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Chapter 264 - Three Man Round Robin

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Chapter 263: Divine Protection Potion

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The electric arc in Gryffindor's hands was revolving around. It was like a cat chasing a mouse, getting closer and closer. At this time, Mason had already exhausted all of his mana, and his body was totally covered in wounds. Just moving a finger would bring about pain that would rip him apart, not to mention defending against Gryffindor. If somebody else had been in this situation instead, they would have most likely just shut their eyes and waited for their turn to die…

But Mason did not give up. He stubbornly dragged his injured leg towards the edge of the Aurora Square bit by bit while facing the oncoming Gryffindor. The b.l.o.o.d.y mess on his chest was oozing out blood constantly, leaving a trail of blood on the Aurora Square as Mason wavered with difficulty. It was because Mason knew that this was his last chance. If even this omnipotent roommate of his could not help him, then he could only shut his eyes and wait for death.

"Mason, behind you. Just behind you!" Lin Li was so anxious that he was about to cry while looking at this horrifying scene. He could only watch as his best friend was suffering, and could not do anything to help. For Lin Li, that sort feeling was like being nibbled by a venomous snake…

The only thing he could do was to cup his mouth his hands and desperately shout Mason's name in hopes that Mason could hear what he was saying.

But, the distance between them was tens of meters, and Mason was injured seriously at this time. His mouth, ears, nose, and eyes were bleeding profusely, and his brain was filled with a ringing sound, so how could he hear Lin Li's voice? He could only faintly hear his roommate shouting for his name, but as to what it was about, Mason could only hear it in a distorted way…

"What behind?" Mason held in the tearing pain and forcibly turned his head over, but there was nothing on square except for some slabs of stone. At this point, Mason really felt like smas.h.i.+ng his head and dying. Master Felic, oh Master Felic. Of all things to joke about, you had to joke about my life. Is there a need to joke about it till this extent?

"How do you feel, Mage Mason?" Gryffindor was standing less than ten meters, and an electric arc was still revolving around hand. That sizzling sound from the electrical jumps gave Mason gooseb.u.mps.

"Nothing… Nothing much." Mason wiped off the blood at the corner of his lips and squeezed out an awkward smile. At this point, he had already given up totally. Even that omnipotent teammate was of no help, and who else could save him? Although Mason was not somebody courageous, Gryffindor would definitely not let him go, since the situation had reached this stage. Instead of begging for mercy, why not take this chance to speak more while he was still able to talk? At the very least, he could vent his anger even if he were to die at the end…

"Is it?" When Gryffindor spoke, his face was still full of smiles, but in the next instant, his face was filled with brutality. "Then, how about trying this again?"

A flicker of blinding electrical light flashed by soon after…

There was a fizzing sound, and there was instantly a cloud of green smoke appearing. After that, there was an intense shriek ringing out across the square. Everyone in the Aurora Square could clearly hear it. Everyone's hearts could not help but clench tightly following this shriek. That feeling was like a frog had been pierced by a wire mesh and then shoved into cauldron to be cooked.

After the intense pain came the endless numbness.

There was a point where Mason had really thought he had died. There was no pain and no thoughts. His whole mind was blank other than the voice that was echoing behind him the whole time. It felt like nothing existed in this world anymore.

"Mason, it's behind you. It's…"

"Behind you…" The electrical light exploded on his body, and the latter had been burned crisp. The wounds on his body looked like squirrel fish, curling up one by one. The endless torture of pain had caused Mason's mental condition to be unsound long ago. His teammate's shouts entered his ear, and Mason instinctively raised his hand to painstakingly search around the stone slab behind him…

"To the right a little more, just a bit more…" Half of Lin Li's body had already reached into the Aurora Square. Both his eyes were fixed on Mason, who was searching painstakingly. At this time, his heart had clenched up. He was so anxious that it was as if he was the one competing.

"Behind… Behind… what is behind? Eh… what is this…" Mason reached out his hand in a daze. He searched for a while, and finally touched something different. It was smooth and mellow. When he held it in his hands, it was even slightly warm…

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This sudden discovery was like a cardiac stimulant, and it immediately stimulated Mason's mind. It was as if even the wounds on his body no longer had the searing pain. It was as if he grabbed that thing in a hurry, and just by touching it, he could tell that it was a gla.s.s bottle.

But luckily, Mason found the bottle at the very least before Lin Li shouted till his throat was hoa.r.s.e…

As long as he drank this potion, Mason should be completely safe. Lin Li had hidden a genuine bottle of Divine Power potion in between the cracks of the rock earlier on. Half a black lotus's power was enough to protect Mason from all sorts of magical damage. Although the time was not long as it was just 10 seconds, for Mason, these ten seconds would allow him to safely retire from the Aurora Square…

This time, Mason was rather intelligent. He held the bottle of Divine Protection Potion in his hands, but he did not drink it hurriedly, because the two judges were near him and Gryffindor was monitoring him. If he were to try to drink this potion now, Gryffindor would not allow him to do so even if the two judges did not care.

He did not even have to waste any effort and would need to release just a single spell, then Mason would have to even swallow the bottle into his stomach.

In order to lull Gryffindor's vigilance and to hide from the gaze of the judges, Mason had very carefully held the potion bottle in his hands. His eyes were fixed on Gryffindor, monitoring his every movement. All Mason had to wait for now was a chance—a chance to drink the potion.

As to what would happen after drinking it, Mason did not think about it at all. Anyhow, Felic would never harm him. As long as he took out the potion, it would definitely help Mason escape from this predicament. During those two months at Alanna, this idea had long been etched into Mason's mind. It had become a habit—under all sorts of circ.u.mstances, his first choice would be to instinctively wait for this omnipotent teammate to make a decision.

There was no other choice. Within these two months, the miracles Felic had created were too many. From the first trial mission to the survival of the Shadowglen, and then to today's finals in the Aurora Square. One after another, the miraculous performances even made Mason suspect that there was nothing this guy could not do other than giving birth to children.

"Seems like Mage Mason is in a lot of pain, why not allow me to help you end this?" Gryffindor's face was still full of smiles. His right hand extended out, and immediately two Wind Blades appeared, but Gryffindor was not in a hurry to release them. He slowly walked towards Mason while spinning the two wind blades in his palm at lightning speed. That sharp screech made all of the mages present have gooseb.u.mps all over…

"Haha…" Mason forced out a smile and stared straight at Gryffindor. He waited till he was five meters away from him and exactly blocking out the sight of the judges behind. Mason then immediately opened the cork and shoved the whole bottle of Divine Protection Potion into his mouth. "Leave it for yourself, idiot!"

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