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Chapter 277 - Hello, Jarrosus

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Chapter 276: Lord of Destruction Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

After Matthias managed to inflict that blow, he laughed hideously. His fists landed heavily on Lin Li like a heavy rain. The awakening of the devil's lineage had caused Matthias to transform from a physically weak man into a completely different person. Now, his mighty blows were like boulders that run over Lin Li's body. Lin Li winced in pain as if his bones were all broken…

"d.a.m.n…" Lin Li endured the 10 blows from behind his Frost s.h.i.+eld. But, he finally found a chance to escape the storm-like attacks with Matthias' oversight…

Lin Li wiped fresh blood off the edge of his mouth. His hands were trembling a lot, and he had no strength to control his body. Lin Li could only make use of the Levitation Spell to hover unsteadily in the air. Everything beneath him seemed tilted. Even the Aurora Square looked unusually distorted as if it was folded by someone. In Lin Li's eyes, the thousands of mages appeared to own multiple shadows that overlapped with each other…

Lin Li rubbed his eyes to see more clearly. However, the moment his hands touched them, he saw blood on his hands. It was then that he realized that blood was coming out from his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Matthias' continuous attacks might have injured his organs…

"Don't worry, this is just the beginning…" Matthias' hoa.r.s.e laughter was like the cry of an owl. When he laughed, the two mageweath on his cheeks distorted hideously.

Lin Li drew in big mouthfuls of air and stubbornly replied, "I'm… not worried at all…" He forced out a smile and raised up his Aether Staff.

The Frost s.h.i.+eld pieced itself back together, and generated a bright light up the sky. What followed was the Potence Spell, Hastening Spell, Hemophilic Spell, Stoneskin Spell, and other types of energy boosters. At that point of time, Lin Li could feel that he was wrapped in a blinding light—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple… like a dazzling rainbow.

"What a joke…" Matthias smirked as a smile surfaced on his scaly face. To him, the mage from Jarrosus had to be joking. His own devil's lineage had just awakened, and his ability was comparable to that of a high-level magical beast. If he wanted, he could simply tear him into pieces. What were energy boosters to him? Could it be that the Jarrosus mage still wanted to make use of the boosters to personally battle with himself?

Matthias really wanted to advise him to give up resisting. There was no use with himself being physically stronger. Not to mention the Hastening Spell and Potence Spell, even if Lin Li had the help from a Legendary-level Priest as well as the legendary theurgy from a divine, he would not be able to win against the devil's lineage which had been awakened.

Seeing that his opponent was desperately doing his recitation to maintain the energy boosters, Matthias suddenly had the thrill of being in a cat and mouse chase. Although he had always wanted to kill his opponent, he was not in a hurry when he had gained absolute advantage over him. He levitated quietly to look at the trivial spells Lin Li was trying to cast. He was elated by the definite power he had claimed.

Matthias had gotten ahold of the momentum of the battle. The extreme gush of energy from the awakening gave him undue confidence. He could end the battle with a victory by tearing the Jarrosus mage into pieces any time he wanted. However, he was not in a rush. He loved the euphoria he got from the power difference between the cat and the mouse. Seeing how the mouse struggled helplessly gave the cat greater satisfaction as compared to killing it in one go.

What Matthias wanted to do now was to smash all the tiny sense of hope he could give his opponent. He was going to do this again and again until his opponent fell into a state of hopelessness. Then, he was going to kill him with the most brutal methods.

Matthias hovered in the air quietly as he looked at his opponent from above. Then, he swooped towards him. He was like a vampire amidst the red mist, giving off ominous and hair-standing vibes…

"F*ck this b.a.s.t.a.r.d…" Hoffman glared at Matthias angrily. That scoundrel was too terrifying! How would Hoffman not be aware of the situation Matthias was in? To a certain extent, the energy of a Dark Conjurer was as good as from the devil itself—just not as direct as how Matthias got his. Among the thousands of audience present, Hoffman knew Matthias the best…

Looking at how Matthias' black wings spread, the hideous horn on his head, the two mageweaths on his cheeks, as well as his scaly body, one could not help but feel gooseb.u.mps all over him. If Hoffman remembered correctly, the leader of the seventh level abyss—Lord of Destruction, Batu—looked exactly like this…

Batu was a devil at the lord-level. It was at the tip the food chain on the seventh level of the abyss. No legendary man would dare to raise his head to look at it. Although Matthias was born generations after Batu, and inherited one-tenth of its ability after the awakening, and so he was much more powerful compared to Felic, who had just reached level-16 of the Archmage realm.

Hoffman was not the only one who was in panic. Macklin was sitting there anxiously as well. Although he did not say much, his hands were clenched. The battle was really overboard! It surpa.s.sed the level of a battle that was only supposed to involve trial students.

Especially Matthias—he had become a monster. Not to mention his invincible strength, he also had great resistance against magical spells. He could clearly see Felic casting three spells on him in one go.

However, two of them were like throwing meat buns at a dog, disappearing almost immediately. While the Delaying Spell worked a little, Matthias still managed to dash towards Lin Li after a few seconds as though he had consumed aphrodisiac…

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G.o.ddammit, how can they fight like this!

Apart from Macklin, the thousands of mages were also extremely nervous. Their hearts were at their throats while they waited for Matthias' attack. Now, even a fool could tell that Matthias had absolutely claimed the upper hand in the battle. One attack would suffice to defeat his opponent. However, after witnessing the miracles the Jarrosus mage had created for them, they were all secretly hoping for another miracle from him.

The antic.i.p.ation that was filled with contradiction made the compet.i.tion become a torment for them.

Finally, Matthias moved. He spread his black wings with force and swooped towards Lin Li. He was like a sharp arrow aiming at Lin Li's chest.

The Aurora Square fell silent immediately.

Instantly, every one could see a fist landing roughly on Felic, causing him to fall on the ground. Immediately, they realized that it was just their imagination. Felic was not only unaffected by the punch, but he appeared behind Matthias almost immediately. He was as quick as the wind.

What followed was a "POM!"

No one expected that the first blow given by Felic would be a punch too!

Matthias was stunned by the disappearance of his opponent. His attack was supposed to end the battle! When he realized what had happened, and wanted to attack, the fist of his opponent landed on his back like a bomb. Under the extreme impact, he felt as though he was torn into pieces…

Then, Matthias was like a kite with a broken string. He fell from the sky at once.

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