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Chapter 298 - Rolling Snowball

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Chapter 297: Doland Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Doland lay at the northern tip of the Breezy Plains near the Flower Forest. This chaotic town was home to the poor, soldiers, and the most evil. Every second, a life was lost here; every second, a crime was committed here… only the truly evil could survive in such a wretched town.

Without a doubt, Kaman was a true evil.

Of course, he would never admit it himself, for he had always prided himself on being a philanthropist who had provided employment opportunities to the, thus allowing them to feed their families. The ones preaching benevolence and morals could never contribute the same.

Few remained unaware of Kaman, and few had yet to cross paths with him in this town. The middle-aged fatty in his forties looked anything but special, but he was the true mastermind behind the Rosen Union. This union controlled more than 80 percent of the stone trade in Doland, and many products were made with their stone. In recent years especially, the Rosen Union was taking bigger deals and had ventured into every industry possible, s...o...b..lling their fortune as a result. There were even rumors that they had collaborated with the Glittergold Trade Union, which would allow them to monopolize more than half of Doland's industries in the near future.

Of course, these were merely rumors, and n.o.body could prove them.

One thing for sure, though, was that Kaman had been in a good mood these days, and it had nothing to do with the Glittergold Trade Union. It was because Kaman recently discovered a mineral vein in Blackhills Town, and after sending experienced miners to check it out, he now knew that it was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with adamantine. This had kept him happy for days.

Kaman had always been in the mining business, and he knew the stone trade better than anyone else. He was well aware of the fact that the price of refined iron core had been increasing, and had nearly doubled since the previous year. If this newly discovered mineral vein could be fully exploited, the Rosen Union would enjoy great profits.

Moreover, Kaman clearly recalled that at a banquet a few days ago, Castellan Gomok had sent people to him, requesting a batch of refined iron core. If he used this opportunity wisely, he could get on the castellan's good side, and his business in Doland would be smooth sailing in the future.

Kaman had been making plans to start the mining.

Blackhills Town was a small place with only a few hundred families, which mostly consisted of farmers. Kaman had found out that the owner of the mineral vein was a wretched aristocratic descendant, so impoverished that he barely had food to eat. As long as Kaman gave him some money, getting the t.i.tle deed should not be much of a problem…

Kaman did not give it much thought, as a wretched aristocrat descendant posed no threat to him given the influence the Rosen Union held today. There were numerous ways he could use to force him to cough out the t.i.tle deed as long as he wished to

The real concern was mining, for it required a large number of people, and the miners he had on hand were insufficient. Moreover, they were demanding when it came to their pay and benefits, which made Kaman's blood boil when he thought about it. d.a.m.n it, I'm nice enough to give you a job, how dare you clamor for benefits… When my slaves arrive, I'll send you home unemployed…

"Guess I'll have to hurry the other side once I get my hands on the t.i.tle deed…"

The sound of hurried footsteps came from outside the study as Kaman silently pondered.

"President Kaman, we… we've got a situation!"

Kaman frowned as he heard the frantic noise. None of these guys were good for anything; if he panicked over such trivial matters, how was he going to deal with anything substantial? It seemed like he was going to have to teach them a lesson one of these days….

"d.a.m.n it, shut up!" Kaman glared at the guy angrily. "Barbeid, are you possessed? What are you screaming for?"

"No, no, no… President Kaman…" The middle-aged Barbeid rushed into the study and panted for a minute before steadying his breath. "We've really got a situation!"

"Well, what is it?" Kaman frowned as he stared at his incompetent subordinate. "Is it trouble over at Blackhills Town?"

"Y-yes." Barbeid gulped, and eyed Kaman nervously. "Sorry, President Kaman, I couldn't get the job done…"

"You didn't get the t.i.tle deed?" Kaman was shocked. This had been the easiest part of his plan—a few thousand gold coins could have easily settled a wretched fallen n.o.ble, so how did he not get the t.i.tle deed? Did this guy really try and ask for a higher price?

Well, if that is the case, he can't blame me for not showing mercy…

"Sorry, President Kaman…"

"Save that for the grave, what I want to know is the reason you failed to bring me the t.i.tle deed! Was it the price, or some unreasonable conditions? Anyway, Barbeid, you'd better give me a good reason… "

"Well, you see, President Kaman, I went to Blackhills Town like you told me to, and found the fallen n.o.ble called Alabham to discuss the purchase of the t.i.tle deed…" Barbeid continued nervously as Kaman's gaze forced him to. "Who knew that when we found him in the inn, he told us that somebody had already bought the t.i.tle deed: a young man from Jarrosus, who was going to build a tower of some sort on the land…"

"h.e.l.l…" Kaman nearly exploded at this; he would have slapped Barbeid if he had not been controlling his anger. "You fool, if he sold it to somebody else, couldn't you have bought it back? d.a.m.n it, do you know how much the mineral vein is worth? Well, let me tell you, it's worth at least two million gold coins and an opportunity to get into the castellan's good books! How dare you run back like this, are you really a fool?"

"P-President Kaman, listen to me…"

"Alright, I would love to hear your explanation!"

"We found the guy from Jarrosus, but he said he would not sell it no matter the price…"

"d.a.m.n it, he's too much, too much…" Kaman was so worked up he was practically trembling. Never had he thought that anyone in Doland would disregard the Rosen Union like that. d.a.m.n it, no matter the price? I would love to see who has the guts to say that…

Kaman stormed out of the study, and called a few dozen of his most trusted men over—even the newest addition among them had been with him for five years. There were level-12 warriors, level-13 bandits, and even a level-11 mage. When money could not solve the issue, he usually sent these men to settle the purchase…

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"Everyone, bring along your weapons, we're going to Blackhills Town!"

After pondering silently, Kaman forced out a welcoming smile.

"Good afternoon, gentlemen. Allow me to introduce myself, I am the president of the Rosen Union. Could you all spare me some time to discuss a deal we would all benefit from? "

"President Kaman? I see, nice to meet you…" Just as Kaman thought, this well-mannered young man was easy to speak to. No sooner had Kaman finished his self-introduction than the young man gave him a warm smile.

d.a.m.n it, thank G.o.d I came here myself! If I left it to that fool, G.o.d knows what would happen to this deal…

Kaman was still silently celebrating before he heard the young man say, "My apologies, though. I will not sell you the t.i.tle deed, so I'm afraid there is nothing left to discuss here. "

"…" The welcoming smile was frozen on Kaman's face.

As a successful businessman himself, he had seen his fair share of utter disregard. However, he only realized today that he was nothing compared to this young man. Utter disregard, you say? This young man right here embodied it…

"Alright, President Kaman. If there is nothing else to discuss, I shall not delay your time further."

Kaman was in a bind. "How does 5000 gold coins sound, or 6000… no, 7000? You must know that 7000 is not a small amount, you may never get this amount again if you miss this opportunity!"

"Why don't you leave this money for yourself instead…"

"Well, don't blame me for not showing you mercy…" Since 7000 gold coins were not enough to move him, Kaman stopped raising his price, and waved at his men behind him. "Go talk to this man."


Kaman's men were well-trained. They had Lin Li surrounded in a split second. Seeing as a fight was about to break out, Herza was concerned, and hurriedly warned Kaman, "President Kaman, don't do anything stupid, you're going to regret this…"

"Don't worry, I just want to talk to this man, I won't hurt him."

"…" Herza rolled his eyes upon hearing this as he scolded him inwardly. You fool, I'm worried he'll hurt you…

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