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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 276 - Lord of Destruction

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Chapter 275: Awakening Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Matthias seemed to have been possessed while holding the blood-red crystal tightly in his hands. His eyes were filled with madness—he was just like a gambler whose eyes were red from losing yet had suddenly gotten a good card. Now, Matthias' face was so swollen that it was contorted. It was abnormally hideous in the blood-red light.

"I've been waiting too long for this day…" Matthias' gaze was filled with madness, but his voice seemed to be calm and suppressed. It was just like the calm before the storm, where the clouds in the sky were dense and thick. The hoa.r.s.e voice spread across the Aurora Square, and the thousands of mages at the spectator seats could clearly hear it. "When I was lying on the sickbed, I told myself again and again that one day I will let you experience the taste of your limbs being torn apart and being stepped on. I am really thankful to the Supreme Council for giving me this chance. Felic, open your eyes and take a look what is the power of the messenger of the Abyss!"

When Matthias' voice had just fallen, that blood-red crystal had been crushed by him with a "crack". Afterward, blood-red mist started to seep out of the crystal like a plague. It instantly filled up the whole Aurora Square…

"Sh*t!" Lin Li's head instantly tightened. He was a true master of mineral veins. In terms of the appraising of gemstones, even Andoine could not be compared to him. When he saw Matthias crush the crystal in his hand, Lin Li immediately remembered this was definitely a Blood Eye Crystal, a legendary sacred relic from the Abyss!

What the h.e.l.l…

The Blood Eye Crystal was no laughing matter. Even back at the Endless World, Lin Li had heard of this name before, but he never had the chance to see it with his own eyes. At this time, Lin Li's hair stood up. He had never imagined that Matthias would actually have such a lethal weapon in his hands.

This was a genuine sacred relic from the Abyss. Once the Blood Eye Crystal had been crushed, it would immediately create a Gate of the Abyss. Under the influence of the Gate of the Abyss, a mage that was proficient in demonic powers would not only see a raise in power, but he could even make minor changes to magical laws…

Do not underestimate such minor changes. In the magical world, once it involves changes with the law, just a small change would very possibly trigger a true disaster. Such changes could be magical attributes, or even the magic structure. It could even be time and s.p.a.ce. n.o.body knew what would happen once the laws were changed, and n.o.body would dare to provoke a mage that had the ability to change laws. It was because this was often unexpected in the field of magic, which also meant that it was a Legendary powerhouse at the very least…

Even though almost ten magical core magical laws appeared in Lin Li's mind, he could not help but feel a s.h.i.+ver down his spine.

"F*ck, what is this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d trying to do?!" Hoffman almost jumped up from his seat. His small eyes were wide open as though he had seen a ghost. This was not a joke—once the Gate of the Abyss was open, the demonic power that was full of corrosive attribute would start to spread like a plague. Once it reached that point, even most of the thousands of mages at the spectator seats would start to demonize, not to mention that those two at the Aurora Square would not be able to escape.

"Too impulsive…" At this time, even Herza started to frown. At the moment when Matthias crushed the Blood Eye Crystal, Herza already knew that if this young man was not stopped, there might be a real disaster happening in the Aurora Square.

"d.a.m.n. With what this little as*hole Matthias did, we are all going to die!" Macklin's exasperated scolding came from the VIP seats, but he had no solution to offer. It was because the Blood Eye Crystal in Matthias' hand had been crushed already. Amidst the blood-red mist, the profound and dark Gate of the Abyss had started to slowly appear…

"Sigh…" Aldwin only shook his head, and gripped the magic staff in his hand tightly again. A long and complex incantation escaped his lips like flowing water. The incomparably intense magical waves were filled with a threatening aura. The brilliance from the tip of the magic staff was as bright as a scorching sun. Furthermore, the brilliance got brighter as Aldwin's recitation got louder and louder. At the end, the blinding brilliance seemed to have covered the entire Aurora Square…

At this time, even people like Sendros that were sitting nearby had started to feel alarmed. All the while, they had only heard that Aldwin was the strongest mage in the whole Felan Kingdom, but they had never witnessed how strong this strongest mage actually was until today. At the climax of today's duel, they had finally seen that the power of Aldwin had far surpa.s.sed their imagination. It was because the field of magic that this president of Alanna's Guild of Magic had was actually the Void Barrier.

This was the legendary absolute defense. Accordingly, when bodies were under the protection of the Void Barrier, even time would not have any effect on them.

Furthermore, the Void Barrier that Aldwin cast had reached everywhere. The whole Aurora Square was under the protection of the Void Barrier. The dazzling white light appeared, and Matthias' Gate of the Abyss was like a child's play now. No matter how that red mist pervaded the area, it was unable to reach the spectators' seats. It was like an invisible wall had separated the Aurora Square into two different worlds.

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"Howl!" A loud roar came from the Aurora Square, and Lin Li anxiously turned around to take a look, frightened. Yet, he saw Matthias tightly gripping his fists, and his distorted but hideous face was filled with pain. What made Lin Li confused and panic-stricken was that there seemed to be something hidden under Matthias' black robe, and that it was wriggling in accordance with his roars of pain…

F*ck, it's going to be really troublesome now.

The awakening of the devil's monarch lineage was naturally a terrifying thing. It meant that Matthias would have the power of at least level-eighteen for a short period of time. Furthermore, his actual body was inside the Gate of the Abyss. While being affected by the power of the Gate of the Abyss, his power would be multiplied. He could even make minor changes to magical laws.

Facing such a terrifying monster, Lin Li did not have a single chance at victory even if he were to become more powerful…

"Seems like I would have to drink something again…" Lin Li shook his head. He reached into his pocket with a face full of frustration and took out a small and exquisite gla.s.s bottle from inside.

The gla.s.s bottle contained a transparent liquid, which did not seem thick. Under the sunlight, it was sparkling and crystal-clear, just like normal water, but when Lin Li held it in his hands, he was unusually careful. It was because what this gla.s.s bottle contained was a potion that Lin Li used two days and a whole black lotus to concoct…

"Roar!" Just when Lin Li had opened the gla.s.s bottle and was about to drink the potion, Matthias who was on the ground suddenly roared. After that, he spread his black wings and instantly flew toward Lin Li just like a gigantic bat.

"F*ck…" While facing the charging Matthias, Lin Li had no choice but to retreat. Even an idiot knew that a demon's physical and magical strength was overbearing. Even though Lin Li was a special kind of mage that was a blacksmith guru as well, he did not dare to engage in close combat with Matthias, either…

But Matthias did not give him this chance. He retracted his wings quickly and seemed to have transformed into a black arrow, instantly shooting towards Lin Li. After that, he threw out a punch. In that instant, Lin Li felt like his chest had been smashed by an iron hammer. Even his bones seemed to have been crushed into pieces.

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