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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 225 - Sudden Change

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Chapter 224: Explosive Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

"It's true, President Balbo. Elin really succeeded. Come take a look with quickly!" The middle-aged Pharmacist had run till he was panting. He had said a lot, but he still had not caught his breath yet.

"Come, let's go take a look!" When Balbo opened the door, his skinny right hand was already shaking. This news was too shocking. For hundreds of years, n.o.body could concoct the Catalytic Potion. Finally, it saw the light of day once again at the Pharmacists Guild. Furthermore, the person that had solved this difficult problem was his only disciple. How could Balbo not be excited?

"Is it true?" Andoine's eyes lit up when he heard it. His expression was more excited than Balbo's. He placed the jade box on the table and left with Balbo without any greetings.

"This old man really…" Lin Li shook his head. He looked at the backs of those three leaving, and then he looked at the jade box on the table. In the end, he gritted his teeth and refrained from this temptation that was within reach.

Honestly, if Lin Li was more black-hearted, he would have hidden the Shadow of the Darkness.

After all, the concoction of the Catalytic Potion would cause a huge uproar within the Pharmacists Guild. There would be many people walking around, so who would know who had taken the Shadow of the Darkness.

Unfortunately, Lin Li was not thick-skinned enough. He could not commit such acts.

With Lin Li's personality, he would not abstain from murder and arson, but for pilfering, he would steer clear away from it. In his own words, it would be that bandits had a higher status than thieves.

Seems like this Pharmacists Guild has all sorts of talented people. Even the Catalytic Potion has been concocted. This is indeed something worth taking a look at… Lin Lin Li shook his head and followed Andoine. It was just that as he was about to leave, he looked at the jade box on the table with some attachment.

When Lin Li walked out, the guild's pharmaceutical lab had already been surrounded by numerous people. At a glance, there were tens of people. Most of them were wearing a gray robe. This was the dress code for members of the Pharmacists Guild. When Lin Li walked over, he immediately felt that there was a rich medicinal smell permeating the air coming from the crowd. Lin Li knew that these people were pharmacists that had been submerged in piles of herbs for tens of years.

At this time, tens of senior pharmacists were gathered together, and there was loud laughter coming from amongst the crowd. From its sound, it seemed as though it was from a young person.

"Well done, Elin. You deserve to be the President's favorite disciple!"

"Yes, yes, yes, Elin. This time, you were splendid. Not only did you surpa.s.s this group of old men, I'm afraid even President Balbo would have to see you differently!"

"Please don't say that, Uncle Maxim. Compared to Master Balbo, I'm still miles apart. I was lucky this time round. I was not very confident in the beginning. I only thought of casually trying, but I did not think that I'd actually succeed…"

"Elin, don't be so humble. We old men have been dealing with this Catalytic Potion for tens of years, so how could we not know the difficulty of concocting it? This time, you concocted it, so we, the Pharmacists Guild, would be honored by it. Who would dare to say that the Pharmacists Guild does not have any geniuses anymore!"

The crowd praised incessantly, causing the whole pharmaceutical lab to be very lively.

"President Balbo is here." The crowd did not know who said it. The bustling pharmaceutical lab instantly became quiet. The crowd instinctively split, making a path for the master and disciple.

"Master Balbo…" Elin seemed to be in his twenties. He was fair and refined. His luscious golden hair was meticulously cared for, and he was wearing a black robe that was befitting of him. His disposition was indeed identical to that of Balbo.

"Elin, not too bad." Even though Balbo's tone was calm, the excitement shown in his eyes could not be hidden. After all, Elin was his only disciple. He had solved the difficult problem that the Pharmacists Guild could not solve for tens of years at such a young age. How could he, as the master, not be excited?

"You praise me too much, Master Balbo. I was just luckier than others."

"Haha, Elin. There's no need to be humble with me. What you've solved is a problem that the Pharmacists Guild could not solve for tens of years. Such an accomplishment does not have enough praise. How about it, what sort of rewards do you want this time? How about this, didn't you mention last time that you wanted a set of purple crystal potion bottles? I will get Burnside to pa.s.s you a set later." Balbo was talking more and more under his elation. He was too happy today. Concocting the Catalytic Potion was secondary. Tens of years of dealing with it finally had some returns. For Balbo, this thing that was most worthy to be happy about was his disciple.

"Thank you, Master Balbo." Elin nodded. Although he did not say it, judging from his gaze, he could not help but feel proud. His mentor was the pharmacist of the highest standards in the Felan Kingdom. To be praised by him also meant that he had attained the acknowledgment from every pharmacist.

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With Elin's current age, it was like a miracle.

"That's right, this is it!" Lin Li immediately understood. No wonder he'd constantly felt something was off. It was because something that should not be added had been added to this bottle of Catalytic Potion.

"F*ck, this is bad!" After thinking that this could bring about a terrifying result, Lin Li's hairs instantly stood up.

This was the Catalytic Potion. Every herb used contained an immense elemental power. Especially the Rainbow Herb—it could be called the killer of all killers. Just a single use could cause a huge explosion of power. Furthermore, with the pharmaceutical processing, the unique composition could push this power to the extremes. Don't think that it was just a small goblet in Elin's hands. If any accident were to happen, even the whole Pharmacists Guild would run into a gigantic problem, not to mention this pharmaceutical lab.

"What is that, Elin? It's absurd!" Instantly, Lin Li hair stood on ends. The wellbeing of the crowd now was as doubtful as that of someone dancing on a blade. Look at that Elin, he was smiling more delightfully than anyone while holding a pile of explosives in his hands.

Lin Li was really curious as to whether that fella would still be smiling so delightfully if he knew that he was hold an explosive instead of a potion in his hands.

The pair of master and disciple, Balbo and Elin, were happily chatting about the experience of the concoction, and the group of pharmacists at the side were listening intently. Even the onlooking old man, Andoine, was in high spirits. n.o.body noticed that the red liquid within the goblet started go through some abnormal changes.

Logically, the potion would have cooled down after leaving the fire for such a long now. Yet now, the red liquid that filled the goblet started to bubble without rest. The white smoke was now coming out of the goblet continuously, causing the whole guild pharmaceutical lab to be pervaded with a white smoke.

The scariest thing was…

The magical waves emitted by the red liquid did not slowly stabilize. Instead, it was like the conversation between those two—it was becoming more vigorous and violent. That feeling even made Lin Li remember the battle at Jarrosus where Cromwell summoned the level-18 spell through his magical staff.

In this crowd of tens of Pharmacists, there was no lack of strong mental strength or sensitive sensory organs. If it was during a regular time, they would have noticed the abnormalities of the potion long ago. However, the crowd was submerged in joy. Even Andoine, a legendary-mage, did not discover the abnormal changes of this red liquid.

"Oh sh*t…!" This time, Lin Li could not be bothered anymore. He shoved away the pharmacists that were in front of him and made his way through furiously. At the same time, he was reciting a spell hastily and an icicle formed on his right immediately…

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