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Chapter 227 - Genius Pharmacist

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Chapter 226: Outburst

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“Why don't I perform a magic trick for everyone?” Lin Li spoke while taking a clean goblet from the side. Anyhow, he had already fallen out with this bunch of pharmacists. Lin Li did not intend on being polite with them. After taking the goblet, he turned back and asked rudely, “Oh, yes, who can help me get a gla.s.s of clean water?”

The group of pharmacists stared each other. All of them were at a loss for words. The thickness of the fella's face was almost as thick as the city walls of Alanna. Every single one of those pharmacists present was somebody of status and with big backing. To be able to stand there peacefully and watch him perform a magic trick was already giving enough respect. They did not think that this guy was going to ask for a yard after getting an inch. He even dared to ask someone to fetch him clean water. This was simply treating the Pharmacists Guild as the backyard of his house.

“Who would be willing to help you fetch it…” The group of pharmacists had tacit understanding with each other. They stared at the ceiling together. n.o.body was willing to care about that thick skinned fella.

In an instant, the atmosphere became really awkward.

In the end, it was Balbo that spoke. He called that middle-aged pharmacist over. “Maxim, get him some water.”

“Ok.” The President had spoken, so, naturally, Maxim would not dare to neglect it. After nodding, he quickly fetched a gla.s.s of water for Lin Li.

“Thank you.” Lin Li poured the water into the goblet. At the same time, he put the shard from the goblet's remnants into it. That spot of red remnant started to dissolve in the water. It looked like string that was swimming.

This bit of the Catalytic Potion's remnants was not a lot. After dissolving in the clear water, other than an indistinct shred of red, n.o.body could feel its presence.

“Ok, everyone please step back a bit.” Lin Li carefully placed the goblet on the mithril rack and lit up an amethyst lamp at the bottom to allow the orange flame to gently grill the bottom of the goblet. After doing all those, Lin Li took more than ten steps back. While stepping back, he reminded everyone, “If you are a mage, please use the Spell of Frost. If you are a warrior, please release your combat energy. If you are none of the above, then I wish you good luck…”

The temperature within goblet rose as the small orange flame danced. The calm surface of the water started rippling, and a white smoke started to permeate the air. That indistinct red color started to move vigorously within the water.

The guild pharmaceutical lab was eerily quiet. Everyone's eyes, including Balbo's and Andoine's, were fixed on that gla.s.s of water. They wanted to see what sort of magic this young man was trying to perform.

Everyone clearly saw that after moving one round around the cup, the shred of red would dull for a bit. The red string only completely disappeared when the water in the goblet started boiling…


A loud sound was heard almost at the same time. After that, a dazzling flare bloomed and boiling droplets of water spattered around, producing a “ta ta ta” sound as they struck the table. Countless fine shards of gla.s.s were like bullets, scattering around with a shrill.

“…” The few pharmacists that were standing at the front had been frightened. Luckily, they listened to Lin Li just now and drew up frost armor. Otherwise, these fine gla.s.s shards would disfigure at least half of them, if not take their lives when they scattered.

“Luckily…” Listening to the crisp sounds produced by the Frost s.h.i.+eld being hit, a few pharmacists simultaneously wiped off their cold sweat. This was too dangerous. The power of that explosion could rival at least a level-five spell. Think about it: struck by the aftermath of a level-five spell without any protection, what would have become of them?

Those in a daze were not limited to just those few. Even those pharmacists standing in the corner that were not struck by the shock wave were also standing there with shocked expressions. n.o.body had imagined that this gla.s.s of water would harbor such a terrifying strength.

Furthermore, that was just a tiny bit of the Catalytic Potion.

If it'd been that goblet full of Catalytic Potion that exploded just now, wouldn't the whole Pharmacists Guild been blown straight to the heavens?

“Felic, can you explain the theory behind it?” Balbo frowned. His tone was much better than before.

He clearly saw that when the goblet of water exploded, this young mage did not pull any tricks. The thing that'd triggered this explosion could only be the power of the Catalytic Potion.

Seems like this bottle of Catalytic Potion has problems…

“It's very simple, President Balbo.” Lin Li smiled and swept off the gla.s.s shards stuck to his robe. “You should know the principles of the Catalytic Potion better than me. It's simply concentrating elemental power to high levels and forcibly injecting a mage's body through pharmaceutical methods. With these elemental power as the added ingredient, it would stimulate the user's mental strength and mana to the extreme, allowing a mage to exhibit a power that was far greater than his level.”

“Yes.” Balbo nodded, signaling the other party to continue.

“To achieve this result, the herbs are naturally of high importance. Firstly, let us take a look at the six herbs required for the Catalytic Potion. Dragon Tongue Orchid, Flame Flower, Mind Gra.s.s, Frost Vine, Leaf of the Blazing Tree. There's no need to talk about these five; they are all herbs that harbor immense elemental power. In addition, we would still need to add in large amounts of Rainbow Herb. Why does the Catalytic Potion require large amounts of Rainbow Herb? Isn't it for stimulating the mage's potential and to increase his mental strength to the maximum within a short period?

“Therefore, the problem arises.” Upon reaching this point, Lin Li paused slightly. “The use of the Rainbow Herb is to stimulate the growth of mental strength. This is common knowledge even among children, but does everyone remember that the Rainbow Herb still has another unique point? It's elemental composition is not stable, especially when it reaches high temperatures. The composition of the Rainbow Herb would undergo a ma.s.sive change, and this change is the biggest challenge in making the Catalytic Potion.”

“Indeed…” The group of pharmacists could not help but nod.

“The difficulty of the Catalytic Potion lies here. When the composition of the Rainbow Herb changes, it would definitely affect the other five herbs as well. With the elemental power they harness, it would become a disaster to anyone when there is an accident.” After Lin Li said that, he started to smile. “As for the result of the disaster, I believe everyone has seen it.”

This time, even Balbo could not help but nod.

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He had indeed seen the result of the changes.

“Speaking of the Spirit Addiction Leaf, I would have to add…” Upon reaching this point, Lin Li looked at Elin while smiling from ear to ear. “Mr. Elin, you really are an idiot. When the elemental power overflows, you should immediately realize that this would cause a serious incident instead of thinking of a way to block it. Look at what you've used to block it? Spirit Addiction Leaf!”

“What's wrong with the Spirit Addiction Leaf?” Elin asked in a vexed manner.

“What's wrong with the Spirit Addiction Leaf? Since you've asked me in this way, it seems like I really underestimated how thick-skinned you are, Mr. Elin. The Spirit Addiction Leaf is one of the most basic magic materials. It could use the fastest rate to absorb elemental power. If I'm not mistaken, you used the Spirit Addiction Leaf to absorb the overflowing elemental power, right?

Elin did not say anything, but the expression on his face tacitly admitted it for him.

“Then do you know what changes the Spirit Addiction Leaf will undergo after absorbing elemental power?” After Lin Li said that, his expression became unsightly. “Let me tell you. Once the Spirit Addiction Leaf has absorbed elemental power, it would start to emit light and heat!”

After that was said, the whole guild pharmaceutical lab immediately became silent.

The scene where the water exploded had left a deep impression in everyone. Now, how could they not understand what kind of frightening results would occur once the Spirit Addiction Leaf started to emit light and heat?

“The addition of the Leaf of the Origin Tree itself could already fuse the six elements together tightly. Once the Spirit Addiction Leaf starts to emit light and heat, it would immediately cause the Rainbow Herb to go on a rampage. After that it would be a chain reaction. If it were not because I was quick in striking down your goblet, the whole Pharmacists Guild would have been blown to the heavens now…”

“Mr. Elin, you're President Balbo's disciple. It's impossible for you not to understand such basic pharmaceutical knowledge.” When Lin Li reached this point, the gaze which he looked at Elin with was filled with mockery. “Of course, I can understand your thoughts. It was just a gamble. If this cup of Catalytic Potion were to succeed, your name would go down in the history of pharmaceutical development. Who would not be moved by such eternal glory?

“Honestly, I am very curious, Mr. Elin. From the beginning, I always wanted to ask you that when you were gambling, did you think of the other pharmacists? Did you think of President Balbo? Did you think about us, the innocent pharmacists that came to take part in this gathering? Look at the hall below, hundreds of pharmacist from all over the Felan Kingdom have come here. It's best if you look carefully—they are here to exchange pharmaceutical knowledge, not to be blown to heaven by you.

“I…” Once Elin heard the phrase “Spirit Addiction Leaf”, his mind started to tighten. His fair and refined face immediately became pale.

He opened his mouth, trying to explain himself, but just as he said “I”, he was immediately shut down harshly by Lin Li.

“What about you?” Lin Li glared at Elin; his tone was filled with a rage that could not be restrained. “Prioritizing the chance to leave your name in pharmaceutical history over your life is your own problem. If you're willing to gamble with your life, then it's just you seeking death. Don't f*cking drag me into it, not to mention trying to act as the victim with an innocent look and making moves at me while feeling wronged. If you have the guts, just try it again. If I don't kill you, I'll write my name backwards!”

Everyone were at a loss of what to do when facing Lin Li's sudden outrage. Even Balbo's gaze towards Lin Li was filled with remorse.

“And all of you!” After scolding Elin in his face, Lin Li's anger had still not simmered down. He turned around and stared at the pharmacists tauntingly. “All of you idiots, do you know what you are doing? Praising buoyantly while helping this idiot kill people. F*ck. The saying “helping others even though you've been had” is meant for you idiots!”

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