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Chapter 343 - Stupefied Guests

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Chapter 342: Adamantine of Bad Luck Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

"I heard from Brook that Mage Felic purchased a pair of daggers from my shop?" That was the first thing the old man said after taking a seat beside Lin Li.

Lin Li could not help but feel wary. Could it be that this elder knew something about the daggers? Otherwise, why did he mention them? With such a suspicion, Lin Li nodded cautiously.

"That's right. But, Mr. William, is there anything wrong with that?" Lin Li replied.

"No, no, no. I didn't mean there to be anything wrong…" William responded. Lin Li's question did not take away the smile on his face. "I'm only curious about the reason that attracted you to them. They had been in the showroom for around one or two decades. If Brook had not mentioned them to me just now, I would have forgotten about them…"

"Erm…" Lin Li glanced at the elder suspiciously. He was still wondering if the old dude got his courage to ask that sensitive question from drinking too much. Although there was no big secret hidden in the pair of daggers, why would the old man think he would let him know the reason behind his purchase when they were not even close to each other?

Hence, Lin Li responded with a light-hearted question. "Mr. William, what do you think about the weather today?"

"…" William had never been so speechless. Actually, although he knew that he had asked a sensitive question, he really asked out of curiosity.

That pair of daggers had been placed in the showroom for one or two decades. No appraisers could tell the origin of the daggers since his grandfather's generation. As the heir of the Time Consignment Store, William was extremely keen to know what was so special about them.

Yet, he did not expect Lin Li to change the topic so brazenly. For his reputation, there were many people who would try their ways to get close to him. n.o.body was like this young mage who treated William like a thief, just as though he feared William would steal money out of his pocket…

Being totally clueless about Lin Li's personality, it was not William's fault. To Lin Li, reputable people were not worth a penny. He was a man who would never want to be at any disadvantage, so he would not feel like entertaining people who could not promise him benefits. Of course, this principle applied to the owner of the Time Consignment Store, and the legendary figures of Roland City as well…

But, since William was a cultured man, he was not angry at Lin Li's att.i.tude. Despite his awkward position, William merely laughed it off.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, are you tired of living? How dare you treat Uncle William so rudely?"

William's calmness did not mean that other people would not be angry.

Lasorick stood up at once, and his agitation made him topple a few of wine on the table. His face was crimson and his arms were waving vigorously. A timid man would have been scared by him.

Unfortunately, Lin Li did not have a cowardly personality.

Hence, when Lasorick stood up, he did not even pay any attention to him. To Lin Li, that man with exaggerated actions was not a human, but a buzzing fly.

"Watch your words, Lasorick. You're too rude," said William with an ashen face.

"But, Uncle William…"

Although Lasorick was usually arrogant and unreasonable, he did not dare to be too arrogant before this man. From how his father usually treated William with extreme politeness, he knew that this skinny old man should not be just an elder who owned the Time Consignment Store. His status would not be as what he portrayed it to be.

Just when Lasorick was still thinking of excuses to defend himself, he felt somebody tugging on his sleeves. He stole a glance and saw his companion gesturing to him. Lasorick hesitated before sitting down unwillingly. Only after that did the young man stand up from his seat slowly.

"My apologies, Mage Felic. As you see, Lasorick is a straightforward man. If his words offended you, please don't be appeased. I will help him apologize to you in advance. But, your att.i.tude towards Mr. William indeed lacks proper respect…"

"Is that so…" Lin Li said as he glanced at the man casually. He became clearer of the man's ident.i.ty now. This fella had to be related to someone he knew of. Otherwise, he would not have stepped out to create such an incitement between William and him. Although that man seemed to be apologizing for Lasorick, his actual intention still surfaced in the last line he spoke.

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"Argus, could you help me take the wine I left on the way here?" William spoke.

"Hmm…" William thought for a while. "From its dull and black appearance, it should be made of h.e.l.l Iron."

"No, no…" Lin Li shook his head in disagreement. He turned the dagger around and showed its edge to William. "Look at this edge closely. It is not as sharp as fel metals."

"Is that due to the long period of time it was left unused? You know, they have been in the showroom for one or two decades. That would be enough to blunt its edges."

"It is not related to how it was left behind. Magical weapons are not any normal weapons. The magical elements within them have a fluidity that can affect the way these weapons rust. The rusting of normal weapons starts from their blade as it is the weakest and thinnest part that will always come into contact with moisture.

"A magical weapon, however, will protect the edge from rusting due to the magical elements that are the most vigorous in its edge. Hence, although the result is the same, the process is reversed."

"So that was the reason…?" William nodded reflectively. To be honest, the concepts the young mage had shared with him just now was not complicated. In fact, they were all very shallow. William knew for sure that the mage was speaking the truth. The rusting process for a magical weapon and a normal one was indeed different.

Yet, it was this shallow knowledge that caused him to overlook it. Who would look at a rusty weapon? Furthermore, the decay had been going on for hundreds of years. How many people in the world would be so free to take time to observe the way in which a weapon decayed?

"Then, Mage Felic, what magical metal is it made of?"

"Adamantine of Bad Luck. A type of magical metal that has a lot of weaknesses. To an extent, it is no different from a normal metal. Among all the different magical metals, it is the least tough as well. If one does not employ a special forging technique, all it takes for it to break is a trivial battle. Look at this edge carefully. Apart from the Adamantine of Bad Luck, I really cannot think of any other magical metal that would become like this."

Lin Li took a pause before he continued speaking.

"But, an advantage that the Adamantine of Bad Luck has that outweighs any other magical metals' strong points is its capacity for storing unlimited magical elements. The Adamantine of Bad Luck would be able to overcome any source of mana and mageweath regardless of how menacing they are."

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