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Chapter 215 - Andoine’s Status

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Chapter 215: Andoine's Status

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Old Grimm's had quite the courage. He even dared to invite Andoine. What if he suddenly became overzealous and wanted to concoct something on the spot? Wouldn't it cause an explosion and blast the whole Pharmacists Guild?

He'd never guess that although Andoine was old, his hearing was not worse than a youngster's. Lin Li's mumble had actually been heard by him. “What really brave?”

“No… Nothing.”

“Come, sit with me over here.” Since returning from the Nightmare Mountains, Andoine had not seen Lin Li for quite a while. After seeing him today, he wanted to ask about his recent developments. After all, it could be said that this young man was brought into the world of magic by him alone. Yet, at the same time, he had helped Andoine a lot in pharmaceuticals. Their relations.h.i.+p was like that of master and disciple, but it was like a friends.h.i.+p as well—it was much closer than an average master and disciple relations.h.i.+p.

“Oh, yes… that Crystal of Eternity of yours, has it been sculpted already?” Both of them sat in a quiet corner and chatted for a bit before Lin Li suddenly thought of the Crystal of Eternity.

“Of course.” Andoine had a mysterious smile on his face and took out a purple crystal bottle from his pocket. “Look at it, how's it?”

“It really is the Crystal of Eternity…” Just when he took the crystal bottle, Lin Li could feel what made the Crystal of Eternity so special. It was cold to the touch, but it was not uncomfortable. Using his fingers to run through the fine and smooth striations on the crystal bottle, it felt like stroking a piece of high quality silk.

Lin Li released trace of mana, carefully penetrating the bottle slowly from the opening.

The moment this trace mana had entered, Lin Li could feel that crystal bottle in his hand started to heat up. A warm aura gushed slowly out of the crystal like spring water. It gently and slowly surrounded the trace of mana that he'd released, which was then moistened using that gentle aura. It was a very peculiar feeling; it was as if someone was singing a lullaby beside his ear.

Indeed, this was the power of the Crystal of Eternity…

He played with it till he could not tear himself away from it. Just as he was about to return it to Andoine, the old man generously waved his hand. “I brought this here just to give it to you. I still have a full set in my pharmaceutical lab…”

“Then…” Lin Li hesitated for a moment. He then thought those few black lotuses in his pocket required a potion bottle made from the Crystal of Eternity. Instantly, he did not stand on ceremony with Andoine. He just nodded and placed the crystal bottle in his pocket. “Then I will not be courteous.”

“When were you even courteous…” The old man pouted his mouth and glared at him with disdain.

“Heh heh…” Lin Li started to feel embarra.s.sed. He thought about it carefully, and it was true. Ever since he'd come to know Andoine, he had never really been courteous with him before.

“Oh, yes, kid, I heard from people that recently, you don't really know your place in the Guild of Magic…”

Lin Li was a little guilty. “Who spread this rumor?”

“Don't you care who. Just answer me honestly, have you been causing trouble recently?”

“This…” Lin Li swallowed his saliva. His gaze was rather guilty. Actually, even if Andoine did not say it, he already knew that it was Macklin who told him of it. When that old man saw Andoine, he was like a mouse seeing a cat. As long as Andoine asked, why wouldn't he just sell Lin Li out?

“What this and that…”

“OK, I admit I did cause some small trouble.” Lin Li saw that he could not deny it, so he could only honestly nod.

“I knew that you were dishonest…” Andoine pouted. He had an “I know what you have done” expression. “But it's ok, it's nothing much. I've already spoken to the Marathon Family. As long as you don't provoke them anymore, Wilhelm will not take actions against you anymore.”

“You already spoke to them?” Lin Li instantly understood. No wonder after he beat up Marathon Family, from Macklin to Azalez, all of them looked like they were anxiety-ridden. They described the Marathon Family as a dreadful monster, especially Azalez. The only thing they did not do was to point at him and tell him to clean his neck because the men of Wilhelm would come over to kill him in the next few days.

Yet, he had not run into any trouble after so long.

That incident with Argus did not count, as that was definitely Matthias' arbitrary actions.

One should not belittle this difference. Although Matthias was Wilhelm's son, he did not hold much power within the Marathon Family. Didn't Argus already say so—the family business was mostly handled by Gaud. As for Matthias, he could only command people closer to him like Argus…

Although the at the Fire Plume Ridge was alarmingly dangerous, for Lin Li, it was only just dangerous. It did not reach the state where it would take his life. Even if there was no Salamander to wreak havoc, Lin Li could also rely on the black lotus sap to escape. With something like the black lotus in the hands of a pharmaceutics guru, there were many tricks that could be used. A single Argus would not be able see through all of it.

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But if it was Wilhelm who personally took action, then Lin Li would not be so optimistic.

“How would I know if they are…”

“Then look at me, do I look like a fool?”

“You…” Lin Li was in dazed, he stared at Andoine for a while before asking in an uncertain tone, “You… You're part of the Supreme Council?”

“What else do you think?” Andoine glared at him angrily before advising him with admonis.h.i.+ng words and kind feelings. “Before Horza came to Alanna, he had already told me about this. At that time, I thought that you have a good chance. I didn't think that you would be so disappointing. You even feel like giving up. Do you know what you are giving up? It's a chance that many mages have been hoping for in their lifetime!

“Is it that good…” Lin Li swallowed his saliva and looked at Andoine doubtfully. “Then tell me, why would this new guild be so powerful?”

“I can't say.” Andoine was rather troubled.

“Then, let's not talk about this. Let's talk about the trial this time. Tell me honestly, what's so special of this trial that the members of the Supreme Council would attend to it personally and create a new guild?”

Andoine's expression immediately froze, and he started to hum and haw. “There's… There's nothing special. Can you stop asking so many questions?”

“Do you think I will believe it?” Lin Li pouted his lips and thought to himself, If there was nothing special, then why was the Supreme Council in a rush? First they created a mission at the Shadowglen, making me live through an encirclement of undead. I had nightmares daily even when I returned to the Guild of Magic. After that, it got worse. Horza was even sent over and said that the winner of the finals can establish a new Guild of Magic.

If this was nothing special, then would I have to wait till a rooster lays eggs before it's special?

“Ok, I admit. The trial this time has an inside story…” Andoine was forced till he had no way out, so he could only nod and admit it at the end. “As for what the inside story is, I can't tell you. Anyway, just think about it carefully. I have already said what I can. If you really still do not understand, then kill yourself somewhere…”

“Understood…” Lin Li nodded and agreed to it. He trusted that Andoine would definitely not harm him. Since he'd said that heading this new guild would be beneficial to him, then it would surely be beneficial. In any case, he would have to win the finals in a month's time. As for what benefits there were, he would have to ask Andoine then.

“Anyhow, work hard. There would be many benefits.” Andoine finally gave off a satisfied smile. He patted Lin Li's shoulder. “Come, I'll introduce some acquaintances to you.”

“What acquaintances…” Before Lin Li could finish his sentence, the expression on his face froze. When he said acquaintance, there really was an acquaintance. He had only just stood up when he saw an acquaintance.

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