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Chapter 203 - Kevin

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Chapter 203: 203

The three of them took a break at Blackhills Town, and hired a carriage there . By the time they had returned to Alanna, it was already in the afternoon on the second day . During this long journey, Argus said everything .

The situation was similar to Lin Li's conjecture . The reason as to why Argus became his opponent was all because of Matthias' actions . It had not been suggested by Wilhelm, nor did it have any support from anyone within the family . It was purely because he could not let it go and wanted his life .

This result made Lin Li somewhat more relaxed .

At least, judging from their talk just now, the Marathon Family was not preparing to do anything against him . If it was only Matthias, there was no need to worry, because this fella was too stupid . He made such a mess out of an plan . If it weren't because Argus had been lucky and caught him in the cave trying to gather black lotus, why would the journey thereafter have become so dangerous?

Now, he had four black lotus on hand, and the power of an archmage . If Matthias were to act against him, he would have to ask a legendary-mage for help…

Yet, after the talk, Argus also confirmed one thing . Wilhelm was indeed angry . This was the only thing that made Lin Li somewhat worried .

Wilhelm's att.i.tude also signified the att.i.tude of the Marathon Family . Just a single Matthias would not amount to anything . From Lin Li's perspective, he was just an useless blockhead at the very most . If he wanted to go against Lin Li, he would have to mature more . On the flip side, if it was the whole Marathon Family, then it would spell trouble . The power of the Marathon Family was too immense . Even if Lin Li was protected by the Guild of Magic, they would still have a chance…

“Ok, Argus . You may leave . ” The carriage stopped in front of the Guild of Magic, and Lin Li let Argus go very willingly .

“Ah?” Argus was dazed for awhile .

“What's there to 'ah' about, why aren't you leaving? Could it be that you're still waiting for me to treat you to dinner?”

“I… I really can leave?” Argus could not be believe it . This fella actually let him go so easily…

Although this guy had mentioned it earlier at the Fire Plume Ridge that if he were to cooperate, he would be released . However, with this guy's personality, what it meant to release him had to include some machinations . For example, getting cursed, poisoned, or something . It could also be getting some form of evidence that he had betrayed the Marathon Family so that he had no other choice but to listen to Lin Li .

In fact, Argus had long been prepared for this .

He had already submitted to fate .

In any case, this young mage called Felic was also powerful person, having the power of an Archmage at such a tender age and the knowledge of the mysterious pharmaceutics . Listening to a person like this was not something shameful . To be precise, it promised a better future than listening to Matthias .

He had already thought about how to show his loyalty and win the other party's trust…

Who knew this was going to be the result…

This guy actually released him the moment he opened his mouth . He did not cast any curse or poison him . He did not even try to blackmail him .  This, this, this… Isn't this too disrespectful? At any rate, I used to be a archmage, and you let me go just like this?

Argus was a little disappointed .

Lin Li did not care whether he was disappointed or not . He chased him off the carriage with just a few words .

What a joke, it's not like I have nothing better to do . What's the point of taking in a burdensome person like you?

For now, it's just Matthias own actions . If I really were to take you in, I'm afraid the Marathon Family would send men over to f*ck me up . Also, you should look at the mirror . Can't you see that you have the word “traitor” written all over your face?

You are the traitor of the Marathon Family . If I really were to bring you into the Guild of Magic, who knows what would Wilhelm think?

Sending an Archmage to me is a small issue…

What I am afraid of is that he might have issues with Guild of Magic and think that the Guild of Magic might be attempting something against the Marathon Family . Once that happens, two powerful forces will clash together . The adventurers guild that always had eyes on the key to Osric's Mausoleum might interfere as a third party . This will result in a bloodbath in Alanna . How would I, the instigator, feel?

I can't do this, I definitely can't…

Lin Li sent Argus off in a manner that was similar to sending off the G.o.d of Plague .

Lin Li only felt relieved and got off the carriage after seeing Argus leave . He brought Sean with him into the Guild hall .

“Felic!” Just as he had entered the Guild hall, he heard Mason's voice coming from afar .

“Morning, Brother Mason . What a coincidence . ” Lin Li looked into distance and saw Mason coming over from the corridor with Orrin . It seemed like these two were not slacking off, either . They should have spent most of their time reading at the Omniscient Tower .

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The three of them started catching up after not seeing each other for a few days before they started walking outside . Once they were on the road, Mason managed to find the time to ask Lin Li about his harvest . “How was it, was it smooth sailing at the Fire Plume Ridge?”

“I don't think so…” Mason thought about it; what he said next was far beyond Lin Li's expectations . “I've heard the old man say that it was somebody young . Like, in the twenties or thirties…”

“Twenties or thirties?”

“Yes!” Mason thought for a long before he remembered . “He's called Kevin! Yes, yes, yes… It's Kevin!”

“Where is he?” Lin Li had a shock .

“I'm not too sure . Why don't you ask the old man, he might know a thing or two . ”

“Yes, I will go find him right now!” Once he'd heard that Kevin had actually came to Alanna, Lin Li immediately could not sit still . He did not care about the exhaustion from the trip . After he hurriedly settled down Sean, he rushed over to search for Kevin .

Lin Li jogged over to the guild hall, went through the long corridor, and was knocking on Macklin's door before long .

“Come in . ”

Lin Li gently pushed open the door, and immediately saw the sheepish face of Macklin .

“Mr . Macklin, I've heard somebody was looking for me . ” After Lin Li entered the room, he did not bother being polite, and went straight to the point .

“Yes . ” Macklin nodded . “Two days ago, a mage called Kevin came looking for you . He said he was Gerian's nephew, coming from Jarrosus . ”

“He… Where is he now?”

“He is at the guild's guest room . I'll get somebody to bring you there in a while . ”

“No need, I'll go over myself . ” Lin Li shook his head and rejected Macklin's kind intentions . As of now, he could not even wait for a single minute, much less “a while” .

Lin Li clearly remembered that before he'd left, Kevin had always been garrisoned at the Demon Fall Valley . For the Jarrosus Guild of Magic, the Demon Fall Valley was their lifeline . It was the root of the Jarrosus Guild of Magic . If it was not because something big had happened, why would Kevin come over to Alanna to look for him? And if he came to Alanna, who would be defending the Demon Fall Valley? Could it be that Gerian went over…

Something must have happened at Jarrosus, and it's not something ordinary!

“Felic, wait…” Lin Li had just stood up when he got stopped by Macklin . “I have something to discuss with you…”

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