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Chapter 286 - Enemy Attack

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Chapter 285: Simple and Crude Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Under the temptation of the Arcana Potion, the crowd did not even put up a proper resistance. They just announced their defeat. It took less than thirty minutes, and the effects were terrifying. As for the plea that Lin Li had long prepared, it was not even used at all…

After the thoughts of the seventeen forces were united, all that was left were the details. For example, when they would attack, their roles once the attack commenced, how the rewards would be split, or how the decision which family ended up with the Arcana Potion would be made. All in all, these were all negotiations with the stink of money.

Lin Li was never good at negotiations, so he tactfully pa.s.sed on the topic to Gerian, and retreated back into the pharmaceutical lab long ago.

As to why he hid inside the pharmaceutical lab, it was not because he wanted to sell it after creating a hype. It was not that he did not want to meddle around after concocting the Arcana Potion—it was because he could not. This thing, frankly speaking, was just a bait. It relied too heavily on the Warlock Herb, and there was a need to a.s.sure the freshness of the Warlock Herb. Before they took back the Demon Fall Valley, Lin Li could only watch even though he had the standards of a pharmaceutics guru…

The thing he had to concoct now was some low-level potions, just like what he'd done before he left Jarrosus back then.

Actually, most of the time, potions were the same as spells. The lower the level, the more commonly they were used.

Lin Li opened the Ring of Endless Storm, and took out herbs that he had prepared long ago. He then set up the crucible and lit a flame. After that, he worked monotonously while being loaded down with trivial details…

Lin Li was busy all the way until the sky started to break into dawn before he rubbed his sore neck, and walked out of the pharmaceutical lab.

Gerian was standing at the door for a while by then. When he saw Lin Li come out, he asked with concern, "Another sleepless night?"

"Yes…" Lin Li yawned; his voice exposed the exhaustion that could not be concealed. He raised one finger, pointing at the desk that was filled with gla.s.s bottles. "These potions were prepared by me yesterday. Distribute them later. I am really tired now, and need to find a place to lie down. Just call me when it's time to leave."


Lin Li was woken up by the knocking on the door.

When he opened the door, he saw Gerian's fat face.

"How's it?"

"Waiting for you."

Lin Li knew that time was limited, so he did not pack much. He just picked up the Aether Staff that was at the bed and wore the Rune Robe before he left the Emerald Tower in hurry with Gerian.

This time, the Emerald Tower had departed in full force. Other than apprentices, all mages that were level-five and above were ready for combat. When they exited the main gate of the Emerald Tower, Lin Li could clearly see almost two hundred robed mages loading the carriages continuously. They went in the direction of the Demon Fall Valley, accompanied by dust and smoke.

It was almost at the same time that there was the sound of hooves clopping suddenly coming from Jarrosus City. There were countless carriages driving through the streets. Everyone that saw this exceedingly great scene could not help but open their mouths. They could not believe what they had just seen. The insignia on each of these carriages were representing the greatest sixteen forces of Jarrosus, from the six mage families to the six underground forces. These t.i.tans that would shed blood whenever they met usually had actually come together today to take action…

The news seemed to have grown wings, and had quickly spread all over Jarrosus.

Before the carriages could leave the city gates, discussions had already been started within Jarrosus City. Everyone was guessing what was the reason that brought these sixteen forces together and what was the power that could cause them to ignore their differences that had been acc.u.mulated for hundreds of years?

Could it be the Emerald Tower?

This unexpected guess scared many people so much that they broke out in a cold sweat.

It was especially so for the ones from the Merlin Family.

Evan Merlin's face was filled with anxiety. He paced around the living room for more than ten rounds before he gritted his teeth and called over a trusted subordinate, whispering a few orders into his ear…

At this time, the carriages had already left Jarrosus, and kicked up a plume of dust on the smooth highway.

The carriages from the Mannes Family were always the most luxurious and s.p.a.cious. Despite an Aaron-Mazi that suddenly squeezed in, it actually did not feel cramped. As for why Aaron-Mazi did not sit in his own carriage and insisted on squeezing in with Ysera, he actually had his own troubles. There was no choice. Who told him to have a subordinate that was so stupid that he blocked the Emerald Tower of all places. Furthermore, he had to do it in front of Mage Felic…

Thinking about this incident, Aaron-Mazi could not help but break out in a cold sweat.

While Mage Felic had already said that he would no longer investigate this issue, Aaron-Mazi was still worried. After all, Aaron-Mazi had seen Mage Felic's approach before. If he really were to have a grudge against the Blood Brotherhood, Aaron-Mazi would not be able to live in peace at Jarrosus anymore.

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Aaron-Mazi thought about it, and decided to discuss it with Ysera. There was no choice. In the whole Jarrosus, only Ysera could say a thing or two to Mage Felic…

"This…" Aaron-Mazi carefully thought over his words. "You see, now it's broad daylight. We have so many people going towards the Demon Fall Valley, so wouldn't it give Shadow's Nest time to prepare?"

"It's unimportant whether they have time to prepare…"


Aaron-Mazi definitely would not be able to imagine that at this time, Gerian was also asking the same question in the Emerald Tower's carriage.

"Let me say, what are you thinking this time?" Gerian sat in the carriage. His fat and flabby body s.h.i.+fted around with unease. "Of all times to attack, why did you choose this time, going over in broad daylight? Isn't this the same as telling those a*sholes from Shadow's Nest 'I'm coming, you'd better prepare for it!'?"

"This question of yours is really too ignorant…" Lin Li was leaning on the carriage's wall and shutting his eyes. When he heard Gerian's question, he did not even open his eyes. He just lifelessly replied, "If they want to prepare, then let them…"

"F*ck, you're so arrogant. Be careful not to lose out!"

"Fine, then. Let us make an a.s.sumption, President. Let's say we are all bandits that are good at being stealthy and hiding. Let's say we depart in the middle of the night. Let's say we have already sneaked into the Demon Fall Valley before anyone notices us. Then, President, could you tell me what we can do at that time?"

"What can we do? Of course we sneak an attack on them!" Gerian answered in accordance with what was right.

"President, please be mindful. Out of the 1000 people here today, at least 900 of them are mages. How can we launch a sneak attack on them?"


"Additionally, don't forget that the main attack power of the Shadow's Nest comes from bandits that are good at being stealthy and hiding. If we really were to attack in the middle of the night, I wonder who would be sneaking an attack on whom. The reason why I chose this timing is to cripple their advantage by the largest degree possible. I don't believe that the bandits of the Shadow's Nest are able to stab anyone in the back in broad daylight—no matter how strong they are…"

"After listening to your explanation, it seems to make some sense…"

"What makes some sense? It makes a lot of sense, okay? Anyhow, just rest peacefully. Once we've reached the Demon Fall Valley, we'll bombard it with magic. When the Demon Fall Valley has been flattened by the bombardment, the battle will end!" Lin Li's simple words had decided this battle's simple and crude tone.

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