Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 313 - Head Referee

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Chapter 312: Free Lunch Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The library's hall was quiet as the mages sat on both sides of the long table, holding thick magic books in their hands as they buried their heads in them. n.o.body spared a glance when the four of them walked in through the entrance, treating them like little more than flies buzzing nearby.

The four crept through the library's hall, and followed the stairs to the second floor. The guard who led them knocked twice on a false door before they heard a hoa.r.s.e voice coming from the other side.

"Please come in. "

Lin Li smoothed the creases in his robe before he pushed open the door.

The meeting room was sort of small, with tall rows of bookshelves lining both sides of the room. Books of every genre imaginable filled the shelves, and they could almost smell the ink as they stood in the room. The thick carpet they stood on felt soft and clean; with a coffee table and a few bamboo chairs, the room looked well-designed even though the layout was simple. On the other side of the room was a balcony, which allowed the rays of the setting sun to s.h.i.+ne into the room, casting it in a layer of glittering gold.

An old man sat serenely in the evening rays as he slowly rocked the bamboo chair to an unknown rhythm. On his left sat a small coffee table with a teapot and four teacups, while a green magic staff leaned on his right. The gem sitting atop the staff was not all that s.h.i.+ny, but the magical waves coming from it made Lin Li hiss unknowingly…

"Good evening, Mage Felic," the old man spoke in a slow and mild manner, a twinkle of a smile in his eye as he looked at Lin Li.

"Good evening, Mr Basel." Lin Li bowed to the old man on the bamboo chair with a hand on his chest.

"Please take a seat, everyone, no need for formalities. Just treat this like your home…" The old man entertained them warmly, but his gaze remained on Lin Li as he spoke. Only when everyone took a seat did the old man start speaking again. "If I'm not wrong, Mage Felic, you joined the House of Andoine half a year ago, and through Andoine, you joined Jarrosus' Guild of Magic. Oh, right. At the first level certification, you maintained magic for 28 minutes, didn't you? Impressive, I've lived to this age, but I've yet to see any other mage capable of this feat…"

Lin Li sat quietly as he listened closely, however, his mind was nothing like his calm exterior. Honestly speaking, a feeling of unrest was brewing in his mind—not even in his dreams did he think that anyone would know everything about him so well!

This was impossible; his ability to maintain his magic output for 28 minutes had been cla.s.sified as a secret by Gerian, and not even the Supreme Council had any idea of it, so how did this Basel get to know of it? As for his joining of the House of Andoine, that was even more unbelievable…

This was his biggest secret, and n.o.body else besides Andoine knew of it.

Andoine would never tell anyone of it for fun; of course, neither would Lin Li do it himself. The problem was, if n.o.body had let this secret out, where did this Basel hear it from? Surely divination did not exist in this world?

"Haha, it seems Mr Basel knows me very well…" Even though Lin Li was smiling, his smile looked very stiff; it felt as though he had caught someone staring at him as he showered.

Right now, Lin Li felt very exposed…

However, the peeping Tom who sat in the bamboo chair did not look the least bit apologetic.

"Haha, that was too much of a compliment, Mage Felic. I only know these trivial things…"

"Mr Basel, you're too humble…" Lin Li smiled stiffly as he scolded him in his mind. Trivial things? You know too much for it to be trivial…

"No, no, no, I'm not being humble, there are many things I do not understand. For example, how did you become a level-16 Archmage even though you did not know a single thing about magic just half a year ago? For example, how were you able to master both pharmacology and smithing? To be honest, Mage Felic, I think you're full of secrets, and the more I know, the less I think I do…"

Norfeller and Duke sat quiet and unmoving like a couple of statues. Of course, Norfeller showed no reaction. As a high-ranking Vampire, he was indifferent to everything unless it threatened the one he made a blood oath to. As for Duke, it was because he was dumbfounded…

Joining the House of Andoine? Maintaining magic output for 28 minutes? While Duke did not understand any of those, he did hear "level-16 Archmage" very clearly. h.e.l.l, level-16 Archmage? Even the most powerful Archmage in Doland's Castellan Mansion might not beat that.

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Duke had never thought he would have such luck—he was not even looking, but ended up pickpocketing a level-16 Archmage. As he thought back to what happened then and that terrifying skit, Duke felt himself break out in cold sweat…

And because of this, Lin Li had been earnestly making more money these days.

How else would this lazy fellow be willing to sweat buckets in a forge otherwise?

Even when he was in Jarrosus, Lin Li knew that the world was mercenary; why would anybody work for him if he wasn't wealthy?

Basel's suggestion was very attractive to Lin Li indeed.

The group sitting in Doland's library was as good as a Guild of Magic; only, its structure was more lax. The power of knowledge brought together all of Doland's mages, and made them somewhat compliant to Basel, who owned the library. If Basel was willing, he could definitely gather many powerful mages for Lin Li!

Lin Li gritted his teeth, and said, "Tell me your terms!"

"Haha, my terms are very simple…" The old man smiled as he stood up from the bamboo chair for the first time. "Save me a spot in the Guild of Magic."

"Huh?" Lin Li was stunned.

Long before he spoke, Lin Li had already considered what terms Basel would lay out, yet he never would have thought that what Basel wanted was a spot in the Guild of Magic. W-w-what kind of terms are these? Even Lin Li was unable to tell how powerful Basel was, which meant that he could probably be at the Legendary-level…

A mage of a Legendary-level asking to join the Guild of Magic, at the same time promising to gather him a group of decent mages…

This was as good as a newly orphaned beauty with a large inheritance crying for your hand in marriage and offering to find you a harem of concubines. Wasn't this what they called free lunch?

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