Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 301 - Master Garza

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Chapter 300: Two Fatties Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

At the mention of the four magical weapons, Kaman suddenly grew excited, and rattled on about how he was amazed by it. He had been doubtful about the weapons when Lin Li handed them to him as they did not look like ancient artifacts, nor did they look like they had been crafted by a master artisan, and Kaman was worried that he would not be able to sell them…

Little did he know that someone would come to enquire about them the day they were listed in his shop. Kaman remembered that it was a level-15 Warrior Adventurer by the name of Jason. He was a well-known figure in Doland, and was a powerful Warrior who accomplished all his missions so far, thus making him a promising figure among Adventurers.

Kaman recalled that Jason was interested in the sword forged of rune's adamantine. That was the most expensive of the four, with a price tag of 20,000 gold coins—more than enough to deter most buyers. Jason did not even frown as he swiped his crystal card; instead, Kaman clearly remembered how ecstatic he looked, just as if that had been a bargain…

Kaman had wondered if Jason was crazy for blowing through his fortune for a mere weapon.

Soon, he realized that Jason was not. In the span of a day, the other three weapons were sold, each at a price higher than what was initially set. The dagger made of Dream realm metal was by far the most ridiculous as two high-ranking bandits fought over it—the dagger was sold at 30,000 gold coins even though it had originally been priced at 5,000…

Kaman suddenly came to realize the incredible power this young mage he had just met held.

He could get over a million gold coins easily in exchange for a few pieces of magical equipment, something only the legendary Smithing Master was capable of.

The following days saw Kaman's stone trading shop br.i.m.m.i.n.g with customers who were mostly level-15 and above, asking Kaman to bring out more magical equipment. In order to purchase equipment of their liking, these powerful individuals tried to outdo each other with promises of protection and bringing more business for Kaman. It all felt like a dream for Kaman…

While Kaman held great wealth and controlled over half of the stone trade in the past, he was well aware that he was nothing more than a speck of dust to these powerful individuals. They did not have any regard for him previously, for they knew they would never have to turn to Kaman for anything.

The Rosen Union could not compare to the Glittergold Trade Union, after all, and they had neither Legendary members nor powerful hitmen. While they held some influence, it was never enough for them to be respected in this power-hungry town.

However, as the four weapons were sold, it all seemed to change…

Luckily, Kaman was well aware of the fact that this was all because of the young mage in Black Clouds Town—the very young mage that had cost Kaman the loss of half of his subordinates. Well, he felt different about the matter after a month, even being thankful that he had brought his men to stir up trouble at Black Clouds Town, or how would he have got to know Mage Felic otherwise?

Not everyone had an opportunity to meet a Smithing Master…

Of course, Lin Li knew what happened in the process—he just was not interested. Right now, he was only concerned about the carriage of Ice Crystal Metal. Legend had it that it could only be found in the frozen soil of the poles, and weapons made of Ice Crystal Metal were not only incredibly sharp, but also boasted a powerful corrosive property—even a dragon's scale would break with one blow…

What was truly terrifying about Ice Crystal Metal was not the weapons it could be made into; rather, it was the projectiles it could be made into—especially bolts used for defensive purposes. Equipment became truly lethal once it was equipped with a bolt made of Ice Crystal Metal. Till this day, Lin Li remembered the 50 chariots armed with Ice Crystal Metal crossbows at the Bright Moon Castle in Endless World—even a G.o.d would not survive a volley from all 50 crossbows…

When Kaman mentioned the dwarf had an entire carriage full of Ice Crystal Metal, Lin Li knew he had found the answer to a question he had long since been worried about. While he could avoid most trouble by building his tower in Black Clouds Town, defense remained a concern as Black Clouds Town was well-connected and situated on flat ground. If he was met with an attack from the likes of the Shadow's Nest, wouldn't his tower suffer a repeat of the Emerald Tower's fate?

This carriage full of Ice Crystal Metal would solve his problem—with 10 chariots armed with Ice Crystal Metal crossbows, while he might not defeat a G.o.d, he could definitely kill everyone below level-20.

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"Let's go to Doland!" Lin Li eagerly called on Norfeller as he boarded a carriage with Kaman.

"Sorry, Mage Felic, I think I may have a small problem…" Kaman paled as he eyed the crowd outside the shop.

Before Kaman finished speaking, a curse could be heard from the crowd. "d.a.m.n it, you idiots, get your boss here now. I don't have the patience to deal with you, don't make me burn your scam of a shop! "

"Who's that irritable man…?" Lin Li muttered as he brushed his nose. Kaman was a rich and powerful man, after all. To be snubbed by a man like this meant this might not just be a small problem…

Of course, Lin Li was not interested in this, as he was only working with Kaman for now—he wouldn't even call it partners.h.i.+p. Hence, he chose not to stand up for Kaman, seeing as he was not looking for trouble.

Lin Li was right. As he muttered to himself, the impatient man started smas.h.i.+ng the shop, which was left in a mess with a crash. Kaman wiped the sweat that had formed on his forehead, and reproved, "Who the h.e.l.l dares to make a scene at the Rosen Union's shop!"

However, he froze just as he finished his rant. "Young Master Lasorick, w-w-what brings you here…?"

A young man in his twenties emerged from the shop, his chubby and round physique rivaling that of Kaman, looking like a dis...o...b..ll as his ostentatious armor made of silver glittered in the sunlight.

The fatty waddled over, and glared at Kaman with his beady eyes before his shooting his accusations out of the blue. "d.a.m.n it, Kaman, you've got some guts, how dare you fool me…"

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