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Chapter 207 - Advantage

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Chapter 207: Advantage Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

"You flatter me…" Lin Li faked modesty, but his recitation did not stop. While using the protection of the Lightning s.h.i.+eld Field to withstand the heavy bombardment of the thunderstorm, he released a sinister Wall of Fire at Macklin's foot. The old fellow had to halt his recitation and retreat several steps in a row. In this time, Lin Li's Mana Retroaction had been completed…

"…" Macklin was halfway through his recitation of the spell and was interrupted by Lin Li, which almost made him vomit blood in anger. He had ended up in the ditch. He had misjudged the kid's strength from the start, which led to all the wrong steps he'd taken now. Ever since the kid had resisted his Cloud Storm with the Lightning s.h.i.+eld Field, he had slid into a pa.s.sive situation that was hard to reverse.

This was the case in the battle between mages. A single mistake might change the outcome of a battle.

Macklin might not be so upset if it was under ordinary circ.u.mstances. After all, he was a character close to the Legendary Realm. Even if there were minor mistakes occasionally, he could make up for them by means of his powerful strength. But he had no chance at present. His power had been suppressed at level-15; he could not even release a level-16 Flame s.h.i.+eld. Besides a deeper understanding of the rules and a more sophisticated use of power, Macklin was no better than a Magic Shooter who had just broken through level-15.

Macklin could not help but frown because of the intense pain caused by the bite of mana, and was ultimately shocked by the power his opponent displayed. He could already sense that this was not a power a Magic Shooter should have. Even if this kid had talent, he could never have such power at the rank of a Magic Shooter.

h.e.l.l… an Archmage. An Archmage under the age of 20… Macklin almost lost his mind on the spot. What was the concept of an Archmage below 20? Even in the Dark Ages, the race that considered itself the most perfect under the stars had never had such a genius.

On the contrary, there had been a genius like this in the human race less gifted in magic than the High Elves. His name was Geresco, the G.o.d of Mages who defeated the whole Magic Legion by himself. In the legends of any clans, he existed as a G.o.d—even the human mages had to admit that people like Geresco shouldn't appear in Anril. His power was comparable only to that of a true G.o.d.

Fortunately, there was only one Geresco…

Macklin's hands were trembling with excitement as he tried desperately to support the Elemental s.h.i.+eld. He himself was a mage close to the legendary-level. How could he not know what the power displayed by Lin Li meant? Furthermore, this power was not innate; it was built up step by step. Macklin remembered very clearly that, just a month ago, this kid only possessed the strength of a level-12 Magic Shooter—Macklin even witnessed his breakthrough from level-12 to level-13.

Merely a month later, the young mage possessed the strength of an Archmage…

Macklin's hands trembled slightly. He had already felt it in his heart—perhaps today's battle would herald the birth of another G.o.d of Mages…

In the meantime, Lin Li's attacks were becoming sharper. Except for the Flaming Storm having its duration of recitation compressed to the limit, almost all of his attacks were instantaneous spells. These instantaneous spells that Macklin usually did not even bother to look at were extremely frightening at this time. Almost every strike would weaken the Elemental s.h.i.+eld by one point. The innumerable instantaneous spells formed a huge elemental net in the hall, like a boulder that was pressed on Macklin, rendering him breathless.

The difficulty of this battle had exceeded Macklin's expectations.

He had never been so suffocated as he was presently. The feeling of powerlessness almost drove him crazy.

He had an overwhelming advantage, whether in terms of strength or skills, while in terms of experience, that young boy was far from able to catch up with him.

However, because of a moment's mistake, he had fallen into pa.s.sivity for the whole battle.

… It was to the degree that a level-18 Archmage had to struggle for a little respite in front of a young kid…

At a side, Mason and Orrin were totally stupefied.

They couldn't believe what they saw. They rubbed their eyes hard almost concurrently, trying to see the scene before them more clearly.

"I'm not mistaken, right…? Is that really Felic?" Mason was dumbstruck, his eyes glazed. He watched the two men in the battle like they were a mouse f*cking an elephant…

"Yes." Orrin's face turned a little pale. He had never thought that his teammate would be this strong.

How strong was Macklin? He was a legendary figure. In the whole Alanna Guild of Magic, only President Aldwin was slightly stronger than him. In the eyes of trial mages like Orrin and Mason, Macklin's strength was at an unimaginable level. Even a finger of his could easily crush them to death.

As for challenging Macklin, they did not even think about it…

But, at present, Macklin was not only challenged, but also seemed to be in leeward.

In the eyes of Mason and Orrin, it was as if a dream…

Although at the beginning of the battle, Macklin had said that he would suppress his power at level-15…

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… But even a level-15 strength was not what young mages like Mason and Orrin could imagine. It was the power of an Archmage, and this power was held in the hands of Macklin. With his skills and combat experience, how could any ordinary Archmage rival him?

There was no doubt that the young apprentice's recitation was faster and more complete.


Macklin fell under the Wall of Fire without suspense.

When Macklin had to break the spell and retreat in a hurry, some of the mages who were watching through the crystal ball frowned in spite of themselves. Macklin was at a great disadvantage. The spell was interrupted before the Mana Retroaction had hit him, which meant that the other party could interrupt him again at any time if he wished to.

What was the concept of two forced interruptions in a battle? If it were a battle between mages of the same level, these two opportunities were what it would take to decide the outcome of the battle.

Fortunately, Macklin was powerful after all. Even if he was only using level-15 strength, it was more than enough to deal with a young apprentice.

So, the mages merely frowned, but none of them were worried for Macklin at all.

For them, the outcome of the battle was set in stone long ago. Even if the young apprentice had the greatest advantage, it was only a struggle and an episode of the battle. Macklin could end the battle with his strength whenever he wanted.

But very soon, they realized that they had guessed it wrong again…

The battle continued, and the young apprentice did, as everyone had guessed, gain the upper hand with a Mana Retroaction. However, Macklin failed to even up the odds with his level-15 strength, and it seemed that his disadvantage was getting worse by the time…

Gradually, the mages around the crystal ball began to understand…

The young man who was beating up Macklin was not an apprentice at all; he was a real Archmage!

"Oh, my G.o.d…" Cries of alarm rang out at the same time in the Alanna Guild of Magic.

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