Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 33 - The Twilight Curse

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Seeing a stranger by the sick bed, the redheaded beauty knitted her fine eyebrows slightly with a hint of caution. "Ina, who is he?"

"Mr Felic from the Guild of Magic…"

"Why did you let him in?" The redheaded beauty had some discontentment in her tone, but when she saw Ina's innocent eyes, that trace of discontentment turned into helplessness. "Ina… I've told you many times, Mr McGrenn's illness cannot be cured by an average person. If mages were of use, I would look for one for you…"

"But, Mr Felic, he…" Ina was somewhat aggrieved, her big eyes blinking at Lin Li, asking him for help.

"Ina, be good and listen. I will find the way to cure Mr McGrenn." The redheaded beauty turned her autumn-like eyes to Lin Li after coaxing Ina. "Let me warn you, don't try to hit on Ina. If not, even if Gerian comes, he may not be able to save you."

By the end, the redheaded beauty's voice was bitterly cold. The imposing manner that was displayed by her inadvertently frightened Lin Li. It was an aura of at least a level-ten player. At this moment, the redheaded beauty was like a magnificent sword, full of murderous intent in her eyes that flowed like the autumn waters.

This was actually a warrior above level-ten! Lin Li was slightly surprised, but he showed no sign of it on his face and merely laughed gently. "If I leave, will you be able to cure Mr McGrenn?"

"This… This is none of your business!"

"None of my business?" Lin Li suddenly chuckled. "Mr McGrenn is my friend. If not for him, I would've probably still been lost in the Sunset Mountains. And you say this is none of my business? Furthermore, since you'd like to be in charge of the treatment, let me ask you: do you know where the problem lies with Mr McGrenn?"

"Hmph! Still thinking you're capable…" With the topic being what she knew best, the redheaded beauty lifted her fine eyebrows and a confident smile appeared on her face. "There are no wounds on his body, and there was no magical attack. There are only two possibilities for Mr McGrenn's current situation. It can be either a mental attack or a curse!"

"Not bad that you're able to see this, it means you're a decent doctor," Lin Li complimented her with a grin, but quickly changed the subject. "A pity your eyesight isn't good…"

As Lin Li spoke, he lifted McGrenn's right hand. "Look at what this is."

The redheaded beauty s.h.i.+fted her attention and turned pale from fear as she saw the thin black line. "Curse?"

"Do you know what this is?"

Lin Li stopped mid-sentence and did not reveal the answer. He sat grinning on the bed, looking at the redheaded beauty teasingly. The expression seemed to say: want to know? But I won't tell you…

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That abhorrent look fell into the eyes of the redheaded beauty, and she was as annoyed as she could be. She cursed in her heart, Just a scoundrel getting his own way, I'll show you who's good sooner or later.

But as Lin Li talked about the Twilight Curse, the redheaded beauty was finally moved. After all, she had been instructed by a pharmacist, and knew that there were some things in the world that could not be invented out of thin air.

Even if the Twilight Curse was fake, when it came to details, he would never deceive a real expert. Some of the things mentioned by this young mage were no different from those mentioned by the pharmacist who had instructed her. It was even more detailed and clearly explained than the pharmacist had at some points.

The redheaded beauty had a mix of emotions in her heart, somewhat surprised and somewhat filled with admiration. But when she saw how Lin Li looked, she felt a sense of shame and anger once more.

"Anyway, this is what happened. This Twilight Curse is not a big problem, but it is not something you doctors can touch. I say, redheaded little sis, go back and be the quack doctor you are; don't come out for nothing and harm others." Regardless of her emotions, Lin Li was not at all polite to come to a conclusion after the long speech. But, he had spent too much time with Gerian, and became unforgiving in his words.

"You called me a quack!?" The redheaded beauty's apricot eyes were wide open, and a look of disbelief came across her face. She was born ill.u.s.trious and possessed strong abilities. Since young, no one had dared to say a single harsh word to her—except her teachers. Since the opening of the hospital, countless lives had been saved by her. There had only been words praising her superb medical skills, and no one had ever told her she was a quack.

Never had she imagined that, this day at Ina's house, this young mage would have thrown out that word so easily. Recalling his manner earlier on, the redheaded beauty could no longer contain her anger anymore.

In her wrath, the pair of beautiful eyes divulged boundless killing intent. A strong aura erupted from her; the red anger was like a flame that filled the air. From a distance, the redheaded beauty was as if a phoenix bathing in fire.

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