Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 267 - Prolonged Endurance

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Chapter 266: Gotta endure it!

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With a loud noise, a Pyroblast flew and dropped onto the Elemental s.h.i.+eld. At that moment, it created a dazzling scene. Numerous sparks splattered like beautiful fireworks in the night sky, drawing a magnificent scene in the Aurora Square.

Gryffindor was all shrieks behind all the grandiose. Flying off like a kite with broken strings, he puked a great amount of blood and left a long trail of it in the air.

“Instantaneous… Instantaneous Pyroblast?” Thousands of mages among the audience gasped…

No one had expected that a compet.i.tion between trial students would be so intense. Look at what they did! It started off with Gryffindor breaking into a level-16 when he used a Thousand Miles of Ice on the mage from Jarrosus. At that point, everyone thought that Gryffindor won. After all, it was impossible to bridge the difference between level-15 and level-16.

However, they realized that they had guessed it wrong very quickly. They saw how the young mage from Jarrosus broke the Thousand Miles of Ice apart with zero injuries…

Wait, that was not the end.

The mages would never dream of how the monster would attack his opponent with an instantaneous Pyroblast…

All of a sudden, the Aurora Square was silent.

Everyone was really flabbergasted after witnessing an instantaneous Pyroblast. I-it… was impossible, right…?

A Pyroblast was definitely a level-15 spell. Although it was not as powerful as the Thousand Miles of Ice, it required similar amount of mana as any level-16 spell. Although there were a lot of mages seated in the Aurora Square, none could claim they could unleash a Pyroblast instantaneously.

It was like forcing a rooster to lay eggs, and forcing a hen to crow. The Jarrosus mage absolutely transgressed the fundamental laws of Magic. Even if it were the mighty Sendros or Aldwin, they would not have been able to do that.

But now, everyone had witnessed a young mage not over the age of 20 unleash a Pyroblast instantaneously. At that moment, all of them thought they were dreaming. It was absolutely unbelievable!

Yet, the scene in the Aurora Square was very real.

There was no tedious and long recitation of spell, and no complicated gestures—only a ball of flames followed by sparks, clas.h.i.+ng gallantly against the colorful Elemental s.h.i.+eld…

Their eyes were wide open together with those of the guests in the VIP seats.

“Too… too fake…” Hoffman uttered in shock as though he was in a dream. That was simply unbelievable! If he'd viewed Lin Li as a talented pharmacist from the start, it was perhaps time to reevaluate this young man.

He had no choice. The scene he'd just witnessed was too freakish. Anybody with a normal IQ would do the same too.

Hoffman could not help but doubt if the Glittergold Trade Union would be able to employ him even if he were to agree to it. Being a successful businessman, Hoffman would subconsciously use the perception of a businessman when he considered things. He always believed there was value in every individual, and people who were more powerful would have a higher value.

But, the young man before him was beyond powerful. The price to pay for him would no doubt be extremely high…

Hoffman was not the only one reconsidering his plans of partnering with Lin Li. All the big shots—Herza beside him, necromancer Sendros, Archbishop Englos, as well as Prince Lionheart Johnathan—could not help but frown at what they saw. Even Aldwin and Macklin were deep in thoughts. They were going to reevaluate the abilities and potential of this young man, and change their att.i.tude accordingly…

He was no longer a young man with a bright future. He was an unreasonably transcendent mage!

Just when everyone were in deep thoughts, the battle in the Aurora Square had reached the most crucial point.

Gryffindor knelt on the ground on one knee, his right hand clutching his staff. His complexion was really palish from the loss of too much blood. Yet, no sense of anxiety could be found on his face, but some traces of joy.

He was probably the only one who knew that although he'd attained level-16 by unnatural means, the number of level-16 spells he could use was not limited to one, and the Thousand Miles of Ice was only one of them. He was certain that the Jarrosus b.u.mpkin would never escape the fate of losing after he took a breather.

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“I will let you see what is a true Archmage!” Gryffindor smirked as he covered himself with water element. At that instant, everyone could see the formation of a blue panel.

Gryffindor was right. After the fifth Pyroblast, his opponent really stopped to take a break.

He could not help but smirk upon seeing the scene he'd expected. Like Lin Li, he began a recitation that was more rapid. He wanted to use this crucial opportunity to show everyone who was the strongest amongst all the trial students!

Then, the smirk on Gryffindor's face froze…

He clearly heard that the opponent started his recitation as well. The voice was very fast, with a rhythm stronger than his.

Furthermore, the spell he was casting was obviously Pyroblast again!


Gryffindor did not even have the time to be vulgar. He saw a fireball in the size of a sink dragging its long tail of flame towards him.

“BOOM!” Sparks could be seen flying, giving Gryffindor the urge to crash himself into the wall…

Gryffindor really wanted to ask, “F*ck, do you know what is the meaning of wastage? That is a level-15 Pyroblast, not something for a rookie Archmage like you to cast as and when you feel like it!”

Unfortunately, before Gryffindor had the chance to speak, Lin Li cast another Pyroblast on him. It was the same short and rapid recitation of spell, and it shut Gryffindor's mouth instantly.

At this moment, Gryffindor really had the urge to blast a Pyroblast back at him.

But, he realized that it was not worth it to do that. Pyroblast would take up a great deal of his energy. He would be wasting precious energy if he was not totally sure that he could break his opponent's Elemental s.h.i.+eld.

G.o.ddammit, I'm the top mage of Felan. I can't stoop to your level of a country b.u.mpkin. I'm going to endure this!

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