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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 297 - Doland

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Chapter 296: Departure Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Li had long predicted the people's reaction. This was exactly what he wanted—he wanted for them to be unsure of him and fear him. This was the only way he could curb the ambitions of Jarrosus' 16 leaders and protect the Emerald Tower, for he would soon leave this place…

Early next day, when everyone was still asleep, Lin Li donned his robe and called upon Norfeller, who had stood outside the tent guarding the whole night. The pair quietly returned to the underground palace, and retrieved the Gem of Curse which kept the disaster energy field going. Then, without alerting anyone, they swiftly returned to the misty Jarrosus on a carriage…

The Emerald Tower was empty save for a few young apprentices and Kevin who stayed behind to guard the place. Kevin yawned as he perused the level certifications that had just been submitted, and was visibly stunned when he saw Lin Li walk in.

"Uncle Gerian didn't return with you? "

"Nope…" Lin Li said as he casually pulled over a chair. "Your uncle said that the Demon Fall Valley is a pretty good place, so he's got plans to stay…"

"Alright, enough of the jokes…" Lin Li turned serious after cracking a joke at Gerian's expense. "Your uncle had me tell you to send some horses over to the Demon Fall Valley, he's got some stuff he wants to bring back."

"What stuff?"

"Some gold coins, maybe around six million…"

"… " Kevin hissed, drawing a cold breath.

"What's wrong?"

"You guys dug into a gold mine?"

"No, we dug into a mausoleum…"

Kevin shook his head after being stunned for about a minute. With a face full of disbelief, he called over an apprentice, and got him to rent a fleet of carriages from the station.

"Sigh, I knew it, something was bound to happen if the two of you went together. My G.o.d, six million gold coins, how are we going to spend it…"

The two were chatting away when they heard the galloping of horses from a distance.

Lin Li looked out, and saw a few carriages outside the door of the Emerald Tower, a dozen black-cloaked mages stepping out of them. Amongst them was an old man with a beard the color of snow—his name was Herza, and Lin Li had met him a few times in Alanna.

"Well, Kevin, I've got to leave…" Lin Li stood up and dusted off his rune cloak while forcing a smile as he approached the door. "Good morning, Mage Herza, welcome to the Emerald Tower…"

"Good morning, Mage Felic."

Herza could not help showing a satisfied smile as he looked at Lin Li. As the organizer of the trial, he had uncovered the most talented young mage in the whole of Felan Kingdom, maybe even in the whole of Anril. This was a happy occasion for anyone; besides, this young mage had gained authority over a Guild of Magic because of this trial, and this alone would have given Herza enough credit. While it did not seem like much now, under the guidance of this powerful mage, this Guild of Magic would surely hold an important position in a couple of decades, and Lin Li would have been greatly indebted to him by then…

Herza could not help lamenting as he eyed the messy guild hall. Gerian was unbelievably lucky indeed—after decades of mediocre work helming the Emerald Tower, he found a monstrous talent in his old age. This was not your everyday luck…

Herza frowned as the thought of Gerian struck him. He came as a representative of the Supreme Council, so how dared this fatty hide instead of welcoming him? This was utter disregard for the authority of the Supreme Council, and this alone would have guaranteed Gerian insufferable consequences in other circ.u.mstances!

Well, so be it, this fatty has always been up to no good, and there's no point getting angry over it. Besides, Felic hailed from the Emerald Tower, so Herza would let this pa.s.s for his sake.

Herza never thought that somebody else would harp over this matter even though he had let it slide.

As Herza walked into the guild hall, a middle-aged mage said unhappily, "Where's Gerian? Why didn't he come out to welcome us?"

The middle-aged mage's tone sounded accusing as though Gerian should be d.a.m.ned to h.e.l.l for not coming out to welcome them, and a sudden chill spread in the guild hall as a result…

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While Lin Li kept his smile, he was visibly mocking the middle-aged mage as he asked, "I wonder what's your name, Sir Mage?"

"h.e.l.l…" Herza almost cursed in shock. d.a.m.n it, what is this rascal up to? It has only been a few days, and now he has a Vampire as a servant? And a high-ranking Vampire at that…

Herza had seen more than the average man at his age of over a hundred years old, and already knew that Norfeller had to be a true high-ranking Vampire when he entered the guild hall. Furthermore, if he had guessed correctly, the Vampire had to be well over level-18 too…

"Felic…" Herza gulped. "This is…?"

"My new bodyguard, I heard he's not bad…"

"… " Herza almost lost it at that. A new bodyguard? You heard he's not bad? d.a.m.n it, how patronizing can you get? At least come up with a better story, will you?

Alas, Lin Li was too preoccupied with bidding farewell to Kevin to come up with something better.

"Well, Kevin, this is really goodbye." Lin Li tried to make his smile lighter as he patted Kevin on the shoulders. "When your uncle is back, tell him to stay out of trouble. I'll try to get the antidote out as quickly as I can…"

After nagging some more, Lin Li left the Emerald Tower somewhat reluctantly, and boarded the carriage sent by the Supreme Council. With a crack of the whip, the carriage started moving, and headed northward to the Breezy Plains in the afternoon sun…

Herza sat next to Lin Li as he introduced the sights outside the window as well as the situation in the Breezy Plains. He also told him about the provisions the Supreme Council gave him this time.

Without a doubt, the Supreme Council was very generous this time indeed.

Besides the necessary provisions, they a.s.signed an Archmage to come by later to a.s.sist the President on matters of the council.

Is he sent to monitor me? Lin Li frowned rather discreetly upon hearing this.

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