Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 224 - Explosive

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Chapter 223: Shadow of the Darkness

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“Ha ha…” Lin Li laughed dully. He did not say anything. He had already made up his mind. No matter what you've heard, I will not say anything.

Are you kidding me, how could I admit to something like that?

Admitting to all the trouble he'd caused was a small issue—he was just afraid that Andoine would be interested in the recipe. With his headstrong character, he would definitely think of a way to get Lin Li to teach him the recipe. Furthermore, this old man was a legendary powerhouse. The herbs required for the Catalytic Potion would only take him a few days to gather. Should his brain short-circuit at that time and he would like to find someone to play with him, what could he do? It would be a small issue if the pharmaceutical lab exploded, but if he blew up his old head, it would be a ma.s.sive problem…

I will not admit it! I will not admit it even if it's the death of me!

Lin Li did not say anything, and Balbo could not do anything as well. He could only pull a vine chair over and sit down. Then, he placed that glittering and translucent jade box on the table with a mysterious smile before he said, “Oh, yes. Andoine, let me show you something nice.”

“What something nice…”

“Take a look…” Balbo gently opened the box, and white mist immediately burst from it. After that, a chilling bone-piercing aura started to permeate the air. Even though he was inside this warm little room, Lin Li could not help but s.h.i.+ver.

Through that white mist, Lin Li could clearly see that within the jade box—it was filled with intricate mageweaths. Lin Li knew that this had to be a high-leveled mageweath. It was just that it was very misty inside of the jade box, so he could not see clearly what the features of the mageweath were at that point.

He only faintly saw that there seemed to be a flickering light within the white mist.

“This…” Lin Li frowned. That thing seemed like a ring, but for some unknown reason, the magical wave emitted from the ring gave Lin Li an unusually familiar feeling.

“Andoine, I know that you are knowledgeable regarding the research of the Dark Ages, and even more so about the technical authority of the Felan Kingdom. I've invited you today to help me see what is the origin of this ring.”

“Let me see.” Andoine was also frowning. When he took the jade box from Balbo, he stared at the ring. “Balbo, where did you get this thing form?”

“Last month, someone use this to exchange for a batch of potions with me. I heard from him that he got it from historical remains of the High Elves. Quickly help me take a look, is it something from the High Elves?”

“It should be.” Andoine nodded, but he seemed rather uncertain. “But it's weird, the ring's use seems to be Mana Sealing Skill…”

“What's with the Mana Sealing Skill?”

“It's not that I want to criticize you, but you really are not knowledgeable. The High Elves never used the Mana Sealing Skill, because they thought that magical elements are free spirits. They should not be tied by any powers. From the High Elves' perspective, the Mana Sealing Skill is blasphemy towards magic.”

“Wait…” When Andoine reached this point, he suddenly recited two phrases of a curse. After that, a ring of light appeared in his hands and immediately covered the ring inside the jade box. Looking through the rapidly spinning light, it could be clearly seen that the ring inside the jade box was changing into a myriad of colors in tandem with the spinning of the light. It was like a rainbow was constantly flas.h.i.+ng within the jade box.

The whole process repeated itself. The seven colors flashed from ring, and then finally went back to the original color.

“That's right…” Andoine dispersed the light in his hands before speaking in a tone full of uncertainty, “I just used Time Lapse to take a look. It's definitely a magical item from the Dark Ages, but it's weird—what sort of High Elf would actually use the Mana Sealing Skill? Wasn't he afraid of angering the”

“Who am I supposed to ask if you ask me…”

“Let me think about it…”

Just as the two of them were talking, Lin Lu suddenly heard a voice beside his ear.

“Think of a way to obtain that ring.”

“Who's that?” Lin Li immediately had a shock, starting in his seat. Yet after looking left and right, he could only see Andoine and Balbo. Other than these two old men, how could there be anyone else around him?

“Felic, what's with you?” Andoine frowned.

“Nothing, I think a mosquito bit me.”

“Are there mosquitoes?” Luckily, Andoine just casually asked. After glancing at Lin Li, he turned around and started talking to Balbo again.

Lin Li looked around again, but he did not see anything. In the end, he could only sit down with uncertainty. However, when his b.u.t.t had just touched the vine chair, that voice appeared again beside his ear. “Be more composed.”

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“…” Lin Li almost started swearing. He thought to himself, Composed your as*. Your voice appeared out of nowhere, how could anyone be composed?

This fella was almost the death of Lin Li.

“Since this happened today, I reminded you in pa.s.sing. Anyway, do as you deem fit. If you want to start up the Eternal Furnace, you would need to find a way to obtain that ring.” Connoris' voice got softer and softer. Just when Lin Li thought he was going to leave, this fella suddenly said, “Oh, yes. When are you going to release me?”

“What's the rush? Since this is not urgent, I'll release you whenever I remember.”


“Hence, Mr. Great Soul Trader, I would have to inconvenience you for now.” After Lin Li spoke, he did not care about the screaming Connoris. He cut off his spiritual connection with the Ring of Endless Storm.

Without this trace of mental strength Connoris had accessed, it would not be a concern to Lin Li no matter how Connoris screamed.

When he finished dealing with Connoris, the two old men were almost done talking.

Andoine was indeed an authority when it came to High Elves. With just a small clue on the ring, he had slowly guessed that it was Osric's. Yet, it was unfortunate that he did not have a deep understanding of Osric's conduct. After all, it was just knowledge from books. If it was about familiarity with that, it would pale in comparison from Connoris', the soul trader that got killed by Osric's own hands.

Therefore, he had been entangled by that Mana Sealing Skill, and also unable to come in contact with the truth.

Lin Li shook his head, but he did not remind Andoine. He only plotted in his mind how to obtain this ring.

“Knock, knock, knock…” It was at this time that a sudden series of urgent knocks came from the door

“Come in.”

“Guild Master Balbo, Elin has succeeded!” It was that pharmacist in his forties that opened the door. His face was filled with joy. After entering, he did not have any basic manners. He just delightfully spoke to Balbo.

“What?” Balbo immediately sprung up from the rattan chair.

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