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Chapter 302 - Show them some color to see

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Chapter 301: Master Garza Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

"Don't joke with me, Young Master Lasorick, how would I dare to cheat you…?" Kaman trembled at the accusation, and rushed to appease him.

Lin Li pondered silently as he watched from the side. He knew from their dealings that Kaman enjoyed a relatively high status even though he was not very influential. He had monopolized the stone trade, after all, and under normal circ.u.mstances, n.o.body would be willing to upset him as they might cross paths in the future for all they knew. Lin Li could not think of any reason to explain why Kaman had paled at the sight of this man and was fawning over him. Even the leaders of Jarrosus would not be so afraid of Gerian.

Confused, Lin Li quietly pulled over an employee, and asked, "Do you know who this fatty is?"

Lin Li had appeared at the shop a few times in the past month, each time in the company of Kaman, who fussed over his every request. Needless to say, the employees seemed to have caught on to the happenings, and thus when Lin Li approached them, they hurried to reply respectfully. "He is Young Master Lasorick, the son of Castellan Anjay…"

"Oh…" Lin Li suddenly understood why Kaman had trembled at the sight of the fatty—he was the castellan's son. This was not Jarrosus. Lin Li had long heard of Castellan Anjay, who was a truly powerful person. It was a drastic contrast with Castellan Isaac of Jarrosus, who was at the mercy of the Emerald Tower. Anjay was akin to a king in Doland!

Naturally, Lasorick did whatever he pleased since he was Anjay's son, and even men with more influence than Kaman, who controlled the stone trade, would not dare refuse him.

"A misunderstanding?" Lasorick walked out of the crowd as he glared fiercely at Kaman for a minute. Finally, he gave a fake smile, saying, "Sure, a misunderstanding, you say. I'll show you a real misunderstanding today, fatty… Trash this place!"

His last phrase was directed at the men standing behind him.

Kaman paled as Lasorick finished speaking. Then, a group of fierce-looking men stomped the shop, and started thras.h.i.+ng the things in there. The terrified employees were no match for the men, and the shop had been smashed to bits in a flash.

"Y-Young Master Lasorick, t-there must be a misunderstanding here, p-please hear me out…"


"Young Master Lasorick, I swear, this is really a misunderstanding, please hear me out…"

Kaman's voice was laced with tears as he saw the hard work he'd put into his business about to be destroyed.

"You want me to hear you out? Alright, I'll give you a chance…" Only when the shop was destroyed did Lasorick wave lazily at his men to make them pause in their thras.h.i.+ng.

"Thank you, thank you, Young Master Lasorick…" Kaman could not be bothered about his shop now as he thanked Lasorick while squeezing out a smile with all his might. "Young Master Lasorick, I swear the dagger I sold you last month was really crafted by Master Garza, I had it examined, there really is Master Garza's mark on it…"

"F*ck last month, of course I recognize Master Garza's work. I'm talking about that machete I bought a few days ago. d.a.m.n it, you've really got some guts to tell me that it was made of rainbow adamantine. I spent thousands of gold coins on it, only to find out it's fake after having it checked. You must be tired of living to fool me…"

"A machete a few days ago?" Kaman thought for a while before recalling that he had indeed sold a machete from his weapon shop a few days ago. The blacksmith who crafted the machete was in his shop at the moment too. Only, the machete was not bought by Young Master Lasorick, so could there be some misunderstanding?

As Kaman remained confused, Lasorick started happily saying, "Don't bother, you wouldn't get it in a lifetime with that brain of yours. To be honest, I had something on that day, and sent Rolf to buy it. Who knew you would dare to fool me with a fake since I wasn't there!"

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"You had Rolf buy it?" Kaman was shocked at that. Anjay's influence really had to be unimaginable. Rolf was the most promising young warrior of Doland. He had surpa.s.sed level-15 even before reaching the age of 30, and was seen as the next young genius in Doland to possibly reach the Legendary Realm after Carlo. Who would have guessed that he would be working for Anjay? Also, from what Kaman could tell, he had to be pretty devoted to him to run such a small errand for Lasorick.

Kaman knew he had said something foolish as soon as those words came out. He really wanted to slap himself—how foolish of him! Master Garza was the most authoritative blacksmith of Doland, and even Anjay trusted him deeply. If he doubted Master Garza, didn't that mean he doubted Anjay as well?

Unfortunately, the words have been said, and it was too late for any regret.

"To h.e.l.l with your nonsense!" As expected, Kaman's words triggered Lasorick, who had already calmed down previously, and made him furious in an instant. He took a step forward, and grabbed Kaman's collar, looking as though he would devour the man. "Old fatty, you must be tired of living to doubt Master Garza!! Why didn't you doubt your mother for giving birth to you? d.a.m.n it, who do you think you are to doubt Master Garza…"

"Lasorick, let him go first. I have something to ask him…" Just as Kaman thought this was how he was going to die, he heard a voice coming from the crowd.

"Master Garza, you are an important guest of the Castellan Mansion, just ask him anything you wish to know. There's no need to be polite to him, this old fatty was born to be a sandbag!" Lasorick finished evilly, and gave an angry kick at Kaman's stomach, making him jackknife in an instant.

"Alright, Lasorick, let me talk to Kaman…"

"Well… alright." Lasorick let go of Kaman after some thought.

"Kaman, if I may ask, whom did you get this machete from?"

"I… I bought it from an Adventurer…" Kaman could not help glancing at Lin Li, who stood quietly amongst the crowd, with no intention to claim responsibility. Since the young mage did not want to own up, Kaman dared not say anything, either. This was no child's play; sure, he might be beaten up or even lose his business from angering Lasorick, but to offend the young mage could mean the immediate death of the entire Rosen Union. Weighing his options, Kaman decided that he should keep his mouth shut…

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