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Chapter 283 - Bait

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Chapter 282: The Horn for Counterattack Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

This time, Aaron-Mazi really thought he was going to die. Even if the bandits of the Blood Brotherhood were second to none among the large forces of Jarrosus, they would not be able to take such suffering. The current Demon Fall Valley was not the same as the Demon Fall Valley before. Ever since it was invaded, it had been managed as a core area by the Shadow's Nest. It was heavily guarded, and there were all sorts of traps and portals. The Shadow's Nest managed the Demon Fall Valley like a metal barrel. Based on Aaron-Mazi's estimation, at least eighty percent of Shadow's Nest's forces were garrisoned there…

This young mage had spoken about it too lightly, demanding the map of the Demon Fall Valley the moment he spoke. Aaron-Mazi really felt like telling him "Master Felic, that is something that our brothers have to use their lives to obtain…"

Of course, he only dared to complain to himself. He did not have the guts to say it out loud.

On the contrary, he had no choice but to smile. "It is the Blood Brotherhood's honor to be of help to Mage Felic…"

There was no choice. Who asked this Rosi to do something stupid. F*ck, is the main gate of the Emerald Tower something you can block? Furthermore, of all days to block it, you had to choose this d.a.m.ned day, b.u.mping into Mage Felic when he was returning to Jarrosus. Isn't this f*cking pus.h.i.+ng the whole Blood Brotherhood into the furnace?

F*ck, wait for me to return and settle the score with you slowly… Thinking about this, Aaron-Mazi really felt like killing somebody. He fiercely glared at Scarface, who was beside him. He had made up his mind long ago. When he returned, he would definitely let these idiots have a taste of his power.

"Then, I would have to thank Mr Mazi." Lin Li only gave a delighted smile at this point.

"You're welcome. Mage Felic is too courteous…"

The two of them were unctuously chatting when there was another sound of carriages coming from outside of the door. Lin Li turned around and looked outside of the Emerald Tower's gates with uncertainty. He saw that there were tens of luxurious carriages parked outside the gate, and there were acquaintances walking out of these carriages one by one. Ysera from the Mannes Family, Reuben from the Saruman Family, Anthony from the Rolin Family, Daphne the Thief, the boss of the black market Old Odin, and so on… With just a glance, the leaders of all the notable forces in Jarrosus had arrived—with the exception of the Merlin Family. All of them had brought gifts, and their faces were filled with smiles, asking the apprentices on duty to let them in.

"…" The two young apprentices on duty at the door were terrified. Both of them had just joined the Emerald Tower in the past month. What they experienced was the toughest time for the Emerald Tower. Although they heard from some senior mages how powerful and glorious the Emerald Tower was in the old days, after being used to cold shoulders, both of their minds had already thought otherwise. They even reckoned that the so-called powerful and glorious past was just a fantasy that those senior mages came up with.

At this point, with tens of carriages parked outside the Emerald Tower, the these two young apprentices finally believed that what the senior mages said was true. The Emerald Tower of old days had once united the whole Jarrosus.

Looking at the names this group of people gave, all of them were like thunder piercing the ears. Tsk, tsk, tsk. The Mannes Family, the Saruman Family, and the Rolin Family. All of them were people that could shake Jarrosus with just a single tap of their feet. When they stood in front of the apprentices and respectfully informed them of their visit's goal, the two apprentices immediately had a floaty feeling.

"Mage Felic, do you want to see them?" The two young apprentices respectfully stood there. Their gaze towards Lin Li was filled with fanaticism and wors.h.i.+p. That was respect and admiration from the bottom of their hearts. There was no sham or deception. To them, this young mage that was almost the same age as them and had single-handedly restored the Emerald Tower to its former glory was a living legend.

"Of course."

Lin Li personally invited the crowd into the guild hall. Looking at this damaged Emerald Tower suddenly having so many guests, naturally it was a long exchange of greetings. It took about half an hour before the crowd were seated as guests. The sincere and pa.s.sionate exchange of regards and polite conversations made the atmosphere incomparably harmonious.

It was just that in the midst of this harmonious atmosphere, some of the leaders with better judgment started to frown…

For example, Ysera…

Long ago, while walking into the guild hall, Ysera had already felt that something was wrong. All the while, he had always been the sharpest leader out of the tens of forces within Jarrosus. It was as if this wealthiest man in Jarrosus in his twenties was born with a talent that could see what others could not see in a person that he had just laid his eyes on. Most probably it was because of this reason that he was the first to be friendly with the Guild of Magic back then, and he was also the first to form an alliance with the Guild of Magic.

It was just that today, Ysera suddenly felt that his sharp eyes had suddenly lost their ability.

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What the h.e.l.l… Ysera cursed in his mind while chatting away with a face full of smiles. It was because he suddenly realized that already impossibly strong young mage had actually undergone a terrifying change in two months. If one were to say that the old Felic could make people feel that they could not go against him, then the current Felic had already reached another realm. It was like everyone was living in a different time; they could see him and hear him, but they could not touch him.

Ysera's mind immediately became joyful. Haha, my hardwork in these two months did not go to waste. Mage Felic has finally acknowledged my status as a comrade-in-arms!

"Take a seat, both of you." The reception this time was of much higher standards. Lin Li had personally invited both of them to the second floor, and sat down in the room that he used to stay at. It might seem casual, but there was an unspeakable intimacy.

"Ok, ok, ok…" The two family heads looked at each other, and both saw delight in the other's eyes.

"I will not say too many words of grat.i.tude, you two. I, Felic, am not somebody that is ungrateful. In the past two months, I will forever remember what you two have done for the Emerald Tower…"

"Felic, you are too courteous…"

"No, no, no, this is not being courteous…" Lin Li shook his head, and his expression started to become serious. "Ok. Both of you, the friends.h.i.+p between us has gone past the test of battle. As long as I, Felic, am here for a day, it also means that the Emerald Tower will be the closest comrade-in-arms for the both of you. Between comrade-in-arms, there should not be any secrets. I currently have a plan, please listen and see if you can give me any suggestions."

"What plan?" When they heard this, both p.r.i.c.ked their ears. They had known this young mage for a few months, but from the auction at the Emerald Tower to the duel in the Daylight Square, they had never seen him so serious before.

"If I can, I hope that before tomorrow's evening, I can make the Emerald Tower's Warlock's Eyes cover the entire Demon Fall Valley again!"

"…" Ysera drew in a breath of cold air.

This young family head that was in his twenties was in control of the Mannes Family, and spread the Gilded Rose's influence to the whole of the Felan Kingdom, yet even he thought that he'd misheard this sentence. The only thing that appeared in his head was a question: how was this possible? To regain the Demon Fall Valley before tomorrow evening was more inconceivable than Gerian losing weight. Ysera had seen the strength of the Shadow's Nest before. Well-trained warriors and incomparably superior equipment. For any force that grew perceptibly from mage, it was the most lethal enemy. Back then, with the strength of the Guild of Magic, the Shadow's Nest only needed one attack, and they managed to seize control of the Demon Fall Valley. Now, they managed the whole Demon Fall Valley like a metal barrel, so how could it be taken back just because somebody wanted to?

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