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Chapter 214 - Pharmacists Guild

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Chapter 214: Pharmacists Guild

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Lin Li did not feel anything—those two were very respectful all the while, after all. On the other hand, Sa.r.s.en's eyes were wide open. He could not believe his own ears. Did those words just now really come from the people of the Pharmacists Guild?

Why would the people from the Pharmacists Guild be polite to a mage? Furthermore, it was just a young mage with no status. Even though Sa.r.s.en admitted that Felic's power was fathomless and his talent was even more amazing, but this was only among the youngsters. Compared to the real powerhouses, he still had a long way to go.

After all, he was too young. No matter how fathomless his power was, he could not possibly be stronger than Macklin.

Such power was still far from enough to deserve the Pharmacists Guild's respect.

Sa.r.s.en distinctively remembered that when he was very young, his mentor had once brought him to Alanna to pay a visit to an acquaintance in the Pharmacists Guild.

The meeting back then left a deep impression on him.

At that time, his mentor was already a level-16 archmage, and hence in control of the Nightfall City Guild of Magic. Be it power or position, he was living up to the word “impression” regardless of which aspect one looked at. However, Sa.r.s.en quickly realized that his impressive mentor was nothing at all in front of that acquaintance from the Pharmacists Guild. The start of the conversation was filled with cutting remarks. There was absolutely no respect for the mentor. Some of the words were harsh. Even a ten year old Sa.r.s.en could not carry on listening; that incident produced a twelve year old Sa.r.s.en that broke through to the fifth level.

Even a person like his mentor received cold treatment at the Pharmacists Guild. On what basis was this Felic receiving their respect? Although he was indeed a genius, but he was miles apart in comparison to his mentor.

Sa.r.s.en could not understand it…

Whatever had happened just now was too surreal.

Sa.r.s.en believed that he was not mistaken. Those two people were definitely from the Pharmacists Guild. Even though they were wearing black robes and being respectful towards Felic, the thick scent of medicine emitted from their bodies and the cold att.i.tude towards Sa.r.s.en were exactly the same as when he had seen them back then at the Pharmacists Guild.

Sa.r.s.en could not understand why they were so respectful towards Felic.

Was it because he was a young genius? That did not seem possible…

The Pharmacists Guild was never in need of geniuses, much less formidable magical power.

There was no need mention others. Just a legendary mage Grimm Burnside would be able to awe anybody from the Pharmacists Guild. Furthermore, they had potions that everybody dreamt of. Sometimes, there would be powerhouses that would be willing to help them do anything even if they just gave a small hint without saying anything.

There was no need to mention geniuses. The thing that the Pharmacists Guild was lacking the least was geniuses. If it was not a one in ten thousand genius, there was absolutely no chance to become a pharmacist.

No matter from which perspective, Felic did not have the qualifications.

Could it be that he himself is a pharmacist? Sa.r.s.en looked at the leaving carriage and his mind suddenly had this thought. However, when this thought appeared, he started smiling. How could it be possible to be a pharmacist below twenty years old. It's such a joke…

No matter how talented or hard-working Felic was or if he started learning about the pharmaceuticals from birth, there was absolutely no way he would be able to understand the principles of pharmaceuticals at twenty years old. Furthermore, to be a pharmacist, one had to memorize all sorts of complicated recipes. These recipes were much more detailed and complicated than magical curses, and also carried all sorts of traps. Two herbs might seem fitting to be concocted into a potion, but in fact, they would severely clash. Such things would not be able to be mastered if not for repeated failures.

A long time ago, Sa.r.s.en had once asked his mentor the following: since mages relied on potions so much, why didn't he himself try learning about pharmaceuticals?

Sa.r.s.en clearly remembered that his mentor had had a really serious look; he'd also sternly warned him to never, ever have such a thought. It was because mage was a profession that required time. The more knowledge and experience one had, the more powerful they would become. As for pharmaceuticals, all the more it could exhaust a person's energy for a lifetime.

Trying to master both would only end in not reaching the peak of either.

Sa.r.s.en remembered that his mentor had even used Grimm Burnside as an example back then.

“Grimm Burnside is truly a genius. A genius that only appears once every hundred or thousand of years. Unfortunately, he took the wrong path. He shouldn't have learned magic and pharmaceutics at the same time. Don't look at him now, being a legendary-mage and master pharmacist. In truth, he could've accomplished more than this. If he were to specialize in one, I'm afraid he would have surpa.s.sed Aldwin in magic long ago, or surpa.s.sed Balbo in pharmaceutics. He would not be pressured by both of them in both domains like now.”

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If it was true for Grimm Burnside, what about Felic, who was younger than him by decades?

“What is that?” When Lin Li looked at the tight security, he was surprised. He had never imagined that Alanna was so powerful. Not only did it station so many fully equipped soldiers, it could even afford so many Gryphon Riders. This was simply stronger than all of the great ten mercenary corps combined.

“…” When Lin Li said this, both of the members from the Pharmacists Guild froze. It was as if they turned around and looked at Lin Li simultaneously. The strange gazes they gave made Lin Li feel like he was some sort of rare animal.

“What's wrong…” Lin Li touched his face and realized that he seemed to have asked a stupid question.

“Mage Felic…” One of them slowed his saliva with difficulty: “That is Felan Palace…”

“…” Lin Li almost killed himself.

After making such a huge blunder, Lin Li did not have the face to stand at the entrance of the tower. He thickened his skin and dismissed the two with a few words before rus.h.i.+ng into the Pharmacists Guild. Following the directions of the two disciples, he could see a s.p.a.cious hall, on whose right side there was a spiral staircase creeping up. Judging from its structure, it had not much of a difference from Jarrosus' Emerald Tower.

When Lin Li walked, there were quite a few people inside the hall.

There was even someone familiar among them…

“Felic!” Before Lin Li could speak, Andoine welcomed him with a face radiant with vigor. The old man seemed to be in a good mood. He walked over to the main entrance while greeting acquaintances triumphantly.

“What are you doing here?” Lin Li scratched his head and he looked confused. Didn't the invitation letter already mention this gathering would invite all of the pharmacists in the Felan Kingdom? Even though Andoine had a pa.s.sion towards pharmaceuticals as a hobby, in essence, he was just a hobbyist. He was far from the level to discuss with pharmacists…

“What do you mean I'm here as well?” The old man gave up. His expression was filled with humiliation. “I came in here with an invitation letter. Would that old man Burnside dare not to invite me to such a grand gathering?”

“He really is brave…” Lin Li softly mumbled.

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