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Chapter 342 - Adamantine of Bad Luck

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Chapter 341: Emerald Dream Gem Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Li was not listening to the castellan's speech at all. He could not help it. That type of speech was meant to be polite and friendly, but without any meaning. Instead of getting bored with the castellan's speech, Lin Li would rather use the same time to observe the four guests from the Brilliance Shrine…

Then, Lin Li realized that the four guests were actually no different from himself. None paid attention to the castellan. After returning to their seats, they had been talking among themselves softly. Then, it seemed like they had some disagreement among them. Lin Li clearly saw how the female Paladin got agitated!

Is that an internal strife? Looks like heaven's on my side!

Lin Li laughed at their misfortune. But, the female Paladin saw his smile as soon as it appeared on his face.

"What a hideous laughter. Watch out later…" the female Paladin exclaimed angrily through her gritted teeth. At that moment, she really felt like using the sword in her hand to purify Lin Li. She had never seen such an egoistic Necromancer. How could he be so arrogant with that dirty magic and evil religion?

Unfortunately, the banquet had not ended…

In fact, it was this matter that created a conflict between Bishop Loren and herself. The former firmly thought that they should prioritize the interests of the Brilliance Shrine before the purification of any darn Undead creature.

To think about it carefully, Bishop Loren was being reasonable too. The fact that the Brilliance Shrine had the chance to bring their teachings to the people of Roland City was all thanks to Castellan Arathor. The change of the castellan would mean a threat to the Brilliance Shrine's influence. Who knew if the next castellan would be in support of their teachings?

Although the ability of that Necromancer was not outstanding, the Undead creature by his side was definitely a true opponent. When Rina stood in front of him just now, she could feel a very dangerous tension. Although she had three Bishops with her, she did not have the confidence to defeat them with ease.

That was what Bishop Loren was concerned about. He feared that the two darn fellas would escape when the situation got uncontrollable, or in the process implicate Castellan Arathor or other guests.

Hence, Rina could only be patient…

The castellan ended his speech very quickly. Melodious music resumed, and the guests soaked in a joyous atmosphere once more. No one noticed anything unusual with the two tables of guests. Arathor had a tall crystal gla.s.s with him as he greeted the other guests while he made his way over to Lin Li's table.

"Apologies, everyone, please pardon me any lack of cordiality due to the large number of guests…" The castellan addressed his guests. Then, he put his gaze on Sienna.

"Captain Sienna, can I have some of your time to introduce you to some people?"

"Oh, of course…!" Sienna replied. His eyes lit up instantly as he put down his goblet and followed behind Arathor immediately.

It seems like this castellan is rather interested in grooming Sienna… Lin Li smiled. The castellan would not take the trouble to introduce Sienna to the others, or even invite him to the banquet if he simply wanted to reward him.

It was good news to Lin Li. When he decided to give Sienna this opportunity to claim credit, he was already planning how to make use of Sienna's mercenary team in time to come. Lin Li did not need a team of 30 men with the stronger ones being only level-10. Now that Sienna could gain the support of the castellan, the ruler of Roland City, the weak foundation of the team would definitely be strengthened and developed for the better…

Just when Lin Li was still immersed in his delight, a disgusting voice reversed his pleasant feelings entirely. "Haha, isn't this Mage Felic? I didn't expect you to be here at the castellan's banquet! Oh, yes. Do you mind telling me whom you stole the invitation card from? Haha…" Lasorick dissed Lin Li.

Sigh, what a spoilsport… Lin Li really felt like cussing out loud as he turned over to the owner of the voice reluctantly.

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Actually, he did not need to do that. Although there was a lot of annoying people in the world, the most annoying one would no doubt be the son of the castellan of Doland, Sir Lasorick.

Being green may not mean it is any random green gem, but an Emerald Dream Gem.

The difference between an Emerald Dream Gem and a normal green jewel could be seen from the degree of brightness of their surface. For a normal green jewel, extra polis.h.i.+ng would allow it to gain radiance regardless of its quality.

Unlike any other green jewels, the Emerald Dream Gem had a stubborn surface that would stay cloudy regardless of polis.h.i.+ng. It would cause people to be unable to discover its ident.i.ty from its looks. At first glance, it would look like a dull crystal…

But, if anybody were to think that it was a random green jewel of bad quality, it would be a major mistake. The Emerald Dream Gem was so rare that even Lin Li could not add it into his collection despite having all the riches in the world.

In reality, that was the most regretful thing for Lin Li when he entered the Anril World. As a mage, the Emerald Dream Gem was what all of them dreamt of having. It was said that the Emerald Dream Gem had the powers to calm Wyrms. When a mage used the Emerald Dream Gem to calm himself down, it would actually allow him to enter a state of meditation that endowed him with unlimited mana. This meant that he would avoid the risk of the bite of mana, and be unbeatable. The only thing he had to do was to wait for his opponent to commit a mistake…

How could a normal old man own the Emerald Dream Gem?

While Lin Li was still surprised, the old man made his way towards him. His wrinkled face was smiling, and seemed to bear no enmity.

"Young man, I presume you are Mage Felic, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I'm Felic. But, elder, how did you know me?"

"I'm William. The Time Consignment Store you patronized this afternoon is one of my properties. Hehe, fret not. Let us sit down to discuss it. You know, I'm too old to have the stamina you youngsters have…"

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