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Chapter 228 - Secret Recipe

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Chapter 227: Genius Pharmacist

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The group of pharmacists had been scolded till they were in a daze…

It was like they had been slapped and did not dare to dodge it.

There was no other way—they could not dodge it.

All of the tens of people present were pharmacists. How could they not know the theory behind the Catalytic Potion? No matter how angry a person was, they knew that what this young mage said was at least ninety percent true.

In other words, if this young mage had not taken any action, there was ninety percent chance that they would have been dead.

Put in a more exaggerated manner, that icicle had saved the whole Pharmacists Guild.

Take a look again at how they'd treated this young mage.

After he'd shot out an icicle and destroyed the goblet, almost everyone unanimously requested President Balbo to punish him severely. n.o.body wanted to listen to his explanation, or even more so the reason why he'd done it. As for Elin making a move after turning angry from embarra.s.sment, n.o.body stopped it. Some people were even secretly happy. They were all hoping that Elin would kill this fella that had wrecked the Pharmacists Guild's tens of years of hard work.

Balbo spoke at the end and gave him a chance to explain.

n.o.body believed that he could give a logical explanation. As for the time when he'd requested a gla.s.s of water, n.o.body cared. They were all waiting for him to fumble.

Logically, giving an apology was a logical thing to do after making such a big mistake.

But the problem was that each and every one of the pharmacists present was somebody with status and position. They had been severely reprimanded today by a young kid that was in his twenties. No matter how good a person's temperament was, would he want to lose face?

In an instant, the audience were incomparably awkward. It was not right to apologize, and neither was it okay to argue. The tens of pharmacists just stood there in a daze, waiting for Balbo to make the final decision.

“Elin, I need an explanation.” When Balbo looked at his only disciple, his expression was abnormally calm.

“Master Balbo, I…” Elin opened his mouth, but he realized that he was unable to explain. Out of all the tens of people present, he knew best that what the young mage said just now was not wrong. The Spirit Addiction Leaf had indeed been added to this bottle of Catalytic Potion, and his thinking back then was indeed to try and block it.

If his gamble had succeeded, his name would be written down in the history of pharmaceutical development.

If his gamble had failed, it would have been just another potion incident.

Of course, when Elin made this decision, he did not think that the consequences would be so severe. He had thought that if this test were to fail, it would just be another small incident. What was blowing up a pharmaceutical lab and injuring a few pharmacists going to amount to? As long as he did not injure anyone important or damage the fundamentals of the Pharmacists Guild, he would just have to wipe his tears after the whole incident at the very most given his status as Balbo's disciple.

At the beginning, he'd thought that he'd made the right choice, but he did not think that he'd even almost lost his underpants.

He wrecked his brains, but he could not understand where this mage came from. Why would he have such a deep understanding about the Catalytic Potion? Why did he have to appear at this time? If he were slightly later, even by just a few minutes, Elin would have dealt with this Catalytic Potion by then. How could all that had followed happen?

Unfortunately, he'd been too irresolute just now…

If he'd been more determined and used the Divine Fire to kill the other party, n.o.body would have ever realized anything even if the Catalytic Potion had any issues.

Thinking till this point, Elin could not help but feel regret. However, even if he were to regret now, it was useless. It would be better to think about how to answer Master Balbo's interrogation.

“Elin, I'm waiting for you explanation.”

“Master Balbo, I've made a mistake.” Elin gritted his teeth and gave up on arguing.

Elin was not really an idiot. Everyone present was a senior pharmacist, and his own mentor represented the highest standard of pharmaceutics in the whole Felan Kingdom. How could his little trickery avoid their detection? Everything already had received a final verdict. Master Balbo's questioning was just a formality. If he were to continue arguing, not only would he fail to persuade anyone, but he would also lose Master Balbo's trust instead.

“Yes.” Balbo nodded. Elin admitting to his mistakes willingly was somewhat out of his expectations. In an instant, his expression became somewhat gentler. “Elin, seems like my discipline towards you back then was lacking. Before obtaining a deep understanding of pharmaceutical knowledge, you should learn how to behave yourself. From today onwards, your status will revert to being a student. You are not to skip any of the that a student of the guild has to do. Additionally, I need to remind you not to try your luck. If I find out about anything, I will immediately chase you out of the Pharmacists Guild. Do you understand?”

After Balbo spoke, most of the pharmacists were in daze.

The adjudication this time round could not be any more severe.

The rules of Pharmacists Guild had always been lax. No matter how serious the mistake was, it would at most end with just a scolding. After all, everyone was somebody with wealth and status. Even if Balbo was the president of the Pharmacists Guild, it was not possible for him to come up with a punishment with a cold expression. It was even more so that he could not be like Gerian, scolding mothers as and when he liked. In the Pharmacists Guild, to be demoted to a student was just next to being expelled from the Pharmacists Guild.

“I'll remember it, Master Balbo.” After Elin finished listening, he was relieved. Luckily, Master Balbo did not give up on him. As long as he was not chased out of the Pharmacists Guild, with just the status of being Balbo's disciple, would it matter to be a student?

“Ok, you can leave now.” Balbo waved his hands; he seemed to be somewhat exhausted. “Reflect on your actions today. Once you're done, come look for me again.”


After Elin left, the whole pharmaceutical lab became quiet again.

Tens of pharmacists stood there and looked at each other. All of them looked awkward. n.o.body was willing to lose face and speak first.

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Lin Li was not bothered. After all, he had already scolded them and performed a trick. Even though he suffered from injustice earlier, he had already vented his anger. All these tens of pharmacists who were people with wealth and status had already been scolded by him till there was dirt in their faces. They did not even dare to say anything. How could he not be satisfied.

When these three people left, the guild pharmaceutical lab seemed to be empty.

The gazes of the pharmacists were all fixed on Balbo. Everybody knew that this incident, on the surface, had been resolved. The Pharmacists Guild's true approach would have to wait for Balbo to make the final decision.

“Maxim…” After Balbo muttered to himself, he then called the middle-aged pharmacist over again. “Help me go and get Burnside to come over. Tell him that I have something important to ask him.”


“Ai…” After Maxim left, Balbo looked at the broken gla.s.s shards again. His eyes could not help but show regret. “Seems like what Burnside told me initially is not Felic's full potential. If I knew this, I should have clarified further and invited him while representing the Pharmacists Guild when he was still at Jarrosus. Unfortunately, it's too late now. Such a talent actually came to Alanna. How could Aldwin, that old fox, be willing to let him go? If I did not guess wrongly, I'm afraid the Guild of Magic has long prepared all sorts of methods to keep him…”

“President, are you trying to say that you want to directly invite this Felic into the Pharmacists Guild?” Herman, who was at the side, had a shock. He had been at the Pharmacists Guild for tens of years, and he had never seen President had such a thought before. Even if it was Burnside back then, it only took a few higher-ups to collaborate together and send him an invitation.

But this time, it was President personally sending an invitation.

Could such a difference be described clearly in just one or two sentences?

Once such an invitation was sent out, it could be said that once that Felic entered the Pharmacists Guild, he would automatically receive a rather high position.

“Of course…” Balbo nodded as though he did not even feel how surprising his words were. “Did you not see it just now? The pharmaceutical knowledge this young man exhibited is not something a normal pharmacist's knowledge can compare to. The recipe of the Catalytic Potion is only known to core members even within the Pharmacists Guild. But among his words, there was not a single shred of difficulty. Think carefully, how many people within the Pharmacists Guild could explain the theory behind the Catalytic Potion with words that are easy to understand?”

“Indeed…” Herman thought about it for a while. In the end he had no choice but to admit that even though he has spent tens of years on the Catalytic Potion, it was an impossible task for him to explain the theory of the Catalytic Potion in a manner that was easy to comprehend just like that young man.

“If I am not mistaken, among the dozens of people present here, none apart from myself can compare to this young man's pharmaceutical standard. I'm afraid that within the Pharmacists Guild, only Burnside might be better than him.”

Once this was said, Herman was so scared that his face turned white. The worst of all pharmacists present was already nearing the high rank. The strongest would also be near the master rank. Based on what Balbo said, wasn't this young man already at the master level?

Herman did not dare to believe that this young man's pharmaceutical standard had already reached such a level. A master pharmacists in twenties. Even Maxim, who was already seventy, did not dare to imagine something like this.

“This is impossible. This is definitely impossible…”

“Herman, nothing is impossible. You have to admit that in this world, there will definitely be people that cannot be measured by common sense. Something that cannot be completed during one's lifetime can be completed by these people in a matter of minutes. A person like this is called a genius…”

“This…. President Balbo, I really can't believe it…”

“Forget it, don't force yourself. Even I am at a loss as to what to do, not to mention that you can't believe it.” Balbo shook his head, he could not help but show a wry smile. “Let's wait. Wait till Burnside is here. Hopefully he can give me some good suggestions. I'm afraid a genius pharmacist like this hasn't appeared in Anril for a thousand years…”

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