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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 236 - Twilight Forest

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Chapter 235: Book of Ten Thousand Incantations

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Andoine was indeed correct. Lin Li was sitting there for less than ten minutes when the fatty Hoffman walked over with a coquettish smile while holding a wine gla.s.s.

“Good evening, Master Andoine, Master Felic.”

“Good evening, Hoffman…” How could a seasoned old veteran like Andoine not know what was Hoffman here for? After greeting him with laughter, he stood up from the chair. “You guys have a good talk. I know a few people over there, I'm going over to greet them.”

“Then I shan't delay you…” After seeing off Andoine, Hoffman was smiling till his eyes were like two thin lines. “Master Felic, your performance in the afternoon was too wonderful. Tsk, tsk, tsk, I really dare not imagine that such intricate pharmaceutical skills would come from such a young person!”

“You're praising me too much…”

“No, no, no, this is definitely not flattery.” Hoffman shook his head, and his fat face switched from being sheepish to abnormally serious. “I started studying pharmaceutics intensively since I was in my teens. During these past tens of years, I've seen countless pharmacists, but I have never encountered anyone that can be compared to you in terms of skill. To put it bluntly, even if it was President Balbo or Master Burnside who are recognized as people of authority in pharmaceutics, they are still behind you in this aspect just by a little…”

“Mr. Hoffman, you are joking. How can I compare to them.” Although Lin Li was being humble with his words, he had to admit that he was thoroughly enjoying the flattery Hoffman was giving him.

It seemed like Andoine was indeed correct. Hoffman, this fatty that was born a businessman, was indeed interesting. When speaking to him, one would not feel uneasy. He would choose the best words to say and not point out your shortcomings. Furthermore, his praises were not superficial. His words always had substance. Even if one knew that he was trying to suck up to them, they would still be unable to resist it and want more…

One was in a good mood, and one was sedulously praising. Naturally, both of them were enjoying themselves in the conversation. After a series of small talk, both looked like old friends that had known each other for a long time. A few pharmacists at the side could not help but turn over and look. They thought to themselves, This d.a.m.ned fatty Hoffman could actually hide it so well, how did we not know that he knew this Master Felic?

After listening to Hoffman flatter him a few more times, Lin Li only then satisfyingly asked, “Oh, yes, Mr Hoffman. I heard Teacher Andoine mention just now that you are looking for me about something?”

“Yes, yes, yes…” Hearing Lin Li bring it up by himself, Hoffman smiled brilliantly. “It's like this, Master Felic. Some time before, we the Glittergold Trade Union spent a fortune to purchase a potion recipe, but we only discovered that the content of this recipe was too obscure after we had obtained it. I spent more than two months, and I still could not comprehend it. After that, I visited many famous pharmacists such as Sendros, Johnathan, and Englos, but the results were almost the same. n.o.body could help me solve this problem. I even thought this recipe was an impossible task all the way until I met you, Master Felic, today at the Pharmacists Guild…”

“This… Mr Hoffman, you really are praising me too much. I'm not gonna hide it from you. Although I am able to concoct the Void Power Potion, it was only because I have encountered it before. Compared to Mr Sendros, His Highness Johnathan, and Archbishop Englos, I still have much to learn. Even if I wanted to help, I would be powerless to render a.s.sistance to a recipe that even they could not solve…”

“Master Felic, you're too humble…” The smile on Hoffman's face was still as bright as ever. “How about this, Master Felic. I, in the Glittergold Trade Union's name, promise you that as long as you are willing to give it a try, the Glittergold Trade Union will still give you a handsome reward regardless of whether it's successful or not. The price would be at least a million gold coins. What do you think about that?”

“This…” Even though Lin Li looked calm, he had a shock. The Glittergold trade union was really generous—a million gold coins could be obtained just by giving it a shot. Wasn't it to make ducks and drakes of this million gold coins if he just did the work without putting in any effort should he not feel like helping?

“As for the reward for being successful, I already spoke to Master Andoine about it…” Hoffman smiled confidently, and continued to tempt Lin Li with the generous rewards. “I have a Book of Ten Thousand Incantations on me. It was taken from a Greater Demon's palace back when the Highlord Osric led an expedition into the Abyss. Not only does it harbor great power, it's also said to contain a big secret. If you can help me complete this recipe, I will give you the Book of Ten Thousand Incantations.”

“If that's the case, Mr Hoffman, let me think about it…”

“Ok, ok…” Seeing that the other party did not reject immediately, Hoffman's face could not help but show a trace of happiness. “Oh, yes, Master Felic. I will be staying at Alanna during this one month. After you are done considering it, you can tell me anytime.”

“Where can I find you?”

“Oh, yes…” Hoffman took out a crystal card hurriedly. “This is the Glittergold Bank's VIP card. If you want to look for me, just bring this VIP Card to the Glittergold Bank—any Glittergold Bank would do. There will be people that will satisfy all your needs.”

“Ok.” Lin Li did not stand on ceremony; he just took the card.

“Oh, yes, Master Felic…” When Hoffman stood up, he smiled mysteriously, and said, “Standing in a pharmacist's point of view, I must tell you that this recipe is really interesting.”

“Is it?”

“I swear!” Hoffman looked very serious, but he stopped short of the climax. “As for what's so interesting, you'll know once you see it.”

Hoffman didn't leave for long before Andoine sneaked back.

“How did the talk go?

“It's over. Actually, it's nothing much. Hoffman's motive for finding me was to help him solve a recipe. If it's successful, I will get the Book of Ten Thousand Incantations. If not, I will get a million gold coins…”

“So, you agreed to it?”

“Nope, I told him that I need to consider…”

“What's there to consider…”

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“To whet his appet.i.te first, after all we are not in a hurry…”

“It's nothing much.” Balbo finished speaking with a vehement expression before he carefully brought up the proper business at hand. “Oh, yes, Felic, what do you think of the Pharmacists Guild?”

“It's pretty good.”

Once he heard “it's pretty good”, Balbo immediately became overjoyed and was waiting in excitement for more while inching his ear forward. Who knew that he waited for nothing. After a minute or so, the President finally reacted. “That's all?”

“Yes.” Lin Li nodded. His expression showed that it was as it ought to be.

“…” Balbo did not know whether to laugh or cry. He had asked so many questions because he was waiting for this kid to praise the Pharmacists Guild a little, and then he would go with the flow and offer an invitation to the kid. Who knew that he waited for so long and only got a “it's not bad” in return. No matter how articulate Balbo was, this invitation could only be stuck in his throat.

Balbo thought about it for a while before deciding not to beat around the bush. The President coughed, clearing his throat, and then his expression became serious. “Felic, I'm not sure if you have any interest in joining the Pharmacists Guild?”

“This…” Lin Li was really troubled. In the afternoon, Old Grimm had asked him to be a guest speaker and got rejected. He did not think that this President would not give up and came over personally. Lin Li thought about it, and decided to clarify his words. “President Balbo, you should know that I am a member of the Jarrosus Guild of Magic. I'm afraid it might not be suitable to switch over to the Pharmacists Guild?”

“Felic…” This young man's rejection was already within Balbo's calculations. After thinking about it for a while, he brought forth the excuse he had prepared before. “Actually, there are some things that I thought of telling you in the morning. It's such a waste for a talented pharmacist like yourself to stay at a place like Jarrosus…”

After reaching this point, Balbo felt that his words were somewhat inappropriate, and he hastily made corrections. “Of course, I was not saying anything about the Jarrosus Guild of Magic. I'm only trying to tell you that a stage like Jarrosus is too small, there is no room for a genius like you. Do you know that I, Balbo, have lived for more than a hundred years and I have not seen a genius like you before? Do you know what it means to be a twenty year old pharmaceutics master? This means that if you are willing to work hard coupled with a suitable environment, you would be become a true pharmaceutics guru within ten years!”

“What about it?” Lin Li pouted his lips. He was too embarra.s.sed to tell Balbo that there was no need for ten years—he was already a pharmaceutics guru. The only thing that could move him might only be the unparalleled Divine Smith, but how could the visionary Divine Smith realm be reached purely by hard work and environment?

“Ok, then…” After meeting such an unambitious fella, Balbo could let out a sigh. “Even if you do not want to attain a higher pharmaceutical standard, you still require the necessary herbs, right? What the guild has is not just herbs, we also have immense wealth. As long as it's herbs you want, we will have the way to obtain it for you. Would the Jarrosus Guild of Magic be able to provide these for you? Stop lying to yourself, Felic. You and I are very clear on what sort of place Jarrosus is.”


“Also!” Without waiting for Lin Li to speak, Balbo already spoke unceasingly. “There is something you must know. Ever since the Dark Ages ended, the Pharmacists Guild is the closest ally of the Supreme Council. If you want to obtain a more powerful magical strength and learn even more profound magical knowledge, then joining the Pharmacists Guild is the best choice. What can you get from the Jarrosus Guild of Magic? An annual young mage's trial or a chance to learn once every three years? As long as you are willing to join the Pharmacists Guild, I can even personally request for you all sorts of lost incantations. Even Andoine can't access to some of them!”

“President Balbo…”

“Let me finish…” Once Balbo reached this point, he was already rather worked up. “Felic, I am not afraid to be honest with you. I made a big decision this time. As long as you join the Pharmacists Guild, I am willing to give up everything. You can ask Burnside, I have even prepared a copy of the Book of Ten Thousand Spells for you. As long as you are willing to join, this treasure that has been pa.s.sed down from the Dark Ages would belong to you!”

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