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Chapter 262 - Hopelessness

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Chapter 261: Destruction

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Matthias' power was indeed fathomless. A level-fourteen Magic Shooter could not put up any resistance when facing him. He could only last for less than eight minutes before being blasted away by an Air Bomb severely. In an instant, there was blood splattering everywhere…

On the other hand, most of the several thousands of mages at the spectators' seats were used to seeing blood. They could not help but shake their heads. Matthias' personality had issues. Once or twice could be written off as an accident, but three times in a row… it could be safely said that Matthias did it intentionally. He was utterly trying to injure his opponents for no rhyme or reason. It was purely out of interest, or maybe that was what he wanted to do.

Even Herza frowned. This Matthias was really going overboard. Even if he won the final victory, he would definitely not be suitable to control a new Guild of Magic. This point had to be written down in the report…

As for Lin Li's match afterward, it was just a walk over.

Macklin was not spouting nonsense. That Magic Shooter at the peak of level-thirteen was a spent bullet. When he just walked into the Aurora Square, Lin Li could already sense that this person's magical wave was too weak. It did not resemble that of a level-13 Magic Shooter. Instead, it was like that of a mage apprentice that could not even wear a robe.

Both of them were very clear on what the outcome was going to be. When he walked up to the Aurora Square with a pale face, Gordon spoke softly, “Mage Felic, please have mercy.”

“Mage Gordon, you're too kind…” Lin Li smiled. He waved the Aether Staff in his hands and released an Elemental s.h.i.+eld instantly.


This was a battle full of tacit understanding. Lin Li used the Elemental s.h.i.+eld to tell the opponent that he would not do anything out of bounds, and for the appreciative Gordon, he did not try to fight desperately. The whole process seemed to have been planned beforehand. Gordon attacked continuously with his weak strength once he came up, whereas Lin Li only blocked with the Elemental s.h.i.+eld and occasionally countered with Wind Blade all the way till the tenth minute mark. Only then did Lin Li “accidentally” release a Chilling Touch and thus successfully conclude this match.

“This young man is not bad…” Herza, who sat in the VIP seat, satisfyingly nodded his head. With his judgement after devoting to magic for tens of years, how could he be deceived by these two's acting? From the point when the Jarrosus mage raised his Elemental s.h.i.+eld, he had already known that this match was fixed. Otherwise, with his powers, why would he need to use the Elemental s.h.i.+eld? To put it bluntly, he would not even need to use any magic to go against the spent bullet Gordon. Just by casually smacking him with the magic staff, he would also beat him to death…

But this is good…

Establis.h.i.+ng a new guild in the Breezy Plains did not only require a powerful President. That place was really chaotic, for all sorts of forces there were more complicated than those in Alanna by a hundred times. To create a foothold there was not an easy task. Other than requiring absolute power to intimidate those that harbored ill intentions, it also needed methods that could pacify and dissolve conflict. An immense strength was important, but tactful methods were also necessary.

Back then, while deciding this issue, Herza had already consulted one of the arbitrators, Anthony. What sort of person would be the most suitable to command this new Guild of Magic? Herza remembers that Anthony's answer was: the humbler, the better!

Without a doubt, that Jarrosus mage down there is definitely a humble person. He did a favor at little cost and still managed to sell it off so sincerely. Genius… What a genius!

Furthermore, Felic's relations.h.i.+p with Hoffman seemed to be rather good. If he could command the new Guild of Magic, then there would not be many issues with the Glittergold Trade Union. Monetary support could even be given if need be. This was definitely the most ideal situation for a Guild of Magic that had just been established.

Of course, they would have to wait for the tournament results before they could see how the story was going to unfold. After all, the rules have already been set in place. Even if they wanted to change them, they could not do so too drastically.

Within half an hour, two of the battles of the final three had already concluded. The only pair remaining was Mason and Gryffindor!

“F*ck, why am I so unlucky…” Mason stood at the Aurora Square, frowning.

“This…” Lin Li scratched his head, and did not know what to say.

Even an idiot knew that Mason fighting against Gryffindor was like smas.h.i.+ng an egg on a rock. There was not a single chance of victory. Logically speaking, he should be advising Mason to be more realistic and not lose too badly. But how could he say something like that? Hence, Lin Li shook his head and sighed without saying anything…

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“I know you are trying to advise me to surrender lest I lose too badly…” However, Mason already knew what he was thinking about even if he did not say it. He glanced at Lin Li gloomily, and started mumbling, “I do feel like surrendering, but I'm just worried Gryffindor would not accept it…”

Gryffindor glanced at Mason with disdain. He did not say anything else, and stood there quietly, waiting for the judges to announce the commencement of the match.

“Looks like both of them are ready. Let the match begin!”

As the judge said “begin”, Gryffindor suddenly moved. There was only a steady recitation of spells, which was followed closely by a Mental Control…

“F*ck, this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d…” Macklin stood at the side of Aurora Square and harshly cursed. This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d really was Rosen's disciple. It could be seen just with a single Mental Control. This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d's was exactly the same as his teacher's.

Gryffindor definitely saw through his opponent. Mason, who had just entered battle stance, had to be harboring fear towards him. As for Mental Control, this spell excelled in such situations the most. Once there was fear within one's mind, it would be hard to maintain a calm and composed att.i.tude. Once the Mental Control was able to find an opening, there would no need to continue the battle. How could a controlled b.u.m be of any threat to the one controlling him?

Sure enough, it did not exceed Macklin's expectations. Gryffindor released Mental Control and Mason's expression immediately froze. He consecutively released three Flaming Storms, and the whole Aurora Square had instantly been set off in a dazzling flare. It was a pity that these three Flaming Storms' target was not his opponent, but the stone slabs covering the Aurora Square….

The flare was scattering, and tiny rocks were flying around. The two judges were unprepared and struck by a few pebbles because they were too close. The debris was not lethal, but it stung when it struck the human body.

The duration of the Mental Control was usually more than five seconds, plus the current Gryffindor was an Archmage. The difference in power was too great, thus the duration of Mason being controlled was much longer. He barely managed to break free from it and regained control over his mental strength.

“F*ck, this guy really is strong…” Mason released three Flaming Storms simultaneously, and his mana started to lose support. He'd barely managed to escape from the Mental Control, and hurriedly took a few steps back while trying to raise up the Elemental s.h.i.+eld…

Who knew that everything was already within Gryffindor's calculations. Before Mason had raised his Elemental s.h.i.+eld, Gryffindor had already released a Mana Retroaction. In an instant, it cut off the mana channel that Mason had just constructed…

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