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Chapter 326 - Internal Strife

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Chapter 325: Tide of Death Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

As that horse voice sounded, a bone-chilling wind spread. The black smoke that filled the surroundings was like black tentacles that swam in the air of the empty public square. The Six-pointed Star Arrays among the black tentacles reflected an ominous flickering glow. Lin Li, a man who was well-versed in Inscription and Alchemy, naturally recognized it to be an arrangement to activate the Six-pointed Star Array and summon a powerful creature. From that suffocating death aura, the object summoned was likely to be as powerful as the Ice Howler in the Dragon Mountains…

Lin Li gripped on his Aether Staff and let out a sense of mental strength discreetly while he followed the crowd out. As he walked towards the side of the square, he let this mental strength seep into the Six-pointed Star Array.

"d.a.m.n…" Lin Li cursed. He knew he was going to get into trouble the moment the mental strength seeped into the Six-pointed Star Array.

The surging death energy within the Six-pointed Star Array had already reached a terrifying height. The death energy engulfed the mental strength before the Six-pointed Star Array system had the time to a.s.similate the information. It was fortunate that Lin Li was an extraordinary species. If he was a normal man, the loss of this mental strength would have brought irreversible damage to his soul!

Because of that, Lin Li did not dare to continue taking such risk. While he stared at the Six-pointed Star Array that was growing brighter and brighter, he held the Aether Staff horizontally against his chest and made use of the powers of the Dragon's Eye to create a barrier that could withstand the death aura.

Being inside of the protective region, Lin Li could clearly see that while the crowd moved backwards hastily, the entire square had already been filled with black smoke. The glow from the Six-pointed Star Array flickered, and a series of shrieks could be heard. Lin Li knew those cries belonged to the souls that died with resentment. These souls that were under the control of the Necromancer were killed with the cruelest methods so that they could remember it eternally. Although they did not have a conscious mind, they had the most primitive ability to bring anything in the world to the abyss of suffering.

As the cries of suffering echoed from that black haze, Lin Li could not help but rejoice for his decision to find extra help when he was at Syer Town. At least he had the help from a high-ranking Priest. Or else, it would be troublesome…

Vengeful Spirits were cla.s.sified as neither imaginary nor real beings. They did not have a physical body, or an actual soul. Attacks physical and magical would both have minimal effects on the Vengeful Spirits. From the sound of the cries, Lin Li knew there would be at least a few hundreds of them. Even though he was a level-16 Archmage, he would not have the ability to get rid of them completely in a short period of time. The only way was to use the theurgy of a Priest, the Purge Spell, to purify these souls that were drowned in suffering and pain.

However, while Lin Li was rejoicing, the black haze suddenly started to stir violently, and loud clas.h.i.+ng sounds could be heard. To Lin Li's dismay, white humerus fell from the sky out of nowhere. There were Skeletal Warriors and h.e.l.l Ghouls in the sea of bones. On top of that, Lin Li also noticed four Liches somewhere near the edge of the Six-pointed Star Array…

"Screw this…" Lin Li cursed in frustration.

Now that the matter had escalated into such a mess, no matter how silly Lin Li was, he would have guessed that this Six-pointed Star Array was definitely what Sendros had once mentioned—the legendary 'Tide of Death'. In Sendros' words, the Tide of Death was the most powerful necromagic. It could allow the Necromancers to summon all types of Undead creatures without any limits until they finished their mana. The scariest thing was that the abilities of the Undead creatures would take after whatever Necromancer summoned them. This meant that the greater a Necromancer was, the mightier the Undead creatures he summoned were. For Sendros' skills, he had the true ability to summon a real Humerus Wyrm!

"This is really troublesome…" Lin Li watched the distance with a daze. He swallowed his saliva with much difficulty. The only thing he could hope for was that the ability of the creature in the bell tower was not as strong—at least not as invincible as Sendros. Otherwise, Lin Li could only be prepared to die if he were to meet a Humerus Wyrm…

The sea of bones in the square stirred amidst the black haze like surging waves. The vast amount of Skeletal Warriors trod menacingly towards the group of people with their machetes. Behind the troops of Skeletal Warriors, there were huge crowds of h.e.l.l Ghouls. They all had ghastly white Skeleton Staves and a set of glowing will-o-the-wisp in their eye sockets. A hoa.r.s.e recitation echoed off as well…

Just when Lin Li felt gooseb.u.mps on his scalp, there were nearly 10 bats swooping towards them…

"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l!"

It was as though the thousands of Skeletal Warriors, huge crowds of h.e.l.l Ghouls, and Vengeful Spirits were not enough. Now that there was an addition of around 10 Vampires, would there be Death Knights ambus.h.i.+ng them later?

"What the f*ck is that?!" Sienna's voice was filled with trepidation. To this Adventurer who had never left Roland City, the past two days had been too much of a crazy ride. When Sienna took on the mission, he had never expected to encounter the Ice Howler in the Dragon Mountains or the ruins in the scary public square.

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That was a true nightmare.

Jason's voice calmed the Adventurers down a little. After all, as one of the top Adventurers of Doland, his words did weigh in the hearts of people. Under his leaders.h.i.+p, the team started to withdraw from the scene. Albeit challenging, the 20-odd survivors managed to retreat to the sides of the square. As long as they could move another several hundred meters, they would be able to leave those freakish ruins…

Being faced with such an unprecedented pressure, Jason also exerted his full potential. The energy showed by this top Adventurer of Doland could only be described with the word "scary". His magnificent sword slew all the Skeletal Warriors, turning them into pieces, while his raging Combat Energy could always send the Skeletal Warriors back to the embrace of h.e.l.l. His supreme ability allowed him to create a plain field amongst the many Skeletal Warriors.

The Adventurers who had been looking at Jason for guidance all the while finally saw a strand of hope. They were all elated. As long as they could return home from this nasty mess, they would pay anything for it.

At this time, there was a hoa.r.s.e voice that sounded from the bell tower. "How is it, my honorable guests? Hope you are pleased with the welcome ceremony. HAHAHAHA…"

"What the f*ck…" Lin Li glanced at the bell tower from afar and frowned in loathe. What a disgusting laughter!

"Alright, the grand welcome ceremony will stop here. Now, let me discuss some serious things with you…"

"What is it?" Sienna asked as he walked out of the crowd boldly. Perhaps it was the voice of the host that gave him a sense of confidence and hopefulness.

"I have a deal. A deal that would surely benefit all of you…" Unlike the anxious Sienna, that voice coming from the bell tower was not frustrated at all. After a spell of hysterical laughter, he continued speaking. "That girl in your hands… I'm interested in using her for an experiment. Bring her here and you can leave this place alive."

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