Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 222 - Catalytic Potion

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Chapter 221: Good Stuff

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“Mr. Shaun, I'm sorry.” When he said that, Milo really hoped to find a hole to hide in from all the embarra.s.sment. He had never done such a humiliating thing in his whole life. To apologize to a low-level adventurer in front of everybody who had a certain level of influence was deeply shameful. If this incident were to be known by the people in Thunder City, Milo would not know how he could still lift his head in the future.

Shaun always heard people call him “fatty”. Hence, he did not expect it when he heard the words “Mr. Shaun”. Since Milo was very soft when he addressed Shaun, he could not believe his ears. Shaun blinked in a daze and asked cautiously, “W-what… did you say…?”

“…” Milo nearly coughed blood. He thought that the fatso was trying to make things difficult by asking him such an embarra.s.sing question.

At that moment, Milo even felt like dying.

He was only here to accompany his mentor and meet some people. Yet, he even needed to apologize to a fat man repeatedly, not to mention that he was humiliated in front of everybody. How did he end up in this state?

If this incident were to be known to people in Thunder City, he would be shamed for life.

Milo was really regretful. If he'd known it'd happen, he would have stayed in Thunder City. Why did he go to Alanna? Why couldn't he just keep his mouth shut?

Now he had not only implicated his mentor, he had also offended the Legendary-mage. With Andoine's position in the Supreme Council, Milo was certain that it would be 10 times difficult for Thunder City Guild of Magic to get any support from the Supreme Council in the future…

“Mr. Shaun, I'm terribly sorry!”

Ultimately, even Milo forgot how he'd brought himself to say that sentence. He only felt very dizzy all of a sudden. His vision became unusually blurred, and it was as if he saw Amman's sighing in relief and Andoine nodding his head…

It was as if that mage named Felic said something too…

“It's alright now…” Amman said as he patted on Milo's shoulder after the crowd dispersed.

“Everything is fine now, Milo, they're finally gone…” Amman comforted Milo weakly.

Milo said nothing. His gaze was fixed onto the rearview of Lin Li.

I will return all this humiliation to you soon!

Lin Li was not concerned about Milo's thoughts at all.

He was busier than anybody now—busy threatening Shaun…

Lin Li had zero interest in what Milo was thinking. To him, Milo was just an insignificant and petty mage. Even if Milo were to hate him, he would just be one of the many people who wanted to plot revenge against him. Would he even get his turn to do it?

“Hey, fatty…” After he came out from the crowd, Lin Li grabbed onto Shaun very tightly. If not for Lin Li's quick reaction, that fatso would have escaped like the last time in the black market.

“W-what… what's up, Mr. Mage?” Shaun swallowed his saliva nervously. He tried to avoid the Lin Li's gaze too.

Frankly speaking, if Shaun could choose, he would rather be accused as a con man than stay with a mage like Felic.

That man was too dangerous…

Being treated as a con man would only cause him to be scolded. Being with Felic, however, might expose his secrets.

He could not explain why he'd found Lin Li so dangerous the first time he'd met him. It was as though he was a magical beast that had encountered his nemesis.

The sight of Lin Li always made Shaun uncomfortable. When he was at the black market, this feeling was not that obvious yet. But, it grew so strong in the Pharmacists Guild. His planning to escape was almost subconscious.

Unfortunately, he was not given any chance to do so. He was caught the moment he left the crowd. Shaun could only hope that Lin Li only wanted to buy herbs, and not that he already discovered his secret…

“Let me ask you, fatty. Why do you run every time you see me?” Lin Li was very hurt by how Shaun kept avoiding him. Since it was not the first time, Lin Li even planned to go in front of a mirror to reflect at his own appearance. He wanted to see if he looked that menacing to be able to frighten a fatso…

“N-nope, nope.” Shaun shook his head profusely. How would he dare to admit it?

“Forget it…” Since it was not a great deal, Lin Li did not insist. “Fatty, are you lying to me that you really have a few hundred Tricolored Flowers?”

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“It's true.” This time, Shaun was not lying.

“Nice to meet you, President Balbo.”

The man beside Andoine was wearing a long black robe, and looked 60 to 70 years of age. Compared to Andoine, although both of them were scrawny and had white hair, the impression they gave to people were starkly different.

Andoine was always unkempt. His hair and mustache were always in a mess, and there would be potion stains on his robes. When Lin Li first saw him, he even thought that that old man just walked out from a pile of garbage.

The old man donning a black robe before him was completely different. His white mustache appeared to be so carefully trimmed that Lin Li could not find any messy strand of hair. Although his black robe looked very simple, it looked very decent on him. There were no creases and stains on it at all. He did not give people an impression that he was an old man nearly 70 years old. The impression he gave to people was that of a das.h.i.+ng man in the prime of his life.

When Andoine introduced Lin Li, a smile could be seen on Balbo's face. He asked, “So, you must be Felic?”

“Yes, President Balbo.” Lin Li nodded his head politely. Yet, he could not help but suspect that Balbo had heard about him before.

“Hehe, I heard Burnside talk about you before,” Balbo spoke as though he knew what Lin Li was thinking about.

“I see…” The mention of Old Grimm embarra.s.sed Lin Li. When he was at Jarrosus, he promised Old Grimm that if he were to come to Alanna, he would find time to visit him. Yet, being always caught up in matters, he did not have chance to visit Old Grimm at all.

“How's Mage Grimm?”

“He is very well.” Balbo smiled. Then, he continued, “He even told me about you this morning, saying that you would surely come with Andoine today. I didn't expect it to be so…”

“What is he doing now?”

“He had some important things to attend to, and might only come back after the gathering…” After he finished his speech, Balbo joked with him again. “Andoine, weren't you envious of my talented student in the past? Why not be swap our students?”

“Dream on!” Andoine replied without hesitating. Someone like the freakish Felic might not even appear in a hundred years. Even if there were 10 geniuses, he would not agree to swap Felic for them all.

“Hehe, I was just joking. You don't need to be so nervous. Look, since the discussion has not started, why not Iet me bring you to see something good?”

“What's good?”

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