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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 280 - Yeah, I’m back

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Chapter 279: Unrelenting Potion

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“F*ck! Where did that monster came from?” The quiet Aurora Square was filled with gasps at once. The sudden change was like a thunder that roared above their heads. At that moment, everyone's head buzzed. No one believed what they saw to be true…

It was that unbelievable. How could a skinny and weak mage be able to inflict such a magnificent blow? His blow was as strong as thunder and as fast as mad wind. He was definitely a monster in disguise…

Aurora Square was filled with a deafening silence. Everybody's gazes were fixed on the two men on the ground. The prolonged battle had been testing their emotional capacity with hair-raising exchanges one after another. Lin Li's sudden progression into level-16, Matthias' awakening, and the never-ending miracles had caused everyone to think that they had be accustomed to surprises. Yet, when Lin Li demonstrated his almighty close quarters attacks, nearly half of the mages in the audience went mad after seeing it…

Lin Li's sudden second wind had pushed the battle to the climax.

Lin Li's fist made Matthias fall onto the ground. Although Matthias did not expect that, it was a fact that his devil's lineage had been awakened. How would he be defeated so easily? When he fell, he spread his black wings almost instantly. He managed to stabilize himself, then hissed and generated huge torrent-like magical waves…

The dazzling sparks from the Rain of Sacrifice were like shooting stars falling from the sky, and created a raging storm. At the same time, Lin Li also summoned his Water s.h.i.+eld. While gripped his Aether Staff, his recitation flowed out like gus.h.i.+ng water from his larynx.

Instantaneously, the temperature in the Aurora Square fell. There were snowflakes and bone-chilling wind in the air. Amidst the flames, the crystal-like snowflakes looked brilliant. When the two strong spells clashed with each other, torrents of elements erupted. While the Thousand Miles of Ice came by, the snowflakes and fire sparks came into close contact with each other.

After casting the Rain of Sacrifice, Matthias roared again. Everybody could see multicolored elemental fragments rising up to the sky. They became a perfect barrier that blocked off the chilly air given out by Thousand Miles of Ice. What followed was Matthias spreading his pair of black wings and swooping like a sharp arrow towards Lin Li.

The battle between them was never-ending. Their exchanges were filled with increasing intensity, and each attack generated more and more impact. Seconds trickled by, and it got to the evening in the blink of an eye. The setting sun painted the Aurora Square with a blood-red hue. It amplified the eerie and foreboding atmosphere.

“It seems that I have misjudged you…” Matthias hissed while he panted heavily. Although the devil's lineage within him had awakened, and he inherited part of the power of Batu, the Lord of Destruction, he could no longer stand such a huge energy usage. Throughout the arduous battle, both men unleashed many spells that were beyond level-15. On top of that, the strenuous and up-close wrestling they had with each other had drained Matthias not only physically, but also mentally. He had reached his limit.

“Same here…” Lin Li replied. Although he was not as worn out as Matthias, underlying his voice was a sense of fatigue. Even if he were to have unlimited mana, the intensity of the prolonged battle had caused him to feel a tiredness like never before.

“However, one time is enough. Now, enjoy while you can. This will be the last beautiful sunset for you.” Matthias scowled, and let out a shrilling cry. At once, blood-red smoke filled the Aurora Square. From afar, it was as though the red fog had solidified.

At the same time, shocking transformations occurred on Matthias' body.

The tightly packed black scales became really bright and s.h.i.+ny as though they were a set of brand-new armor. His horn, which stood straight upwards on his head, emitted a faint light. His black wings spread out energetically and turned red amidst the red fog. Matthias was like a real Vampire. He was all menace and hideous under his blood-red wings.

“F*ck!” The audience gasped. This time, even a fool would be able to tell that Matthias' power became many times greater. His original ability that surpa.s.sed that of an Archmage became very near to that of a guru. He gave off an extremely terrifying vibe, and the audience could not help but feel threatened by it.

That energy was not supposed to be owned by a normal human. Now, Matthias gave off a vibe that was really similar to the Lord of Destruction.

Matthias' sudden energy, however, did not surprise Lin Li at all. He slowly put the Aether Staff back into the Ring of Endless Storm.

Matthias' recitation hastened. The red fog in the Aurora Square seemed to be under control. It swirled ominously like a huge whirlpool, and swallowed everything around it crazily. When air and sunlight came into contact with the blood-red whirlpool, they could not avoid their fate of being swallowed by it, either. At once, the Aurora Square was all blood-red.

“Sh*t! That's the Crimson Adjudication!” Hoffman exclaimed as his eyes widened. He lived in the Breezy Plains with the Ashen Warlock, so while he did not have too many interactions with him, he knew this that that butcher in the arena was casting the Crimson Adjudication.

… It was the spell the Ashen Warlock was the proudest of!

All of a sudden, the audience became quiet. They held their breath. It was like the silence before the storm, as though the gray clouds in the sky were oppressive. Everyone was very fearful for the young mage from Jarrosus. They even felt like telling him to leave this place immediately.

However, it was too late…

While the blood-red whirlpool swirled madly, it was as though time had frozen.

Lin Li hovered in the air quietly and took out something from the Ring of Endless Storm slowly. It was a crossbow that he had only used thrice since he came to Anril. The first time was at the Shadowglen, the second was at the Blackhills Town, while the third was at the Fire Plume Ridge. Every time, it allowed him to escape calamity.

“Freak, what is Felic thinking…?” Macklin muttered. The recitation had made him really anxious. His eyes was fixed on the two students in the ring.

“Sigh…” At this time, even Aldwin shook his head. The Gates of the Abyss had appeared, and the recitation of the Crimson Adjudication had begun. No matter how powerful he was, Aldwin would not be able to stop the catastrophe that was about to happen. The only thing he could do was to transfer his mana into the Void Barrier to minimize the impact the Crimson Adjudication was about to bring…

Lin Li was still hovering in the air quietly. He reached his hand into the Ring of Endless Storm again and took out a thin Hollow Spike. Under the sunset, the black Hollow Spike had a faint glow. Lin Li touched its tip and positioned it in the slot of the crossbow. His actions were slow and precise, just as though he was caressing the long hair of a sweetheart…

“Oh my G.o.d… Felic, run!” Macklin was so angry that he stomped his feet. However, his cries were not of any help to the matter at hand. With the Void Barrier established, Lin Li would not be able to hear his voice.

The act of holding the crossbow in his hand and putting the Hollow Spike into position gave Lin Li a great sense of nostalgia. He remembered how he had the Stars of Fury with him in the Endless World very long ago. His surroundings did not matter to him. He did not care about the swirling blood-red fog nor the mages in the audience seats. His focus was placed on the crossbow in his hands and the faint red glow before him.

That was right. It was the source of the Blood Eye Crystal, the location of the center of the Gates of the Abyss.

Perhaps it was the mental energy that Lin Li gave off, or the presence of the Hollow Spike when he raised his crossbow, but Matthias' recitation accelerated. At once, everybody could sense a thick stench of blood filling the Aurora Square.

“I'm sorry, Matthias. My good luck might be continuing…” The moment Lin Li spoke, he casually pulled the trigger. The sharp Hollow Spike shot out. The sound of it flying off was like an alarm, terrifying the audience.

What followed was a loud clang.


The Hollow Spike was like a shooting star that ruthlessly stabbed that faint red glow. At that instant, it was as though the entire world had lost its colors. The ominous whirlpool dispersed all of a sudden, leaving the entire Aurora Square in a cloud of ash.

At the same time, Lin Li's figure became blurred. He was like a ghost that crept behind Matthias without any warning. What followed was a harsh punch on Matthias' back. Before Matthias could react, Lin Li had already turned his body and threw at least ten Wind Blades towards him like a machine gun. Although Matthias had the protection from his scales, he got injuries all over in the blink of an eye.

When he had gotten ahold of the momentum, Lin Li did not give Matthias any more chances. He let out a strong wave of mana and forced Matthias to the edge of destruction…

“This can't be…” Darian was stunned. He stared at Lin Li as though he saw a ghost. He was full of sweat and his face ashened. A bony hand was covering his mouth tightly, stopping his urge to scream.

Darian was the only man among the thousands of mages who was aware of Matthias' ability. That was due to the pact he had made long ago with Matthias' mentor, Aeron.

The ability of an Archmage and that of someone with a devil's lineage was definitely not something Darian would have expected the trial students to a.s.sociate themselves with. He even started to doubt if it was even necessary to help Aldwin with the four master-level mageweaths…

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But, he knew very quickly that it was indeed a necessary act. It was utmost necessity!

Almost immediately, Lin Li already bashed a Flaming Hands onto Matthias…

“AHHH!” Matthias let out a shriek. A stone-hearted person would have become sympathetic for him. It was a torture for Matthias. His das.h.i.+ng cheeks were like raw meat on the griller—one could see skin sizzle under the Flaming Hand. At once, a plume of smoke rose up into the air…

Furthermore, Lin Li was determined to make Matthias suffer. After using the Flaming Hand, he was not in a rush to let go. He held onto Matthias' face for a good 10 seconds before putting out the flames reluctantly. When he removed his hand, Matthias' handsome face was badly burnt. Under the charred ashes, there was a messy mix of torn skin, flesh, and fresh blood. Nine out of ten wouldn't believe the monster used to have the ideal appearance that women loved just 10 seconds ago…

“How was it, Mage Matthias? Do you feel better now?”

“Heh… heh…” Matthias' laughter sounded as though it was being forced out of his mouth. It carried a heavy nasal tone, which no one could tell if it was from laughing or crying.

“So what? Do you have the guts to kill me? I'm the heir of the Marathon Family. If you were to kill me, my father will make everyone die with me. This includes those morons in Jarrosus, as well as that foolish fatso! Oh, yes. Before I forget, do you want to know who was the mastermind behind the invasion? Hahaha, stop guessing. It was me, Matthias! Does this sound exciting to you?”

“Exciting? d.a.m.n you, little piece of sh*t!” Lin Li raged as he stepped onto Matthias with great force.

Matthias was in such an excruciating pain that his back arched. Although it would have been unbearable to normal people, Matthias was determined to endure it. Such extraordinary perseverance put a frown on Lin Li's forehead. He was extremely clear of the cruelty of the Flaming Hand. It was used with the intention of killing Matthias in the first place. He did not expect that Matthias could still withstand the torture the Flaming Hand brought him.

But, after pondering it for a while, he decided to put these concerns in the back of his mind. Since Matthias had admitted himself that he had been the mastermind behind Shadow's Nest's attack on the Emerald Tower, Lin Li naturally did not have a reason to let him off. He had to pay for the death of so many mages and the loss of the Emerald Tower with his blood.

The revenge of the Marathon Family can wait until they are dead…

“Mage Matthias, you might have forgotten my personality. I may be lacking in everything else, just not my guts…”

Lin Li reached his hands into the Ring of Endless Storm for the pair of Vampire fangs. Then, he realized something was amiss. If he was not wrong, Matthias was looking at the VIP seats with a different expression…

“Darian?” The sudden realization put a frown on Lin Li's forehead. Logically, Matthias was the one who wanted to kill him. Hence, it would only be reasonable for him to glare at Lin Li. Yet, why was Matthias' gaze not fixed on his opponent, but on Darian, who was seated in the VIP section?

Could there be something between them?

Yet, although Darian was a clever man, he was not in the guild ever since his nephew, Madrick, got into trouble. Hence, Macklin did not really include him in the preparation of both the Shadowglen's trial and the finals in the Aurora Square. Apart from helping Aldwin establish the four master-level magewealths the day before, he was not part of the entire finals at all. Even if he had any undisclosed relations.h.i.+p with Matthias, he should not have much chance to do anything…

Wait a minute… Mageweath?

When the word 'mageweath' came to his mind, Lin Li guessed the issue immediately.

That's right. It's the mageweath!

“No, no, no. You will not dare to kill me…” Matthias said with utmost confidence. In reality, he still did not believe that the Jarrosus b.u.mpkin would dare to injure him. Being injured from a battle and being killed in it were two different matters. Even if he was not afraid of the revenge by the Marathon Family, could he not think about the future of the Jarrosus Guild of Magic instead? If he were to kill him, the rage from Marathon Family would not be something a small guild of magic could deal with…

And it was this belief that gave Matthias that confidence. Although he seemed to be the losing party, Matthias had no concern for his life. In fact, he was also calculating another matter. He was planning how to lead the Jarrosus b.u.mpkin into the trap he had prepared for him…

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