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Chapter 270 - Settling The Score

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Chapter 269: Blood-vine Spell

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After that harsh kick, Lin Li was still not satisfied. When he gripped the staff again, Gryffindor immediately felt a vigorous distortion of the magical waves around him. What followed was a persistent creaking sound. Before he could react, Gryffindor saw a formation of thick vines. It was as though they had their own lives when they stretched towards him at an insane speed. Then, he felt tightness on his body. It came from those vines, which wrapped him up in the blink of an eye.

“Let… Let me go!” The sudden attack gave Gryffindor a great shock. He had heard of the legendary Blood-vine Spell. Any living thing the blood vine entangled would have to fight until its last gasp. The blood vines would only stop after draining all the blood or amputating the affected body part of its victim…

G.o.ddammit! How am I supposed to break free from this? Gryffindor already had the desire to die.

It would be much better if his health was as good as before. But, now that he had been seriously injured, how was he going to save himself from those vines when he did not even have the strength to stand up?

Furthermore, although the Blood-vine Spell would not inflict physical injuries like Air Bomb, it was still a summoning spell. This meant that the blood vines that were summoned would have their own lives. Since Aldwin was only a Master of Inscription and had not become the invincible Guru of Inscription, the four Master-level mageweaths were not useful in controlling the Blood-vines Spell. This implied that if Gryffindor wanted to live on, he had to work for it himself…

F*ck this…

Gryffindor had a hundred doubts with regard to the young mage who came from a rural place. Where did he learn such a rare spell? Although Gryffindor was raised in Alanna Guild of Magic and had Rosen as his mentor, he only heard of it before…

Unfortunately, he did not have the time to think anymore…

The thousands of blood vines were like poisonous snakes that tightly entangled Gryffindor. He looked like an ant stuck onto a spider's web. The blood vines became tighter as he struggled…

“AHHHHH…!” Gryffindor cried out helplessly. He felt the needles of the vines sinking into his body. They were like greedy drinkers, sucking on his blood vessels. Every gush of blood that flowed out made the vines expand. In the end, the vines that were as thick as a pinkie became as thick as a thumb.

This time, Gryffindor felt really helpless…

He gave up struggling. He let the blood vines suck his blood while his soulless eyes stared blankly at the sky. His face that was covered in dirt and bloodstains had no expression at all. At this moment, Gryffindor looked as if he was an innocent girl who had just gotten gang-raped by 10 hefty men…

“This…” Macklin could not help but frown in his seat.

Although Gryffindor was not well-liked, it would be a messy situation if he was really killed by Felic. His mentor was the Legendary-mage Rosen, who was known for his petty and prideful att.i.tude. If Gryffindor were to die in the Aurora Square, the Alanna Guild of Magic would need to answer for it.

“This cannot continue. We need to stop them…” Aldwin said nervously. He was very clear that both Felic and Gryffindor had abilities above those of an Archmage. If they wanted to kill each other, the four Master-level mageweaths were nothing to them.

“Should I go and stop them?”

Aldwin paused, and thought for a while. “Let me do it…”

“Alright.” Macklin nodded. He did not say more.

In reality, Aldwin was the only person who could intervene.

That was because he knew Felic too well…

Since it seemed that Felic had set his heart on killing Gryffindor, he wouldn't be dissuaded from it by any advice. If he were to intervene in their battle at this time, it was not certain that Lin Li would listen to him…

Aldwin would be the best choice to stop Lin Li out of everyone in the VIP seats. Since he was the one who intercepted the previous battle to ensure the fella didn't get swallowed by the undead energy, Lin Li owed him a favor. Even if he was not happy with Gryffindor, he should give Aldwin face…

G.o.ddammit, these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are really troublesome…

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Seeing that Aldwin was holding onto his magic staff, Macklin sighed in relief.

“Of course…” Lin Li replied and smiled. He waved his hands and the blood vines started to loosen their grip on Gryffindor.

“Thank you, thank you…!” Gryffindor thanked Lin Li profusely. At this time, he had already ditched his pride as the top mage of Felan. He was scared that the thousand vines would grip onto him again if he were to be late in his apology.

While Lin Li was controlling the blood vines, he was also observing the happenings at the VIP seats. Aldwin had completed his recitation, and there was suddenly a bright light that engulfed the whole Aurora Square. Instantly, both Gryffindor, who was entangled, and Lin Li, who was smiling, were swallowed by that light…

Lin Li knew that that was the legendary level-20 Purge Spell. Any region covered by the spell would bring the living things that were summoned there back where they came from. Even if it was a devil which was summoned from the abyss, it would return to the dark abyss instantaneously. It was the same for the blood vines, which were low-level beings.

And this was the moment Lin Li had been waiting for.

Just when the Purge Spell lit up, Lin Li stopped controlling his Blood-vine Spell.

“You're welcome!” The ma.s.sive mental strength was activated to the max immediately. Just when Gryffindor tried to break free from the blood vines, a wave of mental strength that was filled with destructive elements gushed into his brain…


The shriek also stunned Aldwin.

Aurora Square was engulfed by the glow of the Purge Spell. Even someone with extremely good eyesight would not be able to see what was happening within the light. The thousands of mages could only try to guess the situation from the shrieks coming from the light. They wondered if it might have been that Aldwin's spell failed, and instead harmed Gryffindor.

“Erm…” Macklin was dumbfounded as well. How did a battle that was fairly easy to nicely wrap up progress to such a state?

The whole Aurora Square became silent. Everybody gaped at that blinding light. Until this moment, they never felt as if time was pa.s.sing really slowly. No one knew how long it took for the light to be dispersed. Then, they heard the sound of footsteps coming from that light.

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