lin Li if he had any requests for the structure of the tower. Back then, Lin Li did not think much about it. He just requested for several things right off the bat. When he thought about it again, he suddenly realized that those requests were rather harsh.

Initially, he thought that these engineers would shout and curse, but who knew that when the tower was slowly completed, Lin Li would suddenly realize that those requests had been meticulously carried out by these engineers. It was also why Lin Li still felt embarra.s.sed until now…

Actually, this was not weird at all…

The engineers sent by the Supreme Council this time were all people that were devoted to the field of construction. Their character was rather weird by nature. When they heard of those requests, the first thought that appeared in the minds of these engineers was not "this fella is trying to take me for a ride", but "this fella actually had the guts!".

People that were brave had always been able to leave a good impression on them. Furthermore, the current Lin Li was definitely worthy of being described as a promising young mage no matter which perspective he was viewed from. The most distinguished young mage out of all the 24 Guilds of Magic and the victor of the finals in the Aurora Square already had the powers of the Archmage level at such a young age. Currently, he was being appointed as the president of the Breezy Plains Guild of Magic. This was the youngest president of any Guild of Magic in the past 1300 years. Furthermore, he had a unique understanding of architecture. Naturally, the engineers were happy to deal with such a person.

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Herza only casually gave a few words of introduction, and everyone started chatting very pa.s.sionately. That harmonious atmosphere was similar to that between old friends that had not met for a long while. As for Moke, who was at the side, he could not help mumbling, "When did this fella turn into a social b.u.t.terfly? Why is he able to converse with these temperamental and stubborn engineers immediately after meeting them for the first time?"

There was no difference to detect just by scanning it, but if he were to scrutinize it, he would realize that the crystal ball's l.u.s.ter was slightly darker, and the brightness was a little brighter. But, all of these differences were not obvious. Actually, if Moke were to reach out and touch it, he would immediately realize that this crystal ball was actually a little warm…

However, even if Moke really were to touch it, he would probably only find it a little odd. After all, things like Psionic Crystals were not common knowledge. In fact, it was not only Moke—even those engineers that installed the Crystal Ball themselves only knew that it was rather weird. As to why was it weird, they could not explain it. After all, they were only well versed in architecture. It was outside of their field when it came to the magical crystalloids.

Out of so many people present, only Lin Li knew why it was possible to fix three spells onto this crystal ball.

It was because… this crystal ball was taken out by Lin Li himself!

When the construction of the tower had just begun, Herza had already reminded Lin Li that it was best to install a crystal ball in the tower. This way, surveillance of the surroundings would be very convenient. After listening to this, Lin Li almost immediately thought about the Psionic Crystal inside the Ring of Endless Storm. An incomparable ability to amplify magic and an outstanding characteristic to contain elements that surpa.s.sed an average crystal's. No matter which aspect it was, it was the best choice to be the Crystal Ball…

But, Lin Li was not satisfied…

How could monitoring the tower's surroundings be compared to monitoring the whole Black Clouds Town?

Lin Li took a look around the Crystal Ball and, with a smile, asked Moke, "Oh, yes, Mr Moke. Could you do me a small favor?"

"What small favor?" Moke was clearly in a daze for a bit…

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