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Chapter 226 - Outburst

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Chapter 225: Sudden Change Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Just a little more and I can blow up that thing in front…


There was a sudden crisp sound, and the goblet full of red liquid was instantly spilled everywhere.

The whole guild pharmaceutical lab was eerily quiet. Everyone stood there while staring in bewilderment. They looked as the icicle smashed the goblet, and the goblet full of Catalytic Potion started leaking out…

The tens of Pharmacists were stunned.

n.o.body thought that while the whole Pharmacists Guild was drowning in joy, there would actually be someone that shot an icicle to smash the goblet. Even more so, n.o.body thought that the person who did it was a guest that the President had invited. That was the Catalytic Potion, something that had puzzled the Pharmacists Guild for tens of years. It actually been destroyed by someone without rhyme or reason.

Andoine was also stunned. He was waiting at the side to see what was so special about this potion that even Felic said was dangerous. Yet, after waiting for so long, he only waited for an icicle flying out of Felic…

When that crisp sound traveled over, Andoine was shocked in an instant.

This was going to be a big problem…

Andoine rubbed his eyebrows with a pounding head, thinking of how to solve the problem this time. This was the Pharmacists Guild—any pharmacist could be said to be a figurehead with big backing. Furthermore, what Felic had destroyed was the tens of years of hard work of the Pharmacists Guild. It could even be said that this icicle had made him the enemy of all the pharmacists in the Felan Kingdom. How could offending the Marathon Family be compared to this problem?

Andoine's head was really pounding. He could not understand—why would Felic do this?

Although this kid always caused trouble, the old man had not thought that he would go overboard today. Even in the issue with the Marathon Family, Andoine helped him clear up the mess. Although Andoine scolded him, but in his mind, he was secretly praising him. Well done!

But this time, even Andoine could not help but grumble…

What do you think you have done? The Pharmacists Guild has been busy for the past tens of years all because of this Catalytic Potion. You're good. You've destroyed it with an icicle. This, this, this… Isn't this too harsh?

"Felic, why did you do that?" Even though Balbo's expression was calm, the anger in his voice could not be concealed.

He totally could not understand why would this young mage do that.

In terms of relations.h.i.+p, he had been friends with Andoine for tens of years. When Balbo was in Jarrosus, he helped him break through to the Magic Shooter realm. Such a friends.h.i.+p was not trivial. In terms of gains, the Catalytic Potion was something that every mage dreamed of. Both master and disciple had seen the success of the Catalytic Potion with their own eyes. When the gathering ended, Balbo would definitely gift them a few bottles as a welcoming gift. What reason did he have to destroy a benefit that he had already obtained?

On top of that…

He himself was a pharmacist, so how could he not understand what this Catalytic Potion meant to the Pharmacists Guild? This was tens of years of hard work. To destroy somebody else's tens of years of hard work, wasn't he afraid of the reprisal of the Pharmacists Guild?

"This, I think I can explain it…" After confirming that the goblet of red liquid had finally spilled all over the floor, Lin Li then let out a huge breath. He pushed aside two pharmacists that were looking at him angrily while speaking to Balbo with a smile.

"How are you going to explain?" Before Balbo could speak, Elin's eyes were red with fury. It was as if he was consumed by rage. His fair and refined face was twisted. Both of his eyes had a fatal gleam. That ferocious expression seemed like he wanted to swallow Lin Li with a single gulp.

Of course Elin would lose his composure…

A c.u.mbersome problem that had troubled the Pharmacists Guild had been finally solved by him today. It was not exaggerating to say that with just this bottle of Catalytic Potion, it was enough for him to enter the Pharmacists Guild's records. Even if it was hundreds or thousands of years later, pharmacists of the future generations would always remember a person called Elin who was the first to successfully concoct the Catalytic Potion.

This was a chance to be crowned with eternal glory. Who would not be moved by it?

Elin had never imagined that this unfamiliar mage would suddenly appear, shooting out an icicle and destroying his chance at obtaining eternal glory.

In an instant, Elin fell from heaven and straight into h.e.l.l. How could he not lose his composure?

From Elin's perspective, even if this young mage were to die tens of thousands of times, it would not be enough to compensate for his loss. The composition of the Catalytic Potion was very complex. With the clash of several materials, the changes it would bring about were astronomical. Even if Elin had succeeded once, he could not guarantee that he would be able to succeed again. Furthermore, the successful sample had been destroyed. To him, to concoct another bottle would be equivalent to trying it anew. This might take a year or even his whole life—he might not even concoct another bottle of genuine Catalytic Potion ever again.

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Lin Li laughed as if he had never seen such a ferocious glare from Elin. "Actually, I feel that you should thank me."

"Elin, stop." Balbo's face was purple with rage. All of this today was simply a farce to him. A gathering that was going well had been turned into a mess by an icicle. He had to stop this farce from continuing.

"Master Balbo…" Balbo had already spoken. No matter furious Elin was, he could only obediently listen to his orders. Even though the flames on his hands had dissipated, the fire in his eyes grew even stronger. When he stared at Lin Li, he wished that he could incinerate Lin Li.

"Ok, we'll talk later if there is anything else." After Balbo stopped Elin, he turned around and looked at Lin Li. "Mage Felic, I hope that you can explain yourself properly."

"Ok, President Balbo." From Felic to Mage Felic. Even a blind person could tell this obvious change in address. Balbo was really angry. Lin Li did not dare to be negligent. His expression became unusually serious. "Firstly, I need to tell everyone that you really were in danger just now…"

"Nonsense!" A group of pharmacists almost sprung up. This kid was really too shameless. It had already come to this point and he still dared to say something so unscrupulous. Could it be that he really thinks that the Pharmacists Guild can be bullied?

"As*hole!" Elin was unable to restrain his anger. He could not believe that there would be anyone so shameless in this world. He had destroyed Elin's chance at eternal glory and even dared to ask Elin to thank him.

"Elin, shut up." Balbo glared at his disciple before forcing out a polite smile. "Mage Felic, please continue."

"I don't care if you admit it or not, but these are all facts." Lin Li smiled apathetically. The reaction from pharmacists was within his calculations. He just turned around and stared at Elin. "What have you added to the potion other than the Leaf of the Origin Tree? Do you dare to say it in front of everyone?"

"Nonsense!" Elin was agitated and his eyes were bloodshot. It was as if he had suffered from a huge grievance, but he could not help but feel uncertain. n.o.body knew that he had added something into the Catalytic Potion. Could it be that this unfamiliar mage had discovered something?

"I'm not spouting nonsense, you know it yourself." Lin Li stared at Elin for a while and suddenly laughed. "But it's alright. It doesn't matter if you don't want to say it. I can help you. Helping others is happiness, anyway. I've always enjoyed helping others…"

After Lin Li spoke, he slowly bent down and picked up a shard from the goblet's remnants.

The shard was no bigger than a thumb, and there was red mark on it. Under the the gaze of everyone, it was especially brilliant.

Everyone knew that that mark should be the remnant of the Catalytic Potion.

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