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Chapter 319 - Arcane Combustion

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Chapter 318: Eternal Frost Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

With the help of the theurgy from the high-ranking Priest, Jason's combat potential was maximized. It looked like a one-man show after that. The Combat Energy given off by his rune's adamantine sword instantly changed the situation on the field. While Jason helped to battle the Ice Howler, the young leader used the opportunity to redirect the team.

Under his leaders.h.i.+p, the attack launched by the Archers were not as blind as before. All of their attacks were targeted at the eyes and other critical regions of the Ice Howler. It gave time for the three mages to take a breather and replenish their drained mana. Seeing that things were going in a good direction, the charismatic young man shouted, "EVERYONE KEEP GOING! LET'S GET RID OF THIS WHITE-HAIRED MONSTER!!!"

"…" Lin Li, who had been enjoying the scene at the side, felt cold sweat trickle down his forehead.

How could these few people think they can kill an Ice Howler with just their fingers?

These people really don't know what the word 'death' looks like. How can the Ice Howler die as you hope it to? If not for the timely help rendered by Jason and his team, the horns of the Ice Howler would have made all of you into skewers already!

Furthermore, Jason and his team might not be able to last long…

Almost everyone saw hope for the first time since they joined the battle. At this time, Lin Li might be the only person who knew that it was just a superficial and short-lived achievement. The change in tide brought about by Jason and his teammates was not meant to last. Although the situation looked optimistic on their side, it would not take them more than five minutes to be defeated by the Ice Howler.

Of course, if everything were to go smoothly, the Ice Howler should not be able to live after five minutes.

Lin Li took a glimpse of the battle scene. While the wrestle between Jason and the Ice Howler continued, Norfeller, who had transformed into a ball of black smoke, took his position in the air quietly.

As the b.l.o.o.d.y battle went on, a thin sense of magical wave crept towards the Ice Howler. With it being sly and discreet, no one was able to notice its presence at all.

Jason might be the only person who would have the ability to perceive the sense of magical wave. Since he was a level-15 Warrior, he should be far more observant than other people. As long as he calmed down, he should be able to discover it.

However, how would Jason have the time to care about it?

Like what Lin Li had expected, the presence of a high-ranking Priest was not able to cover the difference between Jason and the Ice Howler. One Eternal Frost was all it took to crush that superficial sense of imminent victory.

The difference in physical strength could be alleviated by Rotiah's theurgy. However, the natural power of the Ice Howler was not what theurgies could overcome. A bone-chilling sensation could be felt as the Ice Howler growled. Then, Jason realized that something was not right. He felt a sudden fall in the surrounding temperature, and then saw a thick layer of ice growing under his feet like a stalk of crystal flower blooming there…

But, it happened too quickly. Before he could react, the ice had already spread to his whole body…

Jason could only watch the Ice Howler wave its sharp claws.


At that instant, Jason thought that all of the bones in his body had been crushed. The strength of the deadly claws was absolutely beyond human tolerance. To think of it, being attacked by a 10 meters tall object… a metal wall would have been cut through by that claw, so how could a human body withstand that?

Everyone saw Jason fly off into the air with a loud noise and drop down like a kite with broken strings…

Fresh blood flowed out profusely and dyed the ground red. Jason lay on the ground weakly. His face was ashen and he breathed with difficulty, like an old and ailing man. A blood-red glow was glistening violently. That was the Sacrificial Blessing—a unique theurgy that only high-ranking Priests commanded. It was a glow that would ensure protection of its target after being injured. Unless it was the mind or the soul that was damaged, the protected people would be able to survive any other fatal attacks with the Sacrificial Blessing…

In reality, it was this Sacrificial Blessing that saved Jason's life. If not for Rotiah's fast response, to cast an instantaneous Sacrificial Blessing before the claw touched him, Jason would have lost all of his lives—if he had more than one.

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However, the Sacrificial Blessing was a level-15 theurgy, and the most it could do was to protect Jason's life. It was impossible for him to recover his ability to continue fighting in such a short period of time. The only thing Rotiah could do was to keep reciting the Holy Light prayers and use that dimmed blood-red light to heal Jason who was badly injured.

The growl from the Ice Howler coming from afar made Jason close his eyes hopelessly. He had already felt a strong, vigorous wave of ice element. Jason knew that it was the sign that the Ice Howler was going to use the Frost Shock…

Suddenly, time seemed to pa.s.s really slowly. One second, two seconds, three seconds, four seconds…

Then, Jason felt that something was amiss. The expected attack had not yet come, but what surrounded him was all shrieks and calls for help from the other Adventurers.

"That's weird…" Jason muttered, and looked above him.

Then, he saw a dark figure that appeared behind the Ice Howler discreetly. It did not create huge magical waves or hold any deadly weapon. Instead, it had a pair of arms with long nails. This figure dashed towards the Ice Howler with its long nails, and blood started to spill everywhere…

"My gos.h.!.+ How could that be possible!" Jason could not believe his eyes. Did that black figure used mere physical strength to tear the firm skin of that Ice Howler?

T-that's crazy!

Since Jason had a violent exchange with the Ice Howler just now, he was naturally clearer than any other people how freakish the skin of the monster was. Before that, he had to channel all of his Combat Energy as he worked his tough rune's adamantine sword to bring the slightest harm to the Ice Howler. Jason could not fathom how exactly a mere pair of arms could even hurt the Ice Howler.

Wait a minute…

Before Jason could regain his composure, his expression froze. That was due to his sudden realization that that black figure looked rather familiar…

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