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Chapter 328 - Humerus Wyrm

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Chapter 327: Nemesis of the Undead Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The sudden changes caused everyone to stand rooted to the ground in a daze. They stared as the Air Bomb exploded and the Cloud Storm roared. This time, Weathor really got into trouble. The sparks, which were like countless golden snakes that slid down, started to burn the unlucky Bandit in the blink of an eye. It was fortunate that the female Priest reacted promptly. She cast a Purge Spell and saved Weathor's life. However, despite the timely Purge Spell, Weathor was still on the edge of death. His skin was burnt and he was severely wounded. He gave off a pungent stench as he whined in pain. If they did not witness it for themselves, they would not have believed that the fella who was on the verge of death was a level-15 high-ranking Bandit…

"Mr. Felic, what do you want?" Jason asked impatiently. The party's partners.h.i.+p in numerous battles had caused them to have a relations.h.i.+p that surpa.s.sed that of normal comrades. Now that Weathor was suffering from such a serious injury, how could Jason be able to turn a blind eye to it? He did not care about the crossbow put against his chest as he summoned his glowing rune's adamantine sword, prepared to fight Lin Li.

"What do I want?" Lin Li glanced at him as he repeated Jason's question. "I just wanted to give you a little warning. I hate sneak attacks. The next person who dares to do it will not be as lucky as Weathor…"

Right after he spoke, the Aether Staff in Lin Li's hand let out a blinding light. Before Jason had the chance to speak, he felt a wave of heat engulfing him. Then, he saw a blazing flame flying towards him…


What followed immediately was a "POM!"

A gigantic ball of fire went past Jason's chest. The long flame that trailed behind it was like a blazing sun on a scorching day. Suddenly, it was as though time had slowed down. Everybody held onto their breaths. Their gazes were fixed on that Pyroblast that landed in the crowd of Skeletal Warriors.

At once, a gigantic mushroom-shaped cloud shot up the sky. Despite being an earth-shattering spell, the accompanying silence was suffocating. Apart from the sound when the ball of fire exploded, nothing else could be heard. They just saw a dazzling glow of fire spread and engulf the group of Skeletal Warriors at a crazy speed. Then, the warriors were like snow that melted almost instantaneously…

"Oh my gosh…" Sienna could not believe his eyes. Was that spell really cast by a human? It took himself and 30-plus men, as well as Jason and his two level-15 teammates, to kill hundreds of Skeletal Warriors. Yet, that crazy man had the ability to turn thousands of Skeletal Warriors into ashes.

H-h-how could this be done by a human being…?

Sienna broke out in a cold sweat. He would never have imagined there to be such a powerful man among the team.

What a freakish man! No… he should not be described as "freakish". This fella is not even human at all!

The thought of Lin Li's ident.i.ty gave Sienna s.h.i.+vers down his spine…

Sienna was not the only man who was flabbergasted by Lin Li's Pyroblast…

Jason gripped onto the rune's adamantine sword. While the Combat Energy within the sword radiated a blinding glow, Jason's gaze towards Lin Li was filled with trepidation. He could not believe that the young mage whom he thought was an honest and incompetent employer was able to turn the army of Skeletal Warriors into ashes…

Although Jason had his rune's adamantine sword in his hands, he did not dare to move away from Lin Li's cold crossbow bolt that was against his chest. That was because Jason could never be certain of the consequences of doing so. To him, that young mage who had his crossbow against his chest was more threatening than the Undead creature inside the bell tower.

At once, the atmosphere turned really strange.

No one dared to speak. Jason and his teammates and Sienna and his men did not dare to make any move or any sound. They stared at the young mage in fear. Weathor seemed to be the calmest of them all. Being seriously wounded, he was already unconscious. Unaware of all the terrifying happenings, he lay on the ground weakly, and his voice could barely be heard.

"Hehehe, this is interesting. How, my guests? It seems that you are having a conflict between yourselves?" It was the hideous laughter from the bell tower that broke the tense atmosphere. Underlying the hoa.r.s.e voice was a sense of sarcasm and gloating.

"Shut up, moron!" Lin Li scolded the other party without turning his head. His eyes scanned the 20-plus Adventurers.

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"Now, I'm going to give you two choices. One, to listen to me and not do anything funny. Although there may be some risk, I believe that if nothing accidental were to happen, you will be able to return home alive.

"We… we will take your orders, Mage Felic." Since Jason had made his promise, Sienna had nothing to hesitate about.

"Very good…" Lin Li smiled in satisfaction. He helped Jason who had been kneeling on one of his knees to stand up, and put away the crossbow he had been threatening Jason with.

That was a reaction that Lin Li wanted. Although punis.h.i.+ng an individual as an example to others might be an overused tactic, it was indeed useful in many circ.u.mstances. For instance, the Cloud Storm that severely injured Weathor as well as a Pyroblast that slaughtered the army of Skeletal Warriors caused the two fellas who had ill intentions to become obedient immediately.

Lin Li had no other choice, either. At the start, when Lin Li had an encounter with the mental strength, he had guessed it a little. Then, the Tide of Death ascertained Lin Li's suspicion. Lin Li was sure that the creature hidden in the bell tower had to be a real Lich—one that had reached the legendary level-20. Being a real Undead creature, it might even be more powerful than Sendros who was just a human being!

To Lin Li, level-20 was an unreachable existence. One would never know how the Legendary Realm was before he entered it. Yet, that level-20 Undead creature might still be manageable for Lin Li. He had an object that could resist Undead creatures. In another world that he had once battled in, the object was considered the natural enemy of the Undead. This object would be able to deal with a level-20 Lich easily…

However, this thing had a fatal disadvantage to Lin Li now. The force within it was too ma.s.sive. Lin Li would never be able to really take control over it. Even if he wanted to use a tiny bit of energy, he would need a very long time…

How would one have sufficient time to prepare for a battle that was undergoing myriad changes in the twinkling of an eye?

Hence, Lin Li had to find a few helpers…

Although the few helpers were not very obedient, Lin Li believed that both Sienna and Jason were clever people. It would only take a little trick to let them become more harmonious with each other. Yeah, like they were now…

"Now, let us see if the legendary Tide of Death is indeed something that will never dry up…" Lin Li said as he raised the Aether Staff in his hands high up in the sky. Complicated recitation poured out of his mouth like tidewaters. As that obscure recitation sounded, a chilly air started to spread…

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