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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 232 - Taking Action In Person

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Chapter 231: Milo Went Mad

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“President Balbo, can I have a go?” Just as the group of pharmacists were looking at each other in hopes of someone else stepping up to demonstrate, a young man's voice suddenly came from the crowd.

“This is…” Balbo frowned. The young man that stepped out from the crowd seemed rather unfamiliar. As President of the Pharmacists Guild, it could be said that Balbo was very familiar with all of pharmacists in the Felan Kingdom. Even people like Hoffman enjoyed a close friends.h.i.+p with him, but Balbo did not have any impression of that young man that just stood up.

“h.e.l.lo, President Balbo. I am Milo, and I am from Thunder City's Guild of Magic.”

“Oh, so it's Mage Milo…”

“President Balbo, you're too courteous.” Under the gaze of Balbo, Milo was unusually calm, but his fists that were hidden under the robe had already been clenched tightly.

When Old Grimm was writing down the recipe, Milo already knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. At that instant, he almost fainted from happiness. Milo had never imagined that such a coincidental thing could happen in this world. Of all the potion recipes in the Pharmacists Guild or even the whole Felan Kingdom, he had unexpectedly saw one that was similar to a recipe in Thunder City's library.

Most importantly, the one he saw at the library by coincidence was more detailed than the one Balbo had. Not only were there all sorts of techniques added inside, there were even different research notes left behind by numerous pharmacists.

In the past ten years, be it himself or his mentor Amman, they had been constantly trying to concoct the potion mentioned in the recipe.

For the duo, that recipe was like a treasure. All the techniques mentioned inside had made both of them lost in astonishment. The research in the past ten years not only allowed Amman to have a stable position as a high-ranked pharmacist, but also allowed Milo to attain the peak of middle rank pharmacist in his twenties. Maybe within a few years, he would be able to break through and become a respected senior pharmacist just like his mentor. After this, it would naturally be master pharmacist. If he could really become a master pharmacist, even Andoine would not be able to berate him at will, not to mention his disciple Felic.

How could that Felic amount to anything. If it was magic power, Milo was already a level-thirteen Magic Shooter. Breaking through to the Archmage realm before he was thirty was within close reach. If it was pharmaceutical knowledge, he had already reached the peak of middle level. He could become a high-level pharmacist anytime. What did that Felic have? He even knew nothing about the High Elves' language. Look at what he'd just done now, he had been embarra.s.sed by that fatty for not knowing the High Elves' language. Everyone in the guild hall had been staring at him. If it was Milo, he might have had to kill himself.

The only thing he had that won against Milo was just luck.

He was lucky and met a good teacher.

As a disciple of a legendary-mage, even if he was not as hardworking or smart as Milo, his teacher would have arranged everything for him. All he had to do was to relax and let others find a way out. To put it bluntly, he was just a good for nothing second generation.

Pff. Other than being lucky, you aren't even fit to be my servant. When Milo stood at the front of the potion table, he even glanced at Lin Li. The provocation in his eyes could even be seen clearly by a blind person.

“Idiot…” Lin Li rubbed his nose and lowered his head. It was really difficult for trash like Milo to pique his interest.

“Mage Milo, please.” Balbo's mood today was really decent. When Milo walked to the front of the potion table, Balbo even personally brought him a clean goblet.

“Thank you,President Balbo.” When Milo took the goblet, his fingers were shaking slightly. He knew that he was one step closer to success. President Balbo personally pa.s.sing a goblet meant that he recognized Milo. If Milo could complete this recipe, it would not be difficult to apply for the Pharmacists Guild.

If he was successful in joining the Pharmacists Guild, everything would be easier. With his diligence and intelligence, becoming outstanding at the Pharmacists Guild was something to be expected soon. Once it reached that point, even Andoine would not be able to disrespect him!

Success or failure would depend on this.

Milo suppressed his excitement and carefully categorized the ten different herbs. Even though his movements were not as proficient as Hoffman's, for his age, they were praiseworthy. Similarly, the Dragon Tongue Orchid and the Silverleaf were placed together while he was processing the different herbs separately.

After that, it was different from Hoffman.

The concoction process was exactly the same as how the recipe described. The Thousand Leaves Gra.s.s was carefully crushed and mixed with the sap of the Condensing Flower. After that, they were poured into the mithril crucible, and the endless heating process began. During this process, Milo carefully adjusted the temperature of the flame as though he had accurately measured it before. Every adjustment had exactly allowed the sap in the crucible to be close to boiling, but it did not produce any bubbles. At the same time, his other hand did not stop moving. The Dragon Tongue Orchid was placed into the crucible first, followed by a Void Flower, and then Thousand Binding Vines.

The working procedure that completely followed as prescribed stunned the group of pharmacists.

It seemed like this mage that was called Milo was overconfident.

It was not a simple task to completely achieve and maintain the balance of ten herbs. Even the senior pharmacists present that had spent tens of years on pharmaceutics did not dare to try something like that, not to mention this young person that was in his twenties. Did he see that a few pharmacists had consecutively went up and tried to take a shortcut? Did he think that his techniques were better than those of people who were present?

But in a short moment, the group pharmacists were speechless.

It was because they saw that the whole concoction process was flawless. From start to finish, every detail was taken care of. Every change was dealt with, and the whole process was surprisingly fast. Before the crowd could even react, Milo had already added the ninth herb into the crucible. They saw a stalk of sunflower being engulfed by the boiling liquid, and it emitted a weak flare. The group of pharmacists could not hold it in anymore.

“Oh my G.o.d, he succeeded again…”

Nine out of ten herbs had already been added, and there was not a single accident. This also meant that only the Moonlight Gra.s.s had to be added last, and this extremely difficult recipe would be totally completed by this young man.

Milo stared at the boiling liquid inside the crucible. He did not dare to add the Moonlight Gra.s.s into it. This last step was too crucial. It concerned whether Balbo would give him recognition, and his ability to enter the Pharmacists Guild that he had always dreamt of.

The gazes of everyone, including Balbo's, simultaneously landed on Milo. Everybody wanted to see if this young mage could actually complete the last step.

“Sigh…” Once Lin Li saw this, he heaved a sigh.

Honestly, Milo being able to reach this step had already surpa.s.sed his expectations.

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Unfortunately, he still failed because he had not added the Moonlight Gra.s.s yet.

“Ok, ok, ok. Connoris, I promise you that I will definitely release you by today. How about that?”

“Really?” Connoris voice was filled with doubt. He was perfectly clear about the character of this kid that was speaking to him. To put it nicely, it would be cautious. To put it bluntly, it would be suspicious. Whenever he promised you something without hesitation, you had to be careful of falling into his trap.

“If you don't believe, then forget it…” Lin Li had no mood to be probed by him because he had distinctly heard somebody call his name.

“Then you'd better remember…” Connoris did not dare to question further. If he was not forced to, he would not want to offend this youngster. After all, Connoris had to depend on him for many things. Just to obtain a new body, it would have to wait till Lin Li reached the Legendary Realm, not to mention the others.

“I know, I know. If there is nothing else, hurry back into the ring…” Lin Li impatiently cut off the communication.

Who knew that once he raised his head, he saw Milo charging over to himself.

“F*ck!” Lin Li had a shock. What sort of stimulation did this guy receive? Why did he suddenly become a lunatic?

“I'll kill you!” Milo's eyes were red, and his hand tightly held onto a shard of the broken goblet. The gla.s.s cut his palm and blood was flowing from the wound, but Milo did not feel anything. He was like a raging tiger as he charged over to Lin Li. The empty other hand was grabbing onto Lin Li's neck. From the looks of it, he really wanted Lin Li dead.

“Let… Let go!” Lin Li, being unprepared, almost lost his breath after being grabbed on the neck by Milo. He squeezed out “let go” with difficulty and his face was flushed from being choked.

“As*hole, you ruined my potion. I must kill you!” Milo had been consumed by rage. He did not listen to anything that Lin Li said.

This time, Lin Li started to get angry.

You don't want to listen when I'm being nice? Then don't blame me for being rough!

Due to the rage, Lin Li did not try to reason it out with Milo. He pulled away the arm that was holding his neck and lashed out a kick…

A “bam!” made the whole guild pharmaceutical lab silent.

The group of pharmacists stared at each other. n.o.body imagined that this seemingly frail mage actually had such a terrifying strength. With a kick, Milo flew at least six or seven meters away. This, this, this.. Was this a strength that a mage should have? Could it be that this guy was a robe-wearing warrior?

The strength of a blacksmith guru was almost similar to a level-5 warrior. This kick had landed right on Milo's stomach; how could a mage withstand it? After this kick, Milo lay down on the ground and arched his body like a shrimp. The painful groans escaped from his throat continuously, and in between were some venomous curses.

“Lunatic…” Lin Li adjusted his crumpled robe before cursing with a confused expression.

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