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Chapter 213 - People From The Pharmacists Guild

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Chapter 213: People From The Pharmacists Guild

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After discussing about those matter, both of them chatted for a while more. They chatted until Lin Li was rather tired, when he returned to his room. Before he left, he again reminded Kevin, “The issue about your friend's mana collapse, let me think of a way first. It may require some time, but don't worry, just be at ease and wait in Alanna. I will definitely think of a way for you before returning to Jarrosus.”

When Lin Li left Kevin's room, Mason and Orrin were already asleep. Sean was nowhere to be seen for the whole day. Today was even worse—he did not even come back at night. However, after Lin Li shook his head, he did not care about that fella anymore. Anyway, he now had the power of a level-10 warrior. Additionally, he had the brute force similar to that of a magical beast. As long as he did not get into too big of a trouble, he should not be at a disadvantage…

Sean did not return, and Lin Li slept on his own bed.

It was unclear whether it was because he had been sleeping in the living room for too long, but when he lay down on the soft bed, Lin Li slept very well. He slept all the way until the next day when the it was already late in the morning before he got woken up by a series of knocks on the door.

“Who is it that's so early and not letting me sleep…” Lin Li mumbled while getting out of bed. He rubbed his sore neck while going over to open the living room's door.

Who knew that when he opened the door, he instantly saw Macklin with a face full of distress and disgust. “Are you a pig…”

“What is it…” Lin Li yawned. His face was out of sorts as if he would not have enough sleep no matter how much he slept. Thinking about it carefully, he had been exhausted during this time. From Alanna to the Fire Plume Ridge, and then from the Fire Plume Ridge back to Alanna. The whole journey was a few days long; furthermore, there were so many hideously messy issues in between. n.o.body would be able to tolerate it.

“F*ck, you really will turn into a pig if you continue sleeping. You forgot about the thing I reminded you about yesterday. Do you even have any memory at all?” Macklin was furious; he nagged away for a long time before realizing that this fella had really forgotten it. Hence, he gritted his teeth, and reminded, “Pharmacists Guild!”

“Oh, yes, the Pharmacists Guild…” After hearing Macklin's reminder, Lin Li finally remembered. He had really forgotten about it…

“You can forget such a big thing… do you dare to have bad memory again?” After Macklin finished nagging, he started to press him. “Hurry, pack up and leave. Don't dawdle anymore. The Pharmacists Guild's carriage has been waiting for you for a long time.”

“Understood.” This time, Lin Li did not talk back. He obediently went back to his room and changed. This issue could not be neglected; he had to attend it just based on his relations.h.i.+p with Old Grimm, not to mention what the Pharmacists Guild was like. He had owed him too big of a favor previously at Jarrosus. If it weren't because Old Grimm mentored him for such a long time, the victor of that battle would still have been unknown…

“Felic, don't blame this old man, me, for being such a grumbler. Such an opportunity is hard to come by. Please keep a low profile after going there. Don't clash with others randomly, like when you're at the Guild of Magic. Balbo, that old man, is not as easy to deal with as Aldwin. Furthermore, those pharmacists are not people that can be pushed around like Madrick…”

While Lin Li was changing in the room, Macklin was nagging constantly outside.

Even though he was nagging, Lin Li understood what he meant.

It was to warn him that after going to the Pharmacists Guild, he had to be obedient and not create trouble.

“I know, I know, I know…” Lin Li nodded his head while wearing his robe.

The Robe of the Void that Macklin had given him the other time had already been shoved into the legendary magical beast's mouth when killing the Salamander with poison. Lin Li also only returned to Alanna yesterday, so he did not have the time to purchase a new one. He could not find a suitable robe today, so he had no other choice but to wear a Rune Robe.

The Rune Robe produced by the Mannes Family was not good enough when compared to Alanna Guild of Magic's Robe of the Void. Although it couldn't be seen from its appearance, the magical wave emitted from the robe was definitely a world of difference. It was not at the same level.

“You're wearing that?” Macklin looked at the Rune Robe that Lin Li was wearing and immediately frowned. “Didnt I give you a Robe of the Void last time?”

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“I lost it at Blackhills Town…”

“Wastrel!” Macklin scolded harshly before becoming anxious himself. “Why didn't you tell me earlier? How am I supposed to get you a new one at such short notice…”

“Don't worry, wearing this won't be embarra.s.sing, either.” Lin Li pouted, and thought to himself, Back when I wore the Robe of Wrath, I could go anywhere. What else do you want now that I am already dressed like a gentleman? Surely you don't mean that the Pharmacists Guild would not allow me to enter because I'm dressed like this?

“Forget it…” Macklin thought about it, but he could not come up with a better idea. The Robe of the Void represented status within Alanna Guild of Magic. Even if Macklin wanted to get a new one, he would to apply through the standard procedures. Now that the people from the Pharmacists Guild were already waiting outside, where would he get the time to apply for it? How could he give the one he was wearing to the fella and then run out naked?

Just when Lin Li walked into the guild hall, he saw two unfamiliar faces waiting there.

These two people, who looked like they were in their thirties, were wearing a gray robe each. There was a thick scent of medicine coming from their robes. It was a very glaring sight amidst all of the mages within the guild hall.

“h.e.l.lo, Mage Felic.” Once Lin Li entered the guild hall, both of them greeted him with respect.

“h.e.l.lo.” Lin Li nodded his head as if greeting them. “Are you both from the Pharmacists Guild?”

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“Yes, Mage Felic. Guild Master knows that you just came to Alanna, and was worried that you might not know the way to the Pharmacists Guild, so he sent both of us here. Can we leave now?”

“Haha…” Sa.r.s.en laughed, he knew that it was a perfunctory reply, but he only casually asked. He did not expect the other party to reply. Once he saw the other party's perfunctoriness, he naturally did not push it. He just brushed off the topic with a 'haha'. “Oh yes, Mage Felic, are these two your friends?”

“This…” Lin Li scratched his head. He'd only just realized that ever since he'd left the guild hall, he had not asked for their names yet. In that moment, he did not know how to introduce them. He only vaguely replied, “They are from the Pharmacists Guild…”

“Pharmacists Guild!” Sa.r.s.en was surprised after hearing it.

Sa.r.s.en received the most traditional education for magic. Ever since he was young, his mentor constantly stressed that potions were the lifeline for mages. They could restore mana, heal wounds, and even help break through bottlenecks to attain an even greater power.

The wonders of pharmaceutics had been pervading his mind constantly. As for the Sa.r.s.en back then, he had always thought that pharmacists were a G.o.d-like existence.

Till this day, he even remembered that his mentor once said, “If you have a pharmacist friend, you will become the happiest mage.”

As for after he grew up, he witnessed the miracles of pharmaceutics time and time again. The perception ingrained during his youth had now been rooted even deeper in his mind.

Once he heard that those two were from the Pharmacists Guild, Sa.r.s.en was in daze. Even when he spoke, he was stuttering. “Nice… Nice to meet the both of you. My name is Sa.r.s.en, I… I am Mage Felic's friend.”

“…” Lin Li scratched his head. He never knew that these two small fishes from the Pharmacists Guild could make Sa.r.s.en so excited. Look at that gaze and that smile—how was it different when Lin Li met the Star Chaser Clan?

This, this, this… Is this still the proud Sa.r.s.en?

What Lin Li had not expected was that the reaction from these two people from the Pharmacists Guild towards Sa.r.s.en's warm-heartedness would be so cold. They merely nodded at him. “Yes, h.e.l.lo.”

Sa.r.s.en was not single bit disobedient; his face was still showing respect and pa.s.sion.

“Mage Sa.r.s.en, we still have things to do. If there's anything, let's have a chat another time, ok?” However, the people from the Pharmacists Guild were getting impatient. After they brushed him off, they turned around and respectfully said to Lin Li, “Mage Felic, the carriage is in front.”

“Oh, ok…” Lin Li's mind was in a muddle. This guy shouldn't be learning how to change his countenance, right? Look at this change in countenance, he just replied with that old saying—his change was faster than flipping a book.

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