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Chapter 259 - Crystal

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Chapter 258: Immortal King

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Lin Li's match was arranged to be the last, so he was in no rush, as there was still time. He was engaged in a chat with Mason and Orrin while waiting for the results of the two matches.

Gryffindor was in the second match. The number one magic genius in Felan took only two minutes to win the match. The level-13 Magic Shooter from Starlight City stood no chance in front of Gryffindor. He was being oppressed throughout the whole match. There was no control from Gryffindor, only outburst through and through. Just like a gust of wind sweeping away the fallen leaves, he'd swept the level-13 Magic Shooter out of the final six.

The referee's announcement silenced the whole Aurora Square.

At least half of the thousands of mages in the audience were re-evaluating the number one magic genius of Felan. Everyone knew that he was strong, but had not expected that he could be so strong.The strength shown by both sides in the match earlier on was on two different levels. Gryffindor easily defeated his opponent without even needing to put much thought into it.

Many people couldn't believe that such a power gap would appear on two young mages in their twenties.

The mages who were partic.i.p.ating in this trial were all elites in their respective guilds. Even the worst of them were level-10 Magic Shooters; there was no weakling among them to say the least. The fact that Gryffindor had won so easily showed that he was incredibly strong.

“F*ck, why's this kid so strong…” Hoffman's confidence took a dive as he watched Gryffindor from afar.

“I've warned you, but you didn't heed it…” Herza looked at him sympathetically, thinking that the fatty had gotten himself in hot water. Herza could judge from Hoffman's tense expression that the Glittergold Trade Union had placed a large bet this time. If Gryffindor really were to win the finals, Hoffman would have to pay off his pants with the handicap he'd imposed in the bet…

Herza thought the Glittergold Trade Union was bound to make a huge loss.

Perhaps no one knew Gryffindor's strength better than Herza. Gryffindor's mentor, Rosen, was one of the top ten leaders of the Supreme Council. He was not an ordinary person. He was definitely a legendary figure even in the Supreme Council. It took him only 20 years to progress from a member of a remote Guild of Magic to one of the top ten arbitrators of the Supreme Council. The present Rosen was an outstanding figure in the Supreme Council in terms of strength and skill.

Hoffman, that darned fatty, was gutsy enough to bet on a dark horse in a compet.i.tion like this. Didn't it cross his mind that Rosen would never allow his only disciple to lose?

As a member of the Supreme Council, Herza naturally understood better than anyone else how many appalling secrets were hidden in this council that held the destiny of all the mages in Anril. This was not something a businessman could understand. Even Herza himself had to admit that what he had learned in the Supreme Council for decades was only superficial. Only people like Rosen or Andoine, who had a chance to compete for the position of the arbitrator, had access to the heart of the matter.

“He'll only learn his lesson after making a huge loss…” Herza's eyes moved away from Hoffman and fell on the young mage, who was chatting with his two roommates at Aurora Square, and could not help but sigh. The young man was a real genius. Even he felt amazed at those peculiar casting skills. It was a pity that he'd encountered Gryffindor and was destined not to win the finals.

The present Gryffindor had far surpa.s.sed the average young mage. Not to mention those in their twenties, even in the entire Alanna Guild of Magic, only a few people—such as Aldwin and Macklin—could dare say that they could definitely beat him. Even the likes of Darian might not necessarily have this confidence. Such a strength could no longer be mentioned in the same breath as the average young mage.

“Pity…” Herza shook his head and bemoaned the reality. In fact, it was true that the Jarrosus mage named Felic was the most suitable person to win the finals, not only because of his outstanding talent, but also because he came from Jarrosus, a small remote guild. His background was far less complicated than Gryffindor's. Even if a new guild were to be established in the Breezy Plains, it would not become a trouble that couldn't be handled.

However, Gryffindor was different. His mentor was Rosen, who was expected to become an arbitrator. Once he'd won the finals, numerous motives that wouldn't stand exposure to the day or light would emerge between the new guild and the new arbitrator.

Unfortunately, Gryffindor was too powerful.

Although the young mage named Felic was equally powerful, he might have to wait for another test three years later to emerge as the final winner.

“Knock on wood!” Hoffman pouted. He refused to believe Herza's words.

In fact, even Hoffman himself had to admit at this time that Gryffindor was indeed superior in terms of strength. However, Hoffman still stood to think that Gryffindor was bound to lose the finals because he knew very well that the young mage named Felic was not only an Archmage, but also a potion master!

A bottle of potion could decide the outcome of a magic battle, let alone a potion master.

Both of them held different opinions, but they refused to give in to each other and insisted that they were right. Both of them were eventually flushed from the aggressive exchange of words.

And at this moment, Matthias had entered the Aurora Square…

Lin Li perked up on seeing it was Matthias' turn.

I'd like to see if you're going to resort to sly means again… Lin Li was focused on the match with this thought in mind.

And then, he was dumbstruck…

Matthias was as if a different person in this match. His attack was a torrential pour of spells as soon as the match began. His casting speed was so quick that his opponent did not even have the chance to release a Mana Retroaction. The surging magical elements seemed to be boiling, and there was a scorching aura in the Aurora Square. Matthias had used all his strength in every attack. He did not defend even once from the beginning. Only when he drove his opponent into a corner with a Flaming Storm did Lin Li suddenly realize that there wasn't even an Elemental s.h.i.+eld on this guy…

Lin Li was dumbfounded. Compared with the previous slyness, this match was a spark. It was a violent game from the beginning to the end. If Gryffindor hadn't stood near him, Lin Li would have thought that this match was in fact fought by Gryffindor.

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That poor level-12 Magic Shooter had only managed to release a spell.

Lin Li was utterly astounded by this realization.

Sendros was the Lord of the Undead, and was a powerhouse who'd broken through the Legendary realm many years ago. Even a figure like Andoine had to acknowledge Sendros' power. Garat was a mere level-14 Magic Shooter. How could the death aura emanating from him be stronger than that of Sendros?

Lin Li couldn't understand how a guy who enjoyed watching girls taking showers emitted such a strong death aura. He had never heard of any achievements the Far Seeing City Guild of Magic had made in undead magic.

Wait a minute… Could it be the trial back in the Shadowglen? A thought suddenly flashed across Lin Li's mind.

That's right, it's the Shadowglen trial!

The more Lin Li thought about it, the more plausible the idea became. When Lin Li first arrived in Alanna, he'd never sensed the death aura from anyone when the 24 trial apprentices were gathered in the guild hall. In other words, Garat should have been normal at that time. And in the following two months, the only thing that could be a.s.sociated with the undead was the trial in the Shadowglen…

All kinds of thoughts flashed across Lin Li's mind. His heart tightened when he looked at Garat once again. If it was just as he guessed, then Garat was no longer just a level-14 Magic Shooter. A death aura stronger than that of Sendros' was no joking matter.

Lin Li tightened his grip on the Aether Staff in his hand and fixed his eyes on Garat. His mental strength had been pushed to the limits, and the magical elements were surging violently, stirring up a magic storm in Aurora Square. Lin Li was more serious than ever at this moment; he knew very well that in the face of such a half-human, half-undead monster, an oversight could leave him a lifelong regret.

This was not merely a compet.i.tion. He had no other choice but to give his all.

Garat stood there, expressionless. There was still not a trace of expression on his death-like face. He held a fire magic staff in his hand, but the magical wave that was emanating from it had nothing to do with fire magic. Lin Li, who had spent seven days in the Shadowglen, knew that this was the purest form of death energy.

Just when Lin Li was on his guard for the dangers that might come, Garat had made a move all of a sudden…

“Oh, Great Immortal King, you're finally back…” Garat's voice was low and hoa.r.s.e. Perhaps only Lin Li could hear what he was saying in the whole Aurora Square.

“Im… Immortal King?” Lin Li's heart tightened. Surely this couldn't be some summoning spell?

Then he saw that a plume of black fog arose from Garat's body. It filled the whole Aurora Square in an instant, just like a fast-spreading plague. Lin Li lost control of his body in this immeasurably strong death aura. And then there were cries—howls, screams, and moans—and it was as if the whole Aurora Square was thrown into h.e.l.l instantly.

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