Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 230 - Shortcut

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Chapter 229: Void Power Potion Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

But just by looking, Lin Li knew that it was hopeless.

This old man was obsessed. Old Grimm had just taken out a pen from his pocket, and both of that old man's eyes were fixed on the scroll made of goat leather. He even felt like planting his face onto it, so how would he have the mood to help answer Lin Li's queries?

“This old man really…” Lin Li immediately rolled his eyes. He understood this old man too well. Once he placed his focus on potions, he wouldn't move even if you were to shout at him, not to mention giving him signals. Forget it, let's give up on this old man. Lin Li looked around, and just as when he was about to talk to the pharmacist that he had scolded, he suddenly heard Shaun talking to himself at the side.

Shaun's eyes stared straight at at the goat leather scroll. He was mumbling to himself continuously, “Thousand Leaves Gra.s.s and Dragon Tongue Orchid. So these are the herbs needed by pharmacists. Seems like I need to gather more next time…”

Lin Li had a shock on the spot. This fatty looked ordinary, but he actually knew the language of the High Elves.


“Ah?” Shaun turned over with a blank look. “What is it, Mr Mage…?”

“Fatty, let me ask you something.” Lin Li thought for a while, and prudently asked, “You know the High Elves Print?”

“I know a little.” The fatty nodded his head earnestly.

“Such a talented person…”

“I coincidentally learned it…”

“Such a coincidence…” Lin Li nodded his head and squeezed out a smile. “Fatty, how about helping me?”


Lin Li looked around sneakily before whispering to Shaun, “Help me translate that High Elves Print…”

When he said that, he felt guilty. The High Elves Print was a knowledge that every mage and pharmacist should know. It was especially so for people like Lin Li. As an archmage and pharmaceutics guru, he actually did not know the High Elves Print. If this were to spread, wouldn't it be very embarra.s.sing?

“What, you don't know the High Elves Print?!” Fatty's mouth went wide open and he stood up with a stupefied look. His loud voice was enough to be heard by almost half of the guild hall.

Instantly, tens of pharmacists looked over simultaneously.

All of their gazes were filled with disdain.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk… At this age, there actually is a pharmacists that does not know the High Elves Print. How did he even get in…”

“Hush, maybe he has a strong backing? Everything is possible, everything is possible. Let's just keep it to ourselves…”

“Yes, yes, yes, maybe he is Balbo's G.o.dson or something. Haha!”

“Lower your volume. Don't let Balbo hear this; otherwise, he would have no ends with you…”

With all these discussions, Lin Li wanted to dig a hole and hide inside it.

If it was not because there was a crowd, he'd land a kick on this d.a.m.ned fatty's face and ask him what was he thinking. I already lowered my voice so much, yet you still dared to be so loud. Forget about being loud, you even spread my disgrace. Aren't you pus.h.i.+ng me into the furnace?

F*ck, this is so embarra.s.sing…

“Fatty, you've got guts!” Lin Li lowered his head with guilt to escape from those disdainful gazes while looking at the fatty and gritting his teeth.


“Shut up!” It would be better if the fatty did not explain. That attempt at explanation made Lin Li even more furious. He breathed in heavily a few times, and forced himself to calm down before he gritted his teeth, and asked, “Hurry and help me translate, are you still trying to make me embarra.s.sed?”

“Yes, yes, yes… Oh, no, no, no. I didn't mean that. What I meant was I will help you translate immediately…” Shaun fumbled in his nervousness. A simple sentence was made to be incongruous by him.

“You still dare to be long-winded?”

“Ok, ok, ok…” Shaun instinctively withdrew his head and carefully translated for Lin Li. “What Mr. Burnside wrote down should be a potion formula. If we were to base our understanding on the text, it should be grinding the Thousand Leaves Gra.s.s, mixing it into Condensing Flower's sap, and heating. Then, before it boils, add in the Dragon Tongue Orchid, Netherbloom, Thousand Binding Vines…”

“Stop!” After hearing this, Lin Li suddenly stopped him.

The following content needed not be heard. Lin Li could recall it even with his eyes closed.

No wonder the Pharmacists Guild made it so grand. They even invited a clueless old man like Andoine, not to mention all of the pharmacists from the Felan Kingdom. It turned out that this mysterious potion formula was actually the Void Power Potion…

Lin Li shook his head. His gaze towards Balbo was somewhat filled with sympathy.

To concoct something like this was not something that could be done in one or two days.

The existence of the Void Power Potion was like a nightmare for most pharmacists.

There were as many as ten types of herbs. Just by looking at it, people would get dizzy. Furthermore, they had to make a potion out of them? This was not a simple potion that could be made just by simply adding the herbs in order and brewing it. Even a student that had just started would know that a potion was equivalent to a perfect world. In this world, all the medical characteristics would clash and attract each other. During this clash and attraction, it would result in a delicate yet harmonious balance.

The difficulty of the recipe would firstly be based on the required herbs.

The more the types of herbs were required, the higher the difficulty of the recipe would be.

The easiest recipes usually had one or two herbs. Some of them only required one. Those were the entry level potions. Just heating the sap that was extracted from the herb or brewing it after it had been thrown into the crucible would result in creating a potion.

As for the herbs required for high-level recipes, it was usually three types, or even four or five types. This was a true test of skills of a pharmacist.

Almost every high-level recipe would have a harsh requirement on the pharmacist's skill. The temperature could not be too high nor two low. Just a slight deviation would result in failure, wasting all of the efforts as the potion would become a bottle of poison. As for the proportions of the herbs, that would require an even more intricate grasp—it had to be exact. The concoction process required the ability to deal with all sorts of accidents. After all, humans were not robots. n.o.body dared to guarantee that there would be no mistakes. This would test the pharmacist's ability to adapt.

As for the Void Power Potion, it was one of the hardest recipes that Lin Li had ever seen.

The addition of ten types of herbs would turn the potion into a mess. Just finding a clue out of this whole mess would be able to thoroughly exhaust any pharmacist, what more to maintain a delicate balance between them? Furthermore, during this process, one had to be able to deal with all sorts of situations that might occur. For example, a change in the wind's direction or a change in temperature in the room. Even one's breathing would have to be uniform—if not, all the pharmacist would get in return was failure.

Lin Li remembered that back then in the Endless World, he'd spent a month trying to concoct the Void Power Potion.

During that month, Lin Li did not do anything else. He woke up and collected herbs every day. After collecting them, he would hide in the lab and stay there for the whole day. Every day, he would encounter at least a hundred failures. It was only one month later that he finally successfully concocted a bottle of Void Power Potion.

This first bottle of Void Power Potion also gave him the t.i.tle of the wealthiest man in the Endless World.

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This thing was too powerful. For a warrior, it was like a second life. Almost every day, countless warriors would use all sorts of communication methods to contact Lin Li to purchase this mythical potion that could give them a second life. Naturally, the price surged with the increasing demand. It started from ten thousand gold coins per bottle, and rose to two hundred thousand gold coins per bottle.

“What is a t.i.tle of guest pharmacist?”

“It means that I belong to the Pharmacists Guild on paper, but only I can raise requests to the guild. The guild cannot ask me to do anything. You should understand this, right?”

“You're dreaming…” Old Grimm rolled his eyes. He thought to himself, How is this any different from being the guild master?

“Then there's no other way…” Lin Li shook his head with a face full of regret.

“Forget it. Anyway, I am just a messenger. If you really are not interested, then I will help you reject Balbo, but I feel that Balbo will not be so easily dissuaded…”

“Oh, yes, Mage Grimm…” After being reminded by Old Grimm, Lin Li suddenly remembered something. Didn't the Elemental Arche Potion require some Leaves of Origin Tree? Instantly, Lin Li smiled obsequiously. “I have something to trouble an elder like you with. It's just that I don't know if an elder like you is willing to help…”

“What is it?” Old Grimm immediately put up his guard. He was too clear about this kid's personality. If it was not something difficult, why would he smile like that?

“Could you help me get some Leaf of the Origin Tree?”

Old Grimm frowned. “What do you want the Leaf of the Origin Tree for?”

“Somebody asked me for help to concoct a potion. I do have some of the materials on hand, but I am just lacking the Leaf of the Origin Tree. I know that the Pharmacists Guild would definitely have it, could you help me get some? Don't worry, I will not ask for it for free. I will add on another 20% of the market price of the Leaf of the Origin Tree for the Pharmacists Guild.”

“This…” Old Grimm hesitated for a moment, and his expression was rather troubled. “Honestly, Felic, even though my position in the Pharmacists Guild is not low, I've never handled guild's goods and materials. The right to use such goods and materials all lies in the hands of Balbo. Even if I want to help you, I don't know where to begin…”

“If that's the case…” Lin Li could not help but feel disappointed.

“However…” After Old Grimm reached this point, his words took an abrupt change. “I can help you think of an idea.”

“What idea?” Lin Li immediately became attentive.

“That recipe just now, you should have understood it, right? I'll honestly tell you, the Pharmacists Guild had invested a lot this time. If someone can complete that recipe and share what he has learned, the Pharmacists Guild will agree to one condition so long as it's within an achievable range. Whatever condition it is, it will be granted. Why don't you think of something from this perspective?”

“There's something so good like this?” After Lin Li heard this, his eyes immediately brightened up.

I've been stressed with how hard it was to reach the Shadow of the Darkness. The Pharmacists Guild actually had such a reward. Seems like this time, I'm afraid I have to rise up to the occasion!

“It really is something good, but it depends on whether you have what it takes.” After Old Grimm spoke with a face full of smiles, he then patted Lin Li on the shoulder. “Think of something. If you really can solve this recipe, I think Balbo would consent to you taking the whole inventory of the Pharmacists Guild, not to mention just the Leaf of the Origin Tree. Ok, I'll end it here. I still have something else to handle. I won't accompany you anymore.”

“Please take your leave.”

Lin Li sent off Old Grimm with his mind wandering. His gaze was fixed on that goat leather scroll.

Even though the words were written in the High Elves Print, for Lin Li, it was not different from the chinese characters that he was familiar with. It was because the whole concoction process had been locked in his memory. As long as he was willing, he would be able to solve all of the difficult problems that the Pharmacists Guild had.

In the center of the guild hall, Balbo had already finished speaking. Old Grimm was right, Balbo had indeed promised that if someone was able to complete this recipe and share the information, the Pharmacists Guild would agree to one request as long as it was within their capacity.

Balbo was leaning on deck chair resting when he saw Old Grimm coming over. The president rose up, and asked hurriedly, “How was it?”

“Nothing much.” Old Grimm shook his head. “I've already said it. This fella, Felic, would definitely not be willing to leave Jarrosus. You just won't give up…”

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