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Chapter 219 - Mentor and Student

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Chapter 218: Con Man Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Actually, Milo did not think much when he'd said those words. He plainly felt that Shaun was too irritating, and did not want to see him promote his business.

However, to Lin Li, those words were rather unsettling. He felt that Milo was too overbearing…

Who are you to prevent me from buying those things?

If it were another occasion, Lin Li's expression would have changed long ago. Yet, thanks to Andoine's nagging, even if he was in disapproval of Milo's att.i.tude, he was more restrained. Lin Li only frowned a little, but did not erase the smile on his face.

“Thanks for the advice, but…”

Although Lin Li did not continue his speech, his intention was clear enough.

Milo's lungs nearly burst in rage due to Lin Li's indifference. To him, that young mage was too How could Lin Li respond to his kind advice with such an unconcerned tone? That reply from Lin Li, “Thanks for the advice”, made him feel as though he was treated as a con man like the fat bandit trying to delude Lin Li.

Now that Milo had no support, he felt so embarra.s.sed that his expression turned unsightly.

“Are you in cahoots with this con man?”

“Huh?” Lin Li was shocked at what he heard. He did not know what Milo meant.

“Stop acting,” Milo said as he looked at Lin Li in disdain. “Do you think anyone would fall into your trap? If you are not his accomplice, why would you try to cover up for him so desperately? Unfortunately, both of you are too foolish by forgetting that this is the Pharmacists Guild of Magic. Who here is not a learned pharmacist? How could you even use a few hundred Tricolored Flowers by yourself?”

“…” Lin Li was beyond speechless. He did not know if he should cry or laugh in amus.e.m.e.nt. Lin Li felt that there had to be something wrong inside Milo's brain to think him to be in cahoots with a con man just because he wanted to buy some flowers.

If he knew that I want to buy other things from Shaun, am I going to be treated as a con man myself then?

Anyway, what does this have to do with you?

Do I need to explain my reasons of buying the Tricolored Flowers to you? Apart from reducing the effects of potions, these flowers could also be used to solve something even the old Gerian himself could not solve…

“Aha, you can't fake it anymore…” At first, Milo did not know how to save himself from the situation. Therefore, he'd accused Lin Li of being the accomplice of the con man. Now, he started to feel that it did not seem like an accusation anymore. If Lin Li was innocent, he would not have decide to purchase the Tricolored Flowers at such a bad timing.

“I…” Lin Li opened his mouth, but realized that he could not communicate with him at all. To him, Milo did not have the normal reasoning skills other humans had. His tone was like a great prophecy—the stronger Lin Li tried to deny that he was not a liar, the higher the chance that Lin Li had ulterior motives. It resembled the mindset of a delusional man….

Having no interest to communicate with a deluded man, Lin Li shook his head, and said, “Forget it…”

Unfortunately, Milo did not want to let the matter pa.s.s.

Since Milo was Amman's only student, even the castellan of Thunder City had to show him ample respect. Hence, how could he not feel mad when the two liars, whom no one knew where they came from, attempted to treat him like a fool?

“Forget it? You must be guilty…” Milo's face ashened, and he fixed a deadly glare on Lin Li. “Don't think that I'm not aware of what you are thinking. I must advise you that you'd better stop hoping that anyone here would believe in your lies. Everyone here in the Pharmacists Guild is as learned as my mentor. Stop wasting energy.”

“…” Lin Li rolled his eyes. He realized that it was useless to say anything now. No matter what he were to say, it'd be turned into evidence against himself.

Lin Li, however, did not mind at all. Since the exchange had not started, and the people from the guild had not shown up yet, it was too boring to tag along with Andoine everywhere to meet people. If he were to stay there to listen to those heartfelt words of a deluded man, he should be able to acc.u.mulate some positive karma for his kindness…

Yet, the fatso beside him was completely frightened. Being a con man in the black market was nothing since there would be a huge chance that he and the victim were not going to meet each other anymore in the future. Even if they met again, it would just be another round of beating. To Shaun, with the protection from his rough skin and thick flesh, it was no big deal.

However, they were at the Pharmacists Guild now…

Being treated as a con man here would not be as easy as in the black market. Who was not well known here? No matter how little capable someone were to be, they would at least have some background like Milo. Even with a hundred guts, Shaun would not dare to deceive these influential people. If he were to agitate them, it might cost him his life…

“Mr. Mage, I-I think”—Shaun paused as he hesitated—”I think, let's call off this deal…”

“Call off?” Lin Li nearly jumped. The problem with the Sobriety Potion had already troubled him for a few months. Now that he had thought of the good way to solve it using the Tricolored Flower, how could he allow such a big batch of it escape before his eyes?

Lin Li held onto Shaun's collar with a menacing expression on his face. “If you dare, I'm going to have Elijah find you every single day!”

“…” Shaun nearly teared up. He knew how hard it was to earn a living in Alanna. Now that he was really depending on the sales of the offspring of magical beasts to sustain himself, if Elijah were to find him every day, how was he going to continue that business?

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“You'd better stay here and wait for me honestly, and bring me to those flowers. You can rest a.s.sured—the payment wouldn't be short of a single copper coin. But, if you were to play tricks with me, don't blame Elijah for being rude to you…”

Since Amman was older than Milo for a few decades, his sense of judgment was not something Milo's could match.

Indeed, this young mage seemed ordinary at the first glance.

Yet, who could be certain that he had no background?

How would anyone dare to buy a few hundred Tricolored Flowers to ruin a few hundred bottles of potions if he had no wealth?

He would be better off being low-key in such a place where there were so many powerful influences…

“Yes, mentor.” Since it was an instruction from Amman, Milo did not dare to defy it. He gave Lin Li a deadly glare before dissipating his mana gradually. The violent magical waves around them also became calmer now.

The onlookers sighed in relief too.

It was the Pharmacists Guild, after all. It was alright to be the onlookers, but there would be big trouble if the conflict were to cost lives. If it were to anger Balbo, what should they do if the gathering got cancelled? They were still hoping to learn a long lost medical formula from the meeting…

Shaun was another person that felt relief.

The way he got the invitation card was not a honest one to begin with. It'd already cost him a struggle with great fear to attend the gathering. If something were to happen because of him, how could he escape from the Pharmacists Guild?

Luckily, it was not a big matter…

“Why is it so lively here?” Just when everybody relaxed, the voice of an old man came from the crowd.

“Master Andoine.” Amman shot up from his seat to greet Andoine respectfully.

It was not just Amman. Even the other pharmacists turned their heads towards the old man to greet him. Andoine was a man who had surpa.s.sed the Legendary Realm a few decades ago. His influence had long gone beyond the boundaries of the occupation. Whether they were mages or not, the people who were here would have heard of the story of that Legendary-mage.

The influence of anyone who had reached the Legendary Realm was just that terrifying. No one would dare to disrespect him or neglect his presence.

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